Older incest

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My sister is 65 and I’m 60. I was visiting her one day and she was talking about getting massages for her old bones. I offered to help as I did massages many years ago.

She let me massage for a bit but it was difficult with her blouse on. I was surprised when she took it off and lay face down on a bed so I couldn’t see anything. However, the bra was in the way so she managed to remove it.

I was given her a rub from her shoulders to her waist. She didn’t protest much when I finally pulled down her shorts and panties. That was they she got a massage at the clinic. I want to know what clinic it is so maybe I can get a job. She was a little tense so I spent some times rubbing from her shoulders, over her ass, and to her feet.

When I felt her relax is when I quicky undressed. It was a quick move to be between her legs.

She did try to stop me but I was able to enter her from behind. To be honest, at that point I didn’t care what she said, I was fucking that bitch.

The feel of her cunt was incredible. She was still fairly tight and very wet. I was able to reach around and grab her tits. They are small but with tiny hard nipples.

I pulled out long enough for her to flip over. She attempted to move away and I had to be a little forceful. I grabbed those little tits and moved her back. For fun, I gave her a couple slaps to her face. I had been the nice little brother long enough. When I shoved my cock back into her there was nothing nice about it.

I watched her face as I fucked her. She arched her back and let out a moan as she came. I thought of pulling out but decided to cum in her cunt.

She was not happy about it afterwards, but she was worth it. I intend to fuck her again but set up a camera so I can show others.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:5wicmo8rc

    You are a seriously ‘bad boy’ and you need to get things sorted out in this brother sister relationship…say once a week to start with and take it from there. Best regards from an older boy!

    • Dennis, [email protected] xx ID:1b40lcycoia

      Often thought about doing my sister, I am 74 and she is 69 mmmmm xx