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New twist on a double date

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How a twist on a double date saves two marriages

My name is Frank and my wife’s name is Cathy. We are best friends with Dave and Donna. Having grown up in a small town we have been friends since we were young because there is only one elementary, one middle and one high school. We are all that’s left of the group of friends we grew up with since most have moved to bigger cities for collage or better job opportunities. Dave is my best friend and our wife’s are best friends meaning we hang out together a lot, you know like burgers and beers on the weekend stuff like that and recently we have started having double date night once a month. Being such a small town there really isn’t much to do on a date night, there’s a bowling ally with a bar and a older movie theater and they don’t even show new movies anymore just the older ones for two bucks. Like I said it’s a typical small town where you know everyone on a first name basis and the flip side of that is everyone knows your business and the rumor mill is fast to spread stories true or not.
One our most recent date night we chose the bowling alley. When we finished bowling the girls were off doing whatever it is they do. Dave and I were having a beer and he seemed a little down and I asked him what was wrong?After a little beating around the bush he said he loves his wife very much but lately it seems like they are getting board. Too routine and even the sex is routine and pretty much down to once a week, that’s on a good week and it’s basically missionary, quick no fooling around first just over quick. I know it happens to married couples after a couple years but you never think it will happen to you. Well I had to confess what he said that it sort of hit home with us too and I told him so. We sat there I guess felling sorry for ourselves for a couple minutes then finally Dave looked at me and said soooo what are we going to do about it? There’s got to be some way to spice things up a little. We started to share some things about our marriage and yes even about our sex lives. We talked about what gets said between me and Cathy and between Dave and Donna in the privacy of the bed room. No surprise both couples talked about adding another person, both male and female. However being in this small town I can already hear the rumor mill in overdrive and did I mention everybody knows everybody’s business there no secrets in this town so that’s pretty much not an option here.
After a few more beers and some self pity Dave said he had an idea but I might not like it and it will take a little bit of work to convince our wife’s. He said look we have all known each other our whole life, grew up sharing the same friends and experiences and no one else knows us better. So if you think I’m crazy just say so. My suggestion is on our date night we go to the next bigger town where’s there more to do and here’s the fun part, your date will be my wife and my date will be yours. What do you think? Am I crazy? If you don’t like it I’ll shut up. At first I thought it was a joke or just the beer talking but I thought about it for a few, tried to not like it but I actually think it’s a great idea, after all if we are going to sleep with others it should be with people we know, trust and we already enjoy each others company. The biggest obstacle will be convincing the girls. Dave said I don’t think it will be hard to convince Donna since I guess I failed to mention when we were sharing the bedroom talk that when we talk about adding another man she mentions you specifically. Got to admit I was a little shocked, but also a little flattered and even turned on.
. I did mention we grew up together in a small town and there were not a lot of options for dating so at some point in high school we went out with each other’s wife. I’m not talking about romance or a serious relationship just one maybe two dates and back then that only ment a trip to the theater because that’s about all there was to do. Maybe holding hands or maybe putting your arm around her at the theater and if you were really lucky a quick kiss goodnight. Definitely nothing serious. Then I asked him how will this affect our friendship between the four of us? I mean you’re pretty much our only friends, not many options in this town for friendship with another couple our own age. Dave said first we have to speak with our wife’s about how they feel about it and we can explain that there is no obligation for them to do anything. They can end the date at any time.
So obviously I was a little nervous about bringing this up to Cathy. When we talked about adding another man Cathy made it clear it was only bedroom talk and unlike Donna we never mentioned any names but rather Cathy mentioned being with a celebrity like Tom Cruise or a stranger. So I made sure she was in a good mood and I told her I had something important to talk about with her. We sat down together on the couch. I guess I looked nervous because she said what’s wrong, I haven’t seen you like this in a long time. I told her no matter what I love her. I was talking with Dave the other night because he seemed kind of down and he started telling me that he really loves his wife but after a couple years of marriage things are starting to get a little routine and things and well I don’t want to say boring but more like the excitement seems to fade and well honestly I have to admit and I think if your honest you feel the same as I do that he could have been talking about our marriage. It does not mean we love each other any less but just need to find something to spice things up a little. She got upset saying I’m board with her and I don’t love her anymore and I tried to reassure her that I love her always I just think we need some excitement in our life, to break up the routine. It would bring us closer together. As upset as she was I said let’s just take a break for a while and calm down a little. After dinner I helped clear the dishes and load the dishwasher. I grabbed us both a beer which we seldom do during the week and we went outside and sat on the back porch. We sat there in silence for a few minutes and finally she said okay I admit things are a little routine lately but that’s life and it happens to everyone. I replied that maybe that’s why so many marriage’s end in divorce and I didn’t want that to be us. I love you and I want our life’s to be the best it can be. Finally she said I’m probably going to regret this but what’s the big plan? I kind or swallowed and was nervous as hell but I told her about Dave’s plan and I made sure to explain that we don’t have to do this and we don’t have to make up our mind right now, we can think about it and discuss it some more. That the girls are in charge you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. As if with perfect timing Donna called and asked Cathy to meet her so they could talk about something. I’m sure she realized what they were going to talk about but she didn’t say so. Cathy was still a little upset, more like hurt feelings but she gave me a kiss, more like a quick peck with a concerned look on her face and left.
