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Playing with three generations

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Over the past year I had fun with my grandniece, my niece, and my sister.

Fucking around with the young ones is great, but let’s not forget all the other bitches ready for a good fuck. I got rather lucky over the past couple years. I managed to fuck a grand niece, her mother who is my niece, and then her mother who, of course is my sister.
I would love to claim taking them at the same time, but there is no way in hell I could get that to happen.
Tina is my grand niece, Tina. She lives with her family in another city so I didn’t see her that often. The Christmas she really started to look good was when she was 12. I like those small tits that are making themselves clear. Hers were a couple handfuls in a t-shirt. She was already developing an attitude – making comments and chewing gum. That’s when I knew I needed to get my cock in that mouth.
By the next year I heard a conversation between mothers at the family party that Tina was fucking some older boy in school. I wouldn’t be first, but I still wanted to spend time with her. That didn’t happen until she was 14 and we were meeting at yet another Christmas party.
This time she was in a nice flowered dress with a tight top. Her mother was being more controlling about what she wore. You could see the hate in Tina’s eyes. That was good news for me. After everyone had overeaten many decided to go for a walk. Tina was not interested so I hung around the house.
I found her in a room on her phone with a boyfriend. I heard him ask for a pic of her showing her tits. She hung up as I entered but I just laughed and suggested she do it anyway. She wanted me to leave and I turned the topic to the stories I had heard about her. I managed to make her mad at her mother as I sat beside her on a bed.
“Look at this thing she made me wear.” I reached out and caressed a tit. She tried to stand up and I held her down.
“There’s many ways to get back at her, you know.” I squeezed her tit.
“I’m not the whore she says I am. Fuck her. Ya, I fucked a guy, but not everyone.”
“So get back at her. “
“Fuck me.” I started to push her down on the bed.
“No.” she was very firm. “Not fuck. I heard Dad tell his buddies that Mom won’t suck him.”
She looked at me and grinned. The dress was off in a flash. The bra fell and those wonderful tits were in my hands. I moved to the panties but she stopped me.
“Just the mouth.”
That was all I needed to hear. That 14yo little bitch had cock in her mouth in moments. She was clearly new at this. I gave her tips on what to do with her tongue and how not to bite by mistake. I was hoping to get in down her throat, but there was little chance in that.
She needed a break from mouth action so I had her lick the shaft and the balls. I turned and she followed directions by sticking her tongue in my ass crack and licking to my asshole where I had her tongue for some time for fun.
I put my cock back in her mouth and told her to get ready. She gagged on the first load of cum and I shot the rest over her face and tits. She did look pretty with it running down her body. But we had to hurry as family were returning. We went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.
“I wish I could tell my Mom about this. That would show that bitch.”
“How about I tell her when I fuck her.”
Tina just grinned at the idea.

A it turned out my niece Sharron was an easy fuck. She turned up at my place during the summer to complain about her husband and Tina as well. She just started complaining about sex with her husband. He wanted her to try new things like sucking his cock or taking in the ass. She refused to do anything. I just keep pouring wine and she just kept drinking it. With every glass that went down and could sense her skirt getting higher.
She had told Tina off about being with boys and Tina and laughed and told her to try sucking cock because cum tasted good.
I finally got a question in. “What do you want when you have sex.”
She turned a little red. “I want…well I want a man to, you know, lick me down there.” She downed another glass.
“Like this.” I pulled her skirt up to her waist causing her to lean back on the sofa. I pulled her panties to one side and shoved my tongue in her cunt.
The bitch tasted good. Some women taste like whatever hygiene product the use. She tasted a little on the sweet side with a hint of salt. She was clean shaven which made it easy to tongue her and find that clit.
As she closed her eyes and moaned I managed to take my pants down. My cock was hard and ready. After a couple minutes she got wetter and I good smell her orgasm on the way. She did the classic hands to the face while saying “O God” over and over.
That was when I stood up and put my cock in her cunt. There was no please may I garbage, I just started to fuck her before she knew what was next.
She was wet. Her juices from her orgasm were dripping out as she lay there with a look of shock. My balls hit her ass with every thrust. Slowly I realized the look had changed and she was moving to my rhythm.
“You know that cum your daughter likes? That was mine.”
“Oh fuck! Maybe she can suck her father and he’ll leave me alone.”
With that we looked each other in the eyes. I went to pull out, but she put her legs around me to make sure I came in her cunt.

It was a couple weeks later that I drove to my sister Brenda’s house. It was easy to turn the talk back to the good old days. I mentioned that back when we were kids I would try and see her naked. She told me that she knew and would show just enough to keep me horny for the day.
“You know I’m horny right now.”
“Like you want to see these old tits.”
That was enough. I had her t-shirt pulled up and her tits free in moments. There was no wine, no long conversations, there was Brenda wanting to have sex with her brother. If I knew she was this easy I would have fucked her long ago.
She was naked from the waist down and riding my cock in moments. I let her take control as I played with her tits. At one point she slowed down. She sat directly over my cock, raising up so only the tip was in and then dropped down taking it all inside. She did that several times and I could feel her wetness growing.
She looked at me and laughed. She started saying the names of boys from school and men I knew nothing about. These were all then she had fucked. The list was long.
“Your turn.”
“At Christmas Tina sucked my cock. And a few days ago I fucked Sharron.” Brenda smiled at the thought.
We both hit our orgasms at the same time. She was looking at me as she came. “Next time, fuck that little granddaughter. Then you have fucked us all.”

Just for fun, here’s a pic of her showing her tits.


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