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One Hellava Ride Part 2

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The rode trip continues and it gets even hotter in the back seat.

Dad decides that it is time to stop for gas and dinner. As they pull off the interstate and pull into a gas station Lacey picks herself up off of Harry’s cock as he quickly puts it back into his shorts. Lacey tries to hold as much of his cum inside her as she can as she runs to the restroom.

“I guess that she had to go badly!” Bethany said with a giggle.

Harry gets out of the car and stretches his legs and tries to hide his hard cock as he heads to the restroom. He cleans his cock and takes a piss as Lacey cleans herself as best she can. Her panties are wet from Harry’s cum so she removes them and puts them into her small purse.

She returns to the car just as everyone is climbing in and she sits down on Harry’s lap as they head towards the restaurant. Harry quickly goes to run his hand between her legs and finds that she doesn’t have any panties on.

“Naughty girl!” Harry whispers into her ear.

She flashes him a wicked little smile and winks at him. They get to the restaurant and go inside to eat. The tables all have large table cloths on them so the lower half of your body is covered as you are sitting at the table. Lacey makes sure that she is sitting across from Harry.

As they are sitting there, Lacey raises her foot and places it right on Harry’s cock. Harry flashes her a look as she smiles at him. She continues to rub her foot up and down his shaft. After they order the food, Harry excuses himself to go and wash his hands. He really just needs to get to the restroom and take care of his raging hard on.

Lacey excuses herself to wash her hands and quickly follows Harry into the men’s room. She pushes him into a stall and quickly shuts the door.

“What the fuck are you doing Lacey? Are you crazy? This is the men’s room!” Harry said as she drops to her knees and pulls his cock out of his shorts.

“I have got to taste this cock!” She moans as she quickly swallows it down her throat without hesitancy.

Harry braces himself against the wall of the stall as Lacey expertly deepthroats his cock over and over again. She is sucking on his cock like she is trying to suck a basketball through a straw. Harry is grunting as she bobs her head up and down his cock quickly. She is on a mission to make him cum quickly.

He has never experienced a blowjob like this before. Lacey was ravaging his cock and it was having the desired effect on him as he quickly reached the point of no return.

“OHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M CUMMING!” He groaned as Lacey pulled his cock out just so the head remained inside her mouth.

She stroked his cock while she sucked hard on the head until he exploded in her mouth. She moaned as she felt his hot cum splashing the back of her throat. She quickly swallowed his cum as it poured into her mouth. She massaged his balls making sure that she milked every drop from them. She sucked the last few dribbles into her mouth.

She showed Harry her tongue with his cum on it as she was looking up at him and then swallowed.

“MMMMMMMM DELICIOUS!” She said as she stood up and left him standing there.

He quickly put away his cock and walked back to the table as the food was being placed on the table.

“What took you two so long?” Steve asked.

“Sorry, there was a lot of people in the restroom!” Harry lied as he glanced over at Lacey.

They ate their dinner and then all went to the restroom once more before they hit the road to finish the trip. As Lacey went to climb into the back seat and sit down on Harry’s lap she whispered into his ear.

“Pull your cock out now!”

He quickly pulled his cock out as she sat down and grabbed his cock with her hand and placed it against her hot wet pussy. She trapped it between her legs and held it against her hot pussy as she ground her clit against it as they drove down the road.

It didn’t take long before his cock was hard and throbbing again. Lacey slid her wet pussy all along his cock coating it with her juices. She bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud as she felt herself orgasm again. Since Harry had been given a good blowjob earlier, he was able to hold off his own orgasm.

As Lacey rubbed her pussy along his cock, the base of it ground against her rosebud stimulating it as well. Lacey loved a cock in her ass just as much as she loved cock in her pussy. Her juices were coating her asshole so she lifted up off his cock just enough to align it with her tight little asshole.

Harry thought that he was going to slide into her pussy again but he soon realized that she was pushing his cock into her smoldering little ass.

Harry suppressed a growl as he felt her hot furnace envelope his cock and she fought the urge to scream out in pleasure as his cock stretched her tight little asshole so good!

It had gotten dark outside so it was easier to move around and not be worried about getting seen by their parents. Lacey slowly worked her tight little asshole up and down his cock as he reached up under her shirt and pulled and twisted her nipples.

He pushed one hand between her legs and found her hard throbbing clit. He took it between his fingers and rolled it back and forth causing her to orgasm again and again hard. This caused her ass to clamp down on his shaft as she ground down onto his hard throbbing cock.

“OHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS HARRY!” She whispered into his ear as she worked her tight little asshole on his cock.


Harry began to thrust upwards into her ass as they both enjoyed the sensations that were racing through their bodies. If their parents only knew what they son and daughter were now doing in the back seat of their car.

Soon Harry let Lacey know that he was going to cum soon. She doubled her efforts of riding his cock. Harry growled and grabbed her hips as he forced her down onto his cock as it begun to pump stream after stream deep into her bowels.

Lacey whined as she rubbed her clit while another orgasm slammed her body. After she had finished milking his cock with her muscles, she reached into her purse and pulled out a large butt plug. Harry watched as she lifted her ass up off his cock and quickly shoved the plug into her gaping asshole.

“Don’t want to make a mess!” She whispered into his ear with a giggle.

Lacey took her thong and cleaned Harry’s cock with it and then stuffed them into her purse. It wasn’t long before they were pulling into the dorm parking lot. They carried her stuff into the lobby as she checked in.

After they helped her with her stuff to her room and said their goodbyes, Lacey whispered into Harry’s ear once more.

“Thank you stud for the awesome ride. Make sure that you come back for a visit soon!” She moaned as she reached down and grabbed his cock again.

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  • Reply Horny Hoe ID:1espnukx7tp5

    Please more hottie

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      Let me see what I can come up with HH.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh my god !!! Slamma ! the foot job part in your story. I did that to my first boyfriend when I was over his parent’s home years ago for Sunday dinner ! he was sitting on the opposite side of the table from me when I took my foot out of my heel and stuck it in his crotch and slowly wiggled and rubbed my nylon clad foot and toes all around his now hardened cock !! it was so funny !! the expression on his face was priceless, while he was trying to talk to his dad ! Great story and thanks for that memory that your story brought out !! Britt

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      Thanks as always Britney.