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How I met a 10 year old girl and made her my wife

Fiction story )

Being 39 is not easy really. Especially if you don’t have family or partners talk to. My name is Joseph and this is how I got a 10 year old gf from internet.

Start from the beginning. When I was 18 went to trade school and became a technician. During this time I made investments in stock market. Let say I made right investment and save myself money and now I’m happily retired now at age 39.

When I did retire I realized how alone I am I never had wife or kids or even close friends. I was alone now. Duirng my first two months I been on internet until I stumbled on a a chat site for strangers talk to.

Going on it I talk to people about random things but then one day I got a notification from user called ‘pink kitten ‘. Person text me hello and I replied back. Well it’s been 5 months now and I learn that pink kitten is interesting person chat with person here like when I talk about stuff I do and hobbies I’m into. Stranger here is also a fan of movies and cartoons. One day me and them talking they say they want met me.

I know its never smart idea met someone on the internet but what do I have lose huh. Turns out me and stranger lived in same town. We both agree on met at mall near small restaurants inside mall.
When day came I was dress in jeans and shirt waiting for my online friend. Me and them did exchange phone numbers in the chat room. I had my hands on my chine I waited boardly I felt my phone vibration. Looking down see text I’m here I look around. I see many people walking by I spot someone. It was lil girl wearing jeans and had pink shirt on woth kitten front of it. She had long blonde hair she was very petite. She look around she was find soemthing I text my phone and as she was walking past me she look up at her phone see text ” I’m here “.

She turn look at me. Putting my phone down I say ” are you pink kitten?” I was shock. She smield and sat next me ” yep that me you are ladiesman69 right ”

I was dumb founded as I look at thsi lil girl ” wait how old are you ” she put her phone away in her pockets she smield ” I’m only 10 going turn 11 in few months ”

My jaw drop as I just came realized that I wasn’t talking to full going adult for pasta 5 months but instead was a 10 year old girl. ” what you are only 10 ”

She noded I was shocked as i put my hands up to my face ” well I’m ruby and you are ” I tuen look down at her ” name Joseph kid..oh God why..kid where are your parents?”

Ruby fiddle her hands she lok down at floor ” Daddy and mommy are all was busy with work I never get see them during the day time I’m all was by myself” ruby look sad she spoke I tool deep sigh ” kid I’m 39 why were you on a chat sit for adults like me anyways ”

Ruby wipe single tears she replied ” i heard that people make friends online these days and well I found chat sit and I decde talk to you “.

Both us say by table quite I got up but I didn’t want jer be alone ” kid why…don’t I take you out for bit you want some ice cream ” ruby eyes light up she smield ” yes cream yes please ” I smiled back I pat her head ” come on pink kitten let’s get some ice cream ”

During that day it’s been best time of my life. After mall date me and here decde keep talking on phone by text. For pasts 3 months now me and her would chat all day and night. Until that day came.

It was around 11pm I was getting ready for bed I got text from Ruby. I pick it up I see text ” call me please ” I titling my head I began call her. Phone ring I then heard cars om phone ” Ruby where are you ” I could hear her crying. ” Jos..e..ph I..i..i” ruby was completely cryign over phoen she studder her words.

” Ruby listen to me where are you at ” I waoted for her reply as she countine cry ” im..a..t..the mall.please pick me up ” I immediately got pants on and shirt grappling my car keys and wallet ” Ruby listen to me I’m on my way don’t move don’t talk anyone ok I’m coming ” I wanted for her a i rush out of the door ” o…k “is all she said.

Drive over her pick her up she was mess she had few brusie on her face she had small bag with her. I didn’t want rush her with questions until we got to my house.

When we got back she immediately broke down again as I grap her help her sit on couch ” ruby what happen ” ruby look up at me her face cover with tears ” My mommy and daddy gotten drunken and mad at me they kick me out ” she cry out I pull her in she cry into my chest I hold her and stroke her hair ” hey hey it’s ok I got you”

Getting her clean up I dress her in one of my shirts give her pillow and blanket but she didn’t want be alone. I look at her I say she can sleep with me on bed.

Laying next her she curl up next me her small head on my chest she wasn’t sleep but simply staring at wall ” Ruby it’s ok your safe here ” she loom at me she give me a weak smiled ” am I ” I noded to her we both look at each other eyes. Looking at her adorable eyes she look so variable and cute. I cub her cheeks she didn’t pull back or flinch as I wipe single tear from her eye. I then plant a soft kiss on her lips.

I pull back she then lean forward kiss me. Bot us now in passionate kiss as my tongue invade her mouth. She taste so sweet like surger he rips soft like rose. I pull back kiss her neck she gave me soft moan as I then loft off her shirt reveling her petite youthful body.

Both of us didn’t say nothing but our action speaks louder like thousands words. I plant soft kiss on jer tiny nibble and her stomach she arch her back and moan. I began undress myself she look up at me knowing she was powerless and at my mercy but she knows she can all was trust me. Once naked I pull her panties down I stroke her bald pussy she wiggle give me such adorable moan. I smiled down at her as I position myself.

I began slowly rub my cock on her pussy she was breathing heavily ” Ruby look at me love only me “. Looking up at my gave I held her hands as I began pushing in her. She immediately began cry in pain as I began unflower her. She was trying pull back I hold her hands tightly ” Ruby look at me only me don’t think of pain my love” ruby open her eyes I gove her soft smield as I rock in her slowly.

Hearing ruby moans were like music to my ears as I began up pace. Sound of her moan and grunts filled room up as world around us faded away. ” oh uh oh Joseph i..i.lo..ve you” Ruby spoke as I countine pound into her small tight pussy. I up pace now I was now coming closer to climaxe I held her up as I kiss ” I love you too Ruby “.

Roll my hips more as ruby tilt her head back as both us scream in climax I shot my love juice in her. We both lay together Ruby was on chest I simple kiss her on lips and cheeks ” how are you feeling love ” ruby smiled she kiss my cheek ” better now my love “.

After that day I kept Ruby hidden in my house for years now. Ot was miracle that I was never caught Rubt had turn 18 and getting soem connection I mange get her fake id and everything.

Right now we are happy married and now expecting our third child soon.


( Please point out any mistakes that I may have miss and please leave any helpful advice so I can get better write more love stories)

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj44

    I would love to hear the pitter patter of those feet once again. Just the thought of a young girl pregnant with stomach sticking out makes me shiver with excitement. I have had a few runaways and yes I did get a few pregnant but went back home. Young girls with a huge belly is fucking sexy as hell.

  • Reply nawtygrandad ID:7481adjed2

    This could have been so much hotter if your English was better and you hadn’t rushed the story along at such a rapid rate. It definitely would be improved by developing the action slowly and with far more detail
    [email protected]

    • I am alone ID:1e2pk1s5gu37

      Ok thank you

  • Reply Chipotle ttt ID:1d7sfv658z7k

    Sc play share fantasy

  • Reply Chip ID:1d7sfv658z7k

    I’m into it

  • Reply Anthony ID:1cypf0myfpa1

    Once you get over the spelling mistakes not a bad story.

    • Chip ID:1d7sfv658z7k


    • I am alone ID:1e2pk1s5gu37

      Can point out what I miss. I look over it few times and find nothing