Picked to give guys wife a baby

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Hi all , my friend I have known for many years mentioned he had something a little wild to tell me , so we met up at our local pub , John my friend said listen I have been at the gymnasium regularly , for a few years now and recently I have got friendly with this couple yeah ? Well she wants a kid and he’s been told he can’t get her pregnant for some medical reason or whatever

They have said they was thinking of finding a guy to get her pregnant, but her husband doesn’t want it to be too personal he is a little bit unsure and they have come up with the idea rather than one guy attempting to do the job , for a day or however long it takes he doesn’t like that and says it’s much better and easier if it is two guys ? So I said and so ?

John then says he asked me did I know anyone else that would be confidential and respectful and just join me in taking her to bed , that way there’s double the chances and also myself or you if you fancy it ? Would never know who was the farther and have no ties or interest later ? I then said well hmm what is she like ? John says mate ffs nan she’s gorgeous and really sexy looking ,

Within a split second I said I’m in !!

Ok paul he says I’ll have a word , btw they don’t want to meet you , they trust me and I’m to bring you round introduce you get the job in hand done over a few days , when they reckon she is most likely to get pregnant and then never see you or me again , so Saturday night is the night and we both go around knock on the door and jeez John wasn’t kidding she Julie answered it , she was lovely, come in come in boys Mike has kinda got mixed feelings and has said he doesn’t want to be even here ,

So he’s gone to stay at a hotel for the night and is gonna phone me later ,
We discussed it , and have come up with the idea that we may as well have a little fun he actually says if it gets the job done and you easily make me pregnant then I’m to allow you to enjoy me , and best way I can be helpful is let’s make it fun Mike loves me to dress up for him , so would you like me to dress up ? Would I turn you on ? That’s the idea might as well enjoy it eh? Boys ,

What do you think ? So John says have you got anything like a French maids costume ? Er no John sorry but what about nurses uniform I dress up for Mike he loves it ,

Ok Julie fine by us says John , I nod in agreement,
Well both of you strip down to your underwear for me and be ready fine , so John gets out the Viagra and two cock rings soon as she’s gone here paul two each , and I then said I’m not comfortable until she shows up again ,but johns got his cock ring on and looks already erect ,

Then the door opens Julie is like a porn queen short white nurses uniform white stockings high heels ,smiles at John and says will I do then ? Are you gonna fill me up ? And give me babies? So we are both sat on the settee
John pulls his boxers down there’s his erect cock with ring on looking proud and starts stroking he said fucking hell Julie you are every man’s fantasy come and sit on this love . And so she pulls her skirt up

And John fingers her , she then grabs my hand also and gets me to stand up and places it on one of her lovely breasts,
John then pulls her on to his cock and she rides him like crazy ,she notices I’m kinda doing nothing she then pulls mine out and just cups my balls saying oh fkn hell I am beginning to enjoy this ,
Wank it paul ? As she rides John you know you want to do ,
Your next tiger !

I am wanking away watching this crazy woman then John tensing says have this Julie and shoots up inside her ,
Within a second she gets off him and says come on paul as she lays down legs up in the air still with her shoes on,

And so I slide in side her I was so turned on with her moaning and shouting fuck me hard oh fuck my cunt ! Give me your hot load give it me ,

I did exactly that I fucked her senseless and came like Bull , I jump off and johns ready again and pumps it up her after a good ten minuets he shot inside her again , she looked at me now and started playing with my cock her long nails looked so sexy I was hard again and up inside again I went , I banged her so hard her head board was banging so loud it was really sexy she enjoyed it so much but I could feel all the spunk inside her talk about sloppy,

I emptied squeezed every drop out of my balls inside her ,
She started crying saying thank you over and over we both cuddled her she actually held her pussy saying I don’t want to waste a drop .and thank you so much ,Mike will be pleased , should we watch a bit of tv together and perhaps start again later ?

I said joking have you anymore costumes ? She said like what ? She then said tell you what I’ll just strip off completely for you I’ll entertain you I’ll be your slave so long as you both fill me up again ?
And so we did do all night she was so full of our cum it was amazing ,

We arranged too fuck her all weekend then leave it and give them both time together before enjoying her again for another 24 hour fuck session we then . Decided to see if she got pregnant,

Sadly it hadn’t worked we was invited back but this time her husband wanted to watch , she had actually got him turned on explaining what happened,
He explained he would enjoy watching

He thinks !!!
So we did her again and he did actually join in putting his cock in her mouth as she sat on our cocks , I even went round when he was at work pre arrange ,and I fucked her senseless she would pose for me as I fucked her in all positions the results came through a while later we had got her pregnant, she was so happy I kept on having sex with her long after she was pregnant nobody knew ,

We had to call it a day just a couple of months before she gave birth my last memory of her was wanking me off their kitchen then blowing me as I was coming , after that we never met again. I heard they are both very happy with two lovely children

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0b

    I love this story and was asked myself in my 30’s to father a couple I knew. It was only supposed to be one child but we kept on fucking and she had another. The great thing was her young sister found out and I was fucking her as well. Both wound up pregnant lol. This was in Ohio in the mid 80’s. They both wanted babies so that is what they got.

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Wow. This is a wonderful wonderful story. I knew a woman years and years ago who wanted badly to become pregnant. So she picked me because I looked a lot like her husband who couldn’t have kids. She did become pregnant. But years later I met a man who believed he was the father of her child. Looking at the child, he could be mine, or the other guys. I never met her husband. She is a happy woman, looks like she could be anybody’s, ‘the mother next door’.