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Pippy Love

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After watching two dog humping 7 year old ask her brother what they were doing and gets a demonstration

Puppy Love

Debbie stood watching the two dogs wrestling … at least that is what she thought .. at 7 she just wasn’t sure. But the big dog was winning .. he was on top and pushing the other dog across the yard… “What cha watching squirt” her big brother John came to the patio door to see what was holding her attention. “Oh my god .. look at them go” her brother was 13 and he knew a lot about these things she thought…

“Is the big one hurting the little one” she asked … “Oh, no he’s not hurting her at all … just watch” she kept watching and it looked like they were stuck together but the bigger one was still pushing against the little one … then the bigger dog got off the little one … something big and red was hanging between his back legs … “What’s that?” “Shhh… watch..” the bigger one stuck his nose to the butt of the little one and licked… several times and the little one seemed to like it .. then he again jumped on her back .. Debbie watched as the red thing poked around then seemed to go into the other dog … and the little one held still and let him …

“John… what are they doing?” … “Thier making puppies sis … keep watching” as she turned back to the door she saw brother’s hand rubbing his pants… there seemed to be something inside his pants .. “the big one is a boy dog … the little one is Suzie, the neighbors dog she’s a girl” “What is he poking her with?” ” Just let me watch.. I’ll explain later” John had his hand in his pocket and it seemed he had a bad itch as his hand kept moving.

“Do it boy… fuck her … give it to her” John was whispering to himself but his sister heard every word. She’d heard that word .. fuck before … she had heard her mom and dad say it late at night when she was suppose to be asleep…. Is that what the dogs were doing …” Fucking?” Even though she did not understand what it was, she knew if made her feel funny … her princess parts tingled … is that what was wrong with John .. were his princess parts tingling … she kept watching the dogs but also watched her brother and his pants moved like he was hitting himself

Out in the back yard the boy dog had a grip on the girl and his hips were moving real fast … even his back legs kept coming off the ground … then she saw him stop moving … and just bump against her a couple times then hold still again. “Shit yeah” John not whispering this time Debbie saw him push his hips towards the window then saw a wet spot spread across his pants Outside the boy dog moved off the girl but they seemed to be stuck together still but now they were butt to butt … she thought that was funny and laughed… John for his part realized what he had just done in front of his 7 year old sister.

Paniced he knelt next to Debbie … “You can’t tell mom or dad what you saw” “You mean the dogs making puppies or about you saying the bad words ..” “Neither .. what they were doing or me .. please sis” Not sure why but she knew her brother must have done something wrong and now she had something she could use again him… “wellllll ok but you have to tell me what they were doing and why it made our princess parts tingle” “Our what?…oh you mean what I was doing .. did it make you feel funny in your tummy?” “Yeah, kinda..”

Now John chuckled “Ok, but let’s go to my room … I gotta clean up” They went to his room and he closed the door … “What we are gonna talk about is just between us … not mom, dad or any friends ok? Promise?” “I promise… cross my heart” without thinking he pulled off his shirt and pants … they kinda stuck to him as he pulled them down It had been years since the siblings had seen each other naked and Debbie was surprised when John’s dick flopped out… with something all over it. “You got one too” she said surprised … “Yeah all boys have this” he told her while using his underwear to wipe his dick off … “The dogs looked bigger” … he chuckled at that ..”It did didn’t it”

“Where’s mine?” Debbie had her shorts pulled away and was looking down inside her panties Laughing her brother said “Your a girl sis… your built different” Looking at her brother moving around without any cloths was making Debbie’s princess parts tingle “Do remember the boy dogs thing was inside the girl” “Where?” “There’s a special place between your legs” “Show me” John knew that this was getting out of hand but at 13 his hormones overload his brain.

“Alright, but you have to take your cloths off” She didn’t hesitate and stripped quickly … Only 7 years old… no figure. .. skinny, no tits, no butt not even much hip…. but this was the first real girl John had ever seen naked and he reacted accordingly … his dick “smaller than the dogs” now stood hard and proud He wanted to take it in his hand and beat off … to cum all over his little sister … but…. he wanted more … and was willing to wait and work for it…

