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One Hellava Ride

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A road trip to college gives a whole new meaning to riding a cock.

Lacey is an 18 year old beautiful woman who is about to head off to college. She just finished packing up all of her stuff and it was being loaded into the family car by her dad Steve who is 40 and her younger brother Harry who is 17. Her mother Bethany who is 38 is running around making sure that everything is ready for the 10 hour drive to Lacey’s college.

When they drop off Lacey the rest of the family is going on a trip so there is their luggage along with Lacey’s belongings that are being packed into the car. When it’s all said and done there are two seats up front as the car only has bucket seats up front and a place for one person in the back.

The rest of the car and trunk is filled with stuff. No matter how Steve and Harry tried to rearrange the stuff, it still only left the same amount of room. When everyone got out to the car they all looked at the situation.

“How are we all going to fit in the car Steve?” Bethany asked.

“Well I don’t have a clue at the moment Bethany!” Steve replied as he scratched his head.

“Maybe Lacey can leave some of her stuff behind and get it later?” Harry replied.

“I don’t think so squirt!” Lacey snapped back.

Of course Lacey is smaller than Harry as she is a short petite woman and Harry is tall and lanky.

“Well then the only other option is for Lacey to sit on Harry’s lap for the trip!” Steve announced.

“Ohhhh daddy that’s not fair!” Lacey whined.

“Well young lady it’s either that or you leave stuff behind? It’s your choice as your stuff is taking up the most space!” Steve replied as he folded his arms and stared at her.

“SIGH! Fine, I’ll sit on his lap but we are going to have to stop a lot along the way!” She said as she resigned herself to the indignation of having to sit on her brother’s lap.

Everyone climbed into the car and Lacey sat down on Harry’s lap. She was wearing a skirt and a thong but her parents didn’t know that she had bought them for college. Harry had on a pair of loose shorts but he wasn’t wearing any underwear as he always went commando.

At first Lacey was sitting on mostly the legs of Harry but both of them quickly became uncomfortable and she slid back onto his lap. This put her ass directly onto his cock. Of course the roads were not very good in their state so they were pretty rough which caused Lacey to bounce around some on Harry’s lap.

This movement caused Harry’s cock to swell under her ass. She turned her head around and glared at Harry.

“You pervert, how dare you get a hard on!’ She whispered into his ear.

“I can’t help it sis! It has a mind of its own!” He shot back trying to not bring their parents attention to them.

“Well try to do something with it so it’s not poking me!” She replied in a hushed tone.

“You have to sit up or sit on my knees again!” He said.

Lacey slid back up onto his knees and tried to ride it out but his knees were a lot more uncomfortable than the alternative. Soon she was sitting back on his lap and his cock. Lacey lifted her ass up and reached down and grabbed his hard cock and pushed it up against his pubic bone.

“HEY WTF? Harry growled.

“What’s going on back there with you two?” Steve asked as he looked at the rear view mirror at them.

“Nothing dad just trying to get comfortable!” Lacey replied as she settled back down onto his lap and cock.

His cock was now aligned perfectly with her pussy and asshole as it pressed into the crevice of her ass. This wasn’t the plan that Lacey had but she didn’t want to bring attention to her or Harry as it would be hard to explain why he suddenly had a hard cock.

Harry tried to will his cock down but every time they hit a bump in the road, her ass would basically stroke his cock. Lacey had realized that he actually had a decent sized cock as she had grabbed it earlier and was now sitting on it. It had to be at least 8 inches long and was very thick.

The head extended past her asshole and the base was past her clit which was grinding onto the shaft. Soon her pussy was betraying her as she had become wet. Harry had begun to feel her heat and wetness as it seeped through his shorts.

Lacey couldn’t help herself and began to grind her pussy back and forth along his cock. She bit her lip to try to stop from moaning out loud. Harry was loving the fact that his sister was using his cock as a toy. Lacey suddenly found herself getting close to an orgasm and she immediately squeezed her legs together as her pussy spasmed.

She hissed out loud as she felt every single throb of his cock shooting through her pussy.

“Are you okay Lacey?” Bethany asked.

“Ummm yes mom it just that I got a stiff leg. But I am working it out so I am good!” She lied as she continued to rock back and forth along his cock.

“I got to have you inside my pussy right now!” She groaned into his ear.

She lifted up her ass as she reached down and pulled her thong to the side as Harry unzipped his shorts and pulled his cock out and held it up. Lacey slowly sat down driving his hard throbbing cock into her soaking wet tight little pussy.

She screamed out inside her mind as she felt another orgasm slam her body. Harry was struggling to not cum just yet as he felt her hot wet pussy clamp down on his cock. He wanted to reach around and grabbed her tits but he knew that he would be seen playing with them by their dad if he looked at his mirror.

Instead he reached around between her legs and found her hard throbbing clit and began to flick his finger back and forth across it. This caused Lacey to grind her pussy onto his cock driving it deeper into her spasmodic pussy. She rocked her hips back and forth along his cock as she surrendered to her orgasms.

Luckily mom had fell asleep and dad was too busy driving to notice that they were both lost in the throws of ecstasy. Harry rolled the window down a little to pull out the unmistakable fragrance of pussy that began to fill the back seat.

Lacey loved the feeling of her brother’s large cock buried in her pussy and Harry loved how his sister’s pussy massaged his cock. He could feel her juices pooling around his balls. Harry gripped her hips and pulled her back onto his cock as best he could without making it obvious that they were fucking.

Harry fingered her clit as she worked her pussy along his cock. How Lacey wished that she could just start bouncing up and down on his cock as she screamed out in pleasure.

Harry wanted to be able to flip her over onto her hands and knees and pound her pussy from behind hard and deep. Harry leaned up and growled deeply into her ear.

“I am going to cum and fill your pussy full!” He said.

Lacey whined as she felt his cock throb angrily as it spewed cum deep into her womb. She bit her bottom lip as she felt his cock pump stream after stream deep into her tight little pussy. Lacey laid back against Harry’s chest as she rode her orgasm and milked his cock with her muscles.

Harry slipped his hand under her blouse and cupped her tit with his hand as he continued to assault her clit with his fingers.

“Please stop for a while. I’m too sensitive!” She moaned into his ear.

Harry pulled his hand from between her legs and sucked his fingers clean as she watched him. Her eyes sparkled as she felt his cock start to swell again. At least she didn’t have to worry about his cum pouring out of her pussy just yet.

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