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Pool Toy

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Dad gets turned on watching Hailey go swimming…

“Ok, guys, I’m off. I’ll see you later. Love youuu!”

My wife, Vanessa, blew Hailey and I a kiss and winked before walking out the door. She was off for her weekly Sunday brunch and shopping with the ladies. This meant I could spend most of the day watching racing, eating junk food, and jerking off to any number of sordid, dirty things my wife (and most of civilized society) didn’t approve of. That’s if I was able to pawn our daughter off on a playdate for the day. Today I wasn’t so lucky… or was I?

Hailey was our precious little 10-year-old daughter. I wasn’t so keen on having children growing up, so she wasn’t exactly planned, but my God was I glad she came into our lives. It changed everything for the better, everything. She was like her own little person with her own quirky sense of humor, as well as being incredibly bright and mature for her age. She was the definition of a “towhead,” with long golden locks flowing down to the center of her back.

I was hoping to put on one of the Glee movies in the living room and just let her zone out, while I went into the bedroom to do whatever the hell I wanted. This was not to be the case. I had turned on the TV, grabbed her a CapriSun and some fruit snacks, then retired to the bedroom for literally about three minutes before I heard, “Daddy, can we go swimming?” Damn it. I got up off the bed and walked back out to the living room and found her looking at me with a frown and dejected look.

“Can I PLEASE go swimming, daddy? Pleeeaaseee??”

“I guess. Don’t twist my arm, honey.”

I’m a sucker for that sweet, innocent face and those deep blue eyes. As soon as I said yes, she was hopping up and down and yanking at my arms. “Yes, yes! Thank you. You’re coming with me, right?” I wasn’t so stoked on this but said yes to appease her. More than likely I’d just sit on the steps with the French doors that lined the backside of our living room open so I could continue to watch TV.

She ran into her room, took off her white tank top and pulled down her little sweatpants exposing her tiny, yet perfectly round, tight bottom. I’d never been into that kind of thing, but I couldn’t believe how early her body looked like a girl much older than her. She couldn’t have been more than about four and a half feet tall, and about 70 lbs. Being the very active child that she was, she barely had any more baby fat on her, and was fairly toned all around.

Suddenly, my pants kind of jumped. I thought, “What the fuck?! That’s your daughter, sicko.” As I settled myself down and gained my composure, it got worse. She reached into a dresser drawer and put on a tiny little fluorescent pink, two-piece bikini. My wife must have bought her that because I do NOT remember getting her anything that would show off so much of her body. This was definitely an “at home” swimsuit, but I liked it. A lot.

You could see every crease and curve on her body, she may as well have been wearing a shoestring with some Kleenex in between. It wasn’t even very cold, but you could easily see the outline of her nipples through the sheer top, and between her legs you could see the tiny cleft of her vagina. I almost had a full-blown hard-on at this point. What was happening to me?!

I went to my room to put my own swim trunks on and could barely take my pants off. I was sporting a massive, throbbing boner. It just wasn’t right to think this way after looking at my daughter. Everything I’d ever known was flipped upside down. I figured maybe a swim might actually be a good idea now, hopefully it’ll cool me down and ease these awful tensions I was having.

After struggling to put my shorts on, I rushed over and dropped in the pool before she could see the huge tent over daddy’s crotch. Hailey went to the other corner of the pool where the steps were, and gently grasped onto the steel pole to slowly ease her way into the pool. “I’m gonna swim to you, papa. Catch me.” As soon as she drifted over and latched onto me, either leg wrapped around my midsection and her pussy was barely touching the head of my penis, just lightly rubbing up against it. In my mind, this was the last thing I wanted to happen, but my body spasmed and I almost felt like I’d fill the entire swimming pool with sperm.

“Sorry, sweetie. I have to get out for a second. You’re ok in here by yourself, I’ll be right back.” I immediately let go of her and stepped out of the pool, ran to the outside closet, dropped my shorts and covered myself with a towel. I was looking down at my erection thinking, *Go away, go away, go away.*

As soon as I turned around, Hailey was standing there with no top on, and was untying her skimpy little bottoms. She was still at that young age where walking around butt-naked was still acceptable, and you had no inhibitions about who saw you. Once again, it just heightened my arousal. I was dying.

