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partying with frat boys

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a wild fun crazy night out with guys who i thought were friends til i got too drunk and they used me….

i go out almost every weekend to parties with my friends sometimes my guy friends come out with us too. this one night my guy friend invited me out with his frat friends so he picked me up we went to his friends house pregamed with some shots and a joint. his friend got us an uber it was 4 of them and me when we got to the party i felt safe my friend was carrying my bags and the other following me i had so much fun honestly im such an attention whore i loved being the center of attention between 4 guys my drinks were being paid for, they were looking out for me… while i was there i must of had 3-4 drinks my guy friend and i separated from the other 3 and were dancing ourselves ended up getting our last drink and this is where things get fuzzy see we don’t really remember how we got back home like i know we got back in the uber and went back to his frat friends house but me and my friend passed out in the uber as soon as we got in it i just remember his hand on my inner thigh and how wet i was then i dont really remember getting back to his frat friends house and before we went out his frat friend said i could sleep in his bed and he’d sleep outside on the couch with my friend but like i said i dont really remember how i got back and everything from later that night. i ended up waking up in the middle of the night wearing somebody elses shirt with nothing on under other than my panties and his frat friend was on top of me kissing asking if i was okay and i thought it was a dream but i was passed out saying no i dont feel good and after i felt something kinda pushed into me i was too fucked up like i felt his dick in me but also not at the same time but it felt so good he told me how wet i was i think thats why he fucked me cause he said he helped me to bed and i started taking off my clothes i had hickies and bite marks all over my titties he started kissing on me and my boobs and gave me a tshirt then i guess i passed out on his bed but i wanted to cuddle with him he said i was rubbing my ass on his dick and i made him so hard he said that i was so wet that he could feel it through my panties that he had to put it in me after that all i remember i was waking up cause he was pounding me so hard i tried to get up he held my wrists down so hard he bruised it after i got scared i got out his room and i woke up my friend on the couch he saw me crying and put a blanket on me and was hugging me telling me im okay. i asked if i could sleep with him and he was cuddling me him and i have a little history so he made me feel really safe he was kissing me making me feel better telling me how good i looked tonight and how he loves me ugh when guys talk to me like that i cant help but get wet…. i was still super wet he started to play w my pussy i begged him to put it in i ended up waking up later that morning with his dick in me and his hand around my throat. honestly i woke up really scared cause like i said i dont know what happened all that felt like a dream when i talked to them about it they told me this is what happened but i dont know what to believe his frat friend said i loved being used and that im such a slut taking it like that i feel so weird is that weird what if i do like it maybe i like dressing like a slut no panties i like when daddys tell me things like im a good girl anytime of praise or stares from daddys make me wet maybe im a slut for dick and id do anything. would it be bad if i did it again and i went out with them and i get more drunk maybe i can have all 4 of them use me

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  • Reply sexyteenlolita ID:1ee33d3dlcnm

    this is a real story. ive been abused as a kid a lot

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Love a Girl that likes to be used. More please.