I waited a little while and then called Dave and asked him how it went with Donna and he said it dint really take much to convince her and she wants to give it a try. I let him know things didn’t go quit so well with Cathy. She didn’t exactly say no but she didn’t say yes either. He said that’s pretty much what he expected. That’s why he convinced Donna to take her out and have a couple beers to loosen her up and see if she can get her to agree. I asked her to make sure she lets her know she doesn’t have to do anything she’s not comfortable with.
It was getting late and I was getting worried. Finally she pulled in the drive way and even though I was happy she was home I was nervous about what she decided. She took her time coming in the house and she had a nice buzz so she sat on the couch and I sat next to her. She gave me a big hug and said she loves me and wants me to be happy. I could tell she had been crying. I again told her I love her regardless of her decision. She said Donna talked her into giving it a try just once and then we can go from there. By the way she’s excited about being with you and obviously you want to be with her. I’m not real sure how I feel about that. I reassured her that since we started dating I have been with only her and unless we all agree that’s all it will ever be. I asked her how she felt about being with Dave? Her answer was all we’ve ever talked about were fantasy guys that can never happen and now we’re talking a real person, about my best friends husband, your best friend. but then she added he’s nice good looking and Donna has always said he’s great in bed. It’s just feels strange talking about sleeping with our best friends and she’s afraid we wont be friends anymore.
Soon our next date night was coming and it wasn’t hard to see how nervous Cathy was. I tried to talk to her, calm her down but all she said was yes she’s nervous about it but she said she would give it a try and she’s going to keep her word.
Finally date night was here. I think I might be more nervous than she is, I’m excited about the possibilities but I’m afraid how Cathy’s might react. When she came downstairs I was pleasantly surprised that she had gone all out and I told she looked great, she did her hair, wore it down usually she wears it up and her make up was beautiful but the icing on the cake was she bought a new outfit that was kind of revealing , short skirt with stockings low cut top. I gave her a kiss and she was trying to joke and said watch it buster, I’m not your date tonight so don’t get fresh. Dave and Donna came to our house so we could ride together to the next city. When they got out of the car Donna Looked great as well, apparently they went shopping together as her outfit was equally revealing and she said hi to Cathy and they were whispering to each other and they giggled like little girls, then she came to me and was not shy, she gave me a long very sexy kiss I’m talking Hands behind my head tong down my throat. Dave said he would take it slow and we will see how it goes. Well here we go, we tell the girls it’s time to leave and I look over and I knew Cathy saw Donna kiss me so then she walks over to Dave and gives him a kiss nothing like Donna gave me but still a nice kiss. They also walked to the car hand in hand. She gets in the front seat with Dave and Donna gets in the back with me. It’s about an hour drive to get there and no one was talking for several minutes then Donna spoke up and was like everyone chill out. The only way this is going to work is if we talk about it right now. Dave do you think you can see Frank kissing me, holding hands, ect and he said yes, Frank can you do the same with Cathy and I agreed, she said I’m good and how about you Cathy? And we all knew she was the one that wasn’t sure and she didn’t answer right away but then she said , I don’t have to do anything I don’t want and everyone said that’s right, then Dave said I’m your date for the night and I promise that I won’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do. She said okay. Donna just said so if we weren’t so nervous what would we normally be talking about, let’s see the guys would be talking about work or bowling and we would be talking about shopping and what the guys did to piss us off this week so come on everyone relax and start the conversation for Christ sake. It seemed to work the small talk got going awkwardly at first but it got better. By the time we got to the restaurant Donna had scooted over right next to me had her hand on my leg and snuggled in with her head on my shoulder. I noticed Cathy looking back while trying not to be seen, they were at least holding hands and talking to each other but with the music I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they seemed to be getting along. We parked and got out and stretched a little after the ride. Donna cam right to me gave me a hug then began kissing me open mouth with tong and Cathy was watching but to her credit she gave Dave a nice tong kiss as well. Donna put her arm around me and of course I put mine around her and Cathy and Dave were at least holding hands and I was happy she seemed to be relaxing a little. She actually had a smile on her face. Dave’s got game and he was laying it on thick telling Cathy how beautiful she is how happy he was she agreed to give this a try and how much he was looking forward to there date. She seemed to be excited and relaxed a little.
When we entered the restaurant and were seated Donna sat next to me and Cathy sat next to Dave. We started with a drink and they went down quick and we ordered another round. I jumped when I felt Donna’s hand on my leg and when I turned my head I noticed Donna trying to give Cathy the hint to do the same with Dave. I’m not sure what was happening over there but hands were definitely moving around under the table. Drinks were having the desired effect and loosening things up so we had another round. There was a bar with a band right down the street not very far so we decided to walk there and Cathy seemed to be loosening up, they were walking in front of us and they had there arms around each other and she looked happy. Donna and i were also arm in arm and at one point she whispered in my ear that she can’t wait to get me home and kissed me hard. I was definitely getting worked up, I just hoped Cathy was okay. We got to the bar and started to order a round and Dave said it’s a long ride home so he’s done drinking for the night and that way everybody could have a good time and be safe. We got a table and right away the girls went strait to the dance floor together. I know Donna was going to talk to Cathy alone. They