She skipped over to the side of the pool and said, “Daddy, look at me!” As she turned, I could see the silhouette of her tiny, hard nipples, barely the size of pennies on her flat chest. Leaning over and arching her back to dive into the water, I caught just a brief glimpse of her hairless pussy before she dove in. Coming up to the other end of the pool, as she slowly ascended the steps, you could see the water glistening down her tanned back and legs. If you shrunk down a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, she would be it.

I went in one of the open glass doors and sat on the couch with the towel wrapped around my waist. My brain was doing somersaults. Knowing it was bad parenting to leave a young child in or around a pool by themselves, I was forced to do what I was about to do while she was about 10 feet away. I turned on the couch just enough so that I was hoping she wouldn’t see me loosen the towel around my waist, revealing my fat, veiny cock. I’m normally average size, but this must have been eight inches long, and the head was a deep purple with precum already oozing out of it. I’ve never seen it like this, my wife would be impressed.

I put a little spit on my hand and slowly rubbed it up and down the shaft. It was so thick and engorged that I could barely fit my hand around it. There were large, swollen capillaries running up and down it, so big I could feel each one. I closed my eyes and my mind absently went to Hailey, I couldn’t help it.

That tiny little pink bikini running up between her ass cheeks, I wanted to stick my tongue all along her crack and to smell that sweet, virgin pussy. I was stroking vigorously and was in my own little world…
“Daddy. What are you doing?” I opened my eyes and found Hailey standing in front of me, twisting back and forth, with a confused, sheepish look on her face. I almost had a stroke. I didn’t know what else to do, and I was so caught up in the moment, that I just ran with it…

I was sitting on the couch with my legs spread and my fat dick in my hand almost eye level with her. I gulped and said, “Well, sweetie… when a man or a woman is excited in a certain way, they try to relieve themselves. And when they do, it makes you feel very, very good; like nothing else in the world. It’s beautiful.” I knew she had no idea what I was talking about, but I didn’t care.
“Can I help you?” she said in a timid voice, looking down at my rod that was about two feet from her face. *Say no, say no, say no* I thought…

“Yes, baby. If you really want to, you’d be really helping out your daddy,” slipped out of my mouth. At that moment, she slowly reached out and wrapped her tiny little fingers around my throbbing member with both hands. I couldn’t believe how soft her little hands felt on my shaft. The grip was very supple and not tight at all, she just slowly moved them up… then down… then up… then down…
“Is that helping? Am I doing it right?”

“Oh. My. God, yes. You are doing it right,” I moaned as she slid her hands along my dick.

“Good. I’m glad I can help.”

“Honey, you are always such a good girl. Do you want to keep helping daddy feel special?”

“Yes, I always want to help my daddy feel special.”

I then told her to open her mouth as wiiide as she can, and to make an O-face, as I mimicked it. I said, “I know this might feel strange at first, but I promise you will learn to like it. And remember, you’re helping daddy feel good, ok?” She grinned, gave a little chuckle, and nodded her head in agreement.

As Hailey sat there with her mouth agape, I reached behind her head with both hands and slowly moved it over my waiting penis. Right before her lips were about to touch it, a few droplets of saliva fell out of her mouth and rolled down my shaft. My cock twitched and I thought I was going to shoot a load right up into her throat before she even learned what it felt like to suck a dick. Her mouth was so tiny, I was surprised she could even fit the whole head in there.

At that moment I took stock of the situation: I was sitting completely naked on my living room couch, with my 10-year-old daughter face down between my legs with her cute lips wrapped around my manhood. How in the world did I get here? All I knew was that I was on a mission, there was no going back at this point. I simply laid my head back, and let the slobbering continue. It was heaven.

After bobbing up and down for minute or two, I took my hands off the back of her head, and she kept on going with the same rhythm. She was obviously a quick learner. It felt so damn good having her small mouth and tongue sliding along my hard prick; It felt so smooth and much smaller than her mother’s. Looking at her gagging on my cock with her little mouth was like she was trying to swallow a Pringles can.

It felt so good, I blurted out, “Yes, suck my dick! Suck it you little slut. You fucking cock sucking whore.” With the encouragement, she sped up the pace a little, and massive amounts of drool were running down onto my scrotum, then onto the floor. There was tons of slurping and spitting going on, I loved the sound of it… *gawk, gawk, gawk, gawk, sluuurp. gawk, gawk, gawk*

She kept trying to go deeper and deeper. I was moving my hips up towards my daughter’s pretty little face and eventually she started coughing and gagging and spluttering all over my dick. She pulled her head up and said, “Is that it, daddy? Am I doing that right, too? Please, please tell me.” Her long blonde hair was strewn all over the place, she had drool covering her pouty little lips, and running down her chin. I could hardly keep from laughing; it looked so fucking hot to see my little girl’s face looking like some slut in a porn video.