“Show me … where is the hole?” she begged “Climb up on the bed and lay on your back” never having done this before himself he was going on what he had gleaned from watching porn … so this was a learning experience for both of them. He knelt along side his little sister … studying her naked body … “Do you trust me sis?” “Duh, yeah” John leaned down and lightly kissed her on her lips, suprising her They had kissed before but only on the cheeks and this was different … a good different she thought slowly his hands moved along her body …. stroking along the tender skin … her cheeks .. her neck and shoulders .. down each arm and lifting her hands he kissed them too… then he moved to her little chest … his hands trembled at the thought of touching a girls breasts He could not see any rise in her chest but as he felt her he could feel a softness around her tiny nipples … what felt like a definition of what was to come … he flicked each nipple and caused her giggle … her tiny body was beginning to enjoy his attention and she lightly moved as she began to like what he was doing… He leaned over and placed a kiss on each nipple … she shivered

his hands and kisses moved down her body …. both youngsters were trembling and nervous about what they were doing and feeling. Even with the porn movies he had seen repeatedly he hardly recognized what he was seeing as he felt and kissed her young body…. where the girls in the movies had bushy hair between thier legs Debbie was completely bare … the movies showed enlarged lips extending from the women where as hers was no more than a slim line with no noticeable opening … the movies showed a bump at the top of the women and his sister had the tiniest of a bump

He knew he should continue to kiss her along her slit and when he started to Debbie’s hands held his head and she sat up … she was breathing heavy and did not understand why and just what her brother was doing to make her feel this way “John..” she said with a shaking voice “What are you doing?” “Trust me … does this feel good?” “I’m scared..” “but does it feel good” “Yes… but the hole?” he leaned close and touched her pussy with his tongue … lightly dragging it along her tiny slit. “This?” her entire body shook

She vaguely in her fog remembered the dog doing this right before he put his thing into the girl … expecting the same … she rolled over on her hand and knees waiting for her brother to climb on top of her and poke her butt John was scared and confused by her position but quickly understood what she was doing … he too was lost in a fog of passion and not even thinking about her small size compared to him and the fact that she had no idea of what was to really happen.

He did move closer and taking his dick in his hand moved it along her slender lips … he felt moister from her .. and the precum dripping from his dick… he moved his head around and gently parted her lips until he felt them open for him … at this point he lost himself and the 13 year old virgin in him took over … once he felt her opening he held her hip tightly and pushed his dick into his 7 year old sister. Debbie screamed at the pain of his dick pushing into her and taking her virginity.

John did not pull out but leaned over her small body…. “Shhhh… it will be alright … shhhh” “IT HURTS .. take it out … take it out ..” she whimpered and cried tears ran down her cheeks … yet her big brother kept hurting her with his thing … and John didn’t care at this time … his dick was inside a pussy a tiny hot pussy belonging to his sister. He kept trying to move to push deeper but she was just too small .. too tight … then when he pulled back he felt himself begin to slide he changed directions and pushed in … it went in smoother until she winched with pain and clinched tight holding him. Again he pulled back .. this time he saw blood streaks on his dick .. yet he pushed back in again it moved easier and deeper

The warmth and feeling of her pussy along his dick was getting to be too much … he knew when he began feeling the way he is that he was going to cum … and soon…. Like the dog he held her tight and began moving faster and faster and deeper as he fucked her … still crying and trembling with the pain of her first fuck she did nothing to stop him … like the dog she just let him do his thing … then she felt the most wonderful warm feeling inside her … she still was hurting but the warm feeling was spreading throughout her young pussy.

She had no way of knowing the warmth she was feeling was her brother’s cum filling her womb. Her brother held her .. his dick pushed in as far as he could he held her and trembled as his dick throbbed and pumped again and again. He had never felt this way when he jerked off … this was better .. this was much much better … this he realized was fucking .. this was sex … he loved it and wanted more.

His dick did not go soft as it usually did after cumming he was still hard .. and with his cum now coating her pussy he was able to move smoother … no longer huffing and puffing like a freight train he fucked her slow. Enjoying the feeling of her … and as he did he noticed she was no longer crying. What her brother was doing was feeling good … very good … her princess parts were tingling like they had never had before … the more she enjoyed the feelings the more she wanted.

Unconscionably she began to rock back to meet his strokes slowly at first and finding it brought more pleasure she continued and moved more and harder … something inside her was coming … she could feel it .. something she didn’t understand … she felt that she was going to pee … that she needed to pee … but this felt different .. better .. then suddenly she felt the warm feeling inside her again as her brother again pumped more cum into her … and at the same time her vision went to a single bright light … her body shook and clinched in spasms. She collapsed forward … pulling herself off her brother’s dick as it still oozed cum onto the bed … the bed now stained with thier cum and her blood.

“John… am I gonna have puppies now?” he chuckled … “No… no puppies” “Can we try again?”

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    Man what a hot story. Doggy styling your little sister is so hot

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    This has got the be the cutest story ever. The feelings as a young girl experiencing these wonderful feelings and memories will stay with her her whole life. I say what a lucky lil girl and hopefully by the time she is like 9 or 10 she can take the adult neighbors cock and really know what good sex is all about. Nice thing about life is I have been this very lucky neighbor. Take that cock girls as it is your natural right to do so no matter what your age.

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