“Honey, you are making this the best day ever,” I replied. “I hope you’re having fun. I have some more ideas if you want to keep going?”

“Yes! I DO want this to be the best day ever. We can keep going as looong as you want.”

Don’t say that I thought to myself, this’ll never end. Never.

I sat up and slowly moved in to kiss her on her lips, spit still running off of her chin down onto the floor. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and hers met mine as we both closed our eyes. I could taste the precum still intermingled with her saliva, it was driving me crazy just thinking about it. As we embraced, I picked her little body up off the floor and placed her on the couch next to me, flat on her back.

I looked her in the eyes and told her it was ok to stop at any point, but she came back with a sly little grin and said that she was just fine. With that, I slowly moved my head down her neck and onto her perky little brown nipples. I’m sure they were hard not only from the chill in the air, but also from excitement. I rolled my tongue around her left areola while I lightly pinched her right one, and she let out a soft little gasp. I kept giving light little kisses all the way down past her bellybutton until I got to that pink little treasure between her legs.

Her soft, adolescent quim was the most beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes upon. It was completely devoid of any hair and had just the tiniest bit of peach fuzz. I could smell the sweetness before I even thought of touching it. I had to sit there and admire how perfect her little slit was; so innocent and pure. I couldn’t wait any longer… I slowly, yet forcefully, slid my tongue across the outer labia, and then deep down inside in her pussy. She moaned and slowly writhed her hips up into my face. I had no idea girls her age could get wet like she was, it was like faucet with how slick it was.

“Yes, daddy! Yes.” Hailey let out a high-pitched squeal as I swirled my tongue around her lips and hole. Oh, God, I hope the neighbors don’t hear this, I thought as I realized the back doors were still wide open. I looked up and as she gazed down at me, I told her I was going to try something else but to just relax and go with it, I wasn’t trying to hurt her. She nodded and laid her head back down. I then slowly rubbed her little pussy with my finger, making sure to make it nice and wet, and then gently pushed it inside of her.

She winced and said, “Ow, ow, ow, it hurts, it hurts,” and a small tear ran down her cheek. I quietly replied, “It’s ok, baby. It’ll only hurt for a second. This is going to make you feel really good, too, not just daddy.” She didn’t have to reply, I was going to keep going whether she liked it or not. I then worked my way up to two fingers, and after a while, three fingers were driving in and out of my little girl’s sopping wet vagina. She was wiggling like crazy, letting me shove most of my hand inside her, and was looking me in the eye like I’d released some sort of demon. I couldn’t believe my baby girl was handling all that on her first try.

I removed my hand and picked her almost limp body up from the couch. It must have taken a lot out of her, all that bucking and moaning. I then pulled her on top of me, straddling my lap. With my cock against my stomach, and her slick little snatch on top of it, I slowly rocked her back and forth. She closed her eyes and she moaned softly. I asked her if it felt good…

“Yes, daddy. It feels good,” she trembled.

“You sure it feels good, baby?”

“Yes, it feels g…” She couldn’t even finish the word as I started rocking her back and forth along my shaft a little faster.

I then lifted her up, looked her in the eye, and said, “Ok now, you’re going to have to be a brave little girl for this part. Ok?”

“I think so, daddy,” as she bit the corner of her lip.

My dick was already wet from her grinding all over it, so I was hoping this would work. The size difference was incredible; my eight-inch cock fitting inside of her tiny pussy was going to take a miracle. It’ll stretch a mile before it tears an inch, a buddy use to tell me. This was going to be that mile. I ever so gently lowered Hailey’s little hole onto the tip of my cock. She cried out in pain, and I knew there was going to be some damage, but I wanted my dick inside my little girl more than anything else on this earth. I was going to make this happen.

“I don’t wanna do it, daddy! I don’t wanna do it, it hurts,” she cried hysterically, flailing her arms and legs about.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh… it’s ok, Hailey. It’s ok. You know I would never hurt you, and trust me, you will feel sooo much better when it’s over. You trust me, right? You trust your daddy, yeah?”

She slowly eased up on the tears and sniffled a little bit before saying, “Yes, I trust you daddy. We can keep trying.” I gently lowered her back onto the head of my penis, and just let her own body weight do the work. The girth inside her tight little cunt must have been unbearable; imagine trying to fit a tennis ball inside a garden hose. She got about three inches inside her before the tears started running down her cheek again, so I lifted her back up, and then let her wet snatch slowly slide back down my shaft, this time about halfway.

I kept consoling her, telling her it was all part of it and that it would go away. She was shaking her head, begging me to stop. There was no way in hell I was going to. I was going to ruin my baby girl’s pussy; it was going to be mine today. With every few strokes, lifting her body up and down, I kept trying to push her down just a little bit farther. Soon it was six inches, then six and a half, then seven. The smooth inside of her snatch was like silk. It was insanely tight, but so beautifully soft.

After a few more minutes, I had my entire eight-inch rod buried deep inside my daughter’s tiny little hole. It was a sight to behold. The feeling was unimaginable, if only my wife’s pussy was this tight. I was in absolute ecstasy as I watched my giant cock gliding in and out, in and out, in and out, of her tiny slit. I could see her virgin pussy juices coating my shaft. My dick was hard as a rock sliding in, then her lips gripping it as I lifted her up. I had both my hands cupped around her smooth butt cheeks, and at the bottom of every stroke, I could feel her pink little asshole touch my balls.

I was so mesmerized with my pipe stretching my baby girl’s hole that I hadn’t been paying attention to Hailey’s demeanor. A few minutes ago, she writhing in pain, begging me to stop violating her, and now she had her eyes rolled back in her head with a look of pure ecstasy on her face. She was loving every inch of me inside her. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, mph, ugh,” she grunted, along with some unintelligible sounds and moans as she rode up and down my girthy tool.

“How does it feel, baby?” I asked. “G… g… good,” was all she could mumble out. Up, down, up, down, with her eyes closed she went up and down on my dick. I smiled at the thought of my adolescent child’s pussy wrapped around my fat, swollen member. It was honestly getting to be too much, and I was surprised I was able to last this long inside my pretty little angel’s cunt.

I was going to cum any second. I hadn’t had sex or masturbated in at least a week, so I knew my balls were jam packed full or sperm. I also knew she was too young to produce any eggs inside her barely developed uterus, so I couldn’t get my baby pregnant.

I started lifting her up and down, faster and faster, the entire length of my shaft. “Oh my God, daddy! Yes, daddy. Yes, daddy. Yes, yes, yesss!” she yelped out and squealed in pleasure, sitting all the way down on my rod, and grinding me with everything ounce of her little body. Hailey was having her first orgasm riding her father’s manhood.

We both climaxed at the same time. I exploded inside my baby girl’s tight little quim. My cock depositing what felt like gallons of semen deep in her tiny womb. “Fuuuck, yesss!” I groaned, feeling myself pulsating against the tiny walls of her vagina. I had just made my 10-year-old daughter, daddy’s little cum dumpster.

Hailey slumped down and rested her still quivering body on top of me, my blood-filled member still inside of her. I kissed her on her forehead and asked her who was daddy’s favorite girl? “I am,” she sighed, and smiled to herself.

After enjoying the moment for a short while, I knew Vanessa would probably be home in about an hour. This is not the scene I wanted her to come home to. I gently lifted Hailey up off my now deflated penis; even while soft, it was so big compared to her, it took some effort even getting it out. It flopped out of her vagina, covered in sweet, virginal pussy juice; and a huge load of cum oozed out from between her tiny labia.

“I think someone needs a bath,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah, I think so.”

As she got into the tub, I made sure to run it as hot as she could bear and believe me when I say I made sure to soap up and scrub anything that might be left over. Last thing I needed was for others to find out I had creampied my young daughter. While I was rinsing my ejaculate from inside my daughter’s pussy, I made sure she understood that we needed to keep what happened between us, that it was our little secret. If we told mommy, she would probably get jealous, and never let us go swimming again on our own.

About 20 minutes after I’d gotten done cleaning up all the evidence of fucking my baby girl in the living room, Vanessa came walking in the front door to find Hailey and I cuddled up on the couch watching Glee.

“Hi, guys! And how are we this afternoon?” she said as she sat on the other side of our daughter, sandwiching her in between us.

“We were great, mommy. Daddy and I went swimming, and we’re gonna do it again next week. Right daddy?” Hailey said while looking up at me.

“I guess. Don’t twist my arm.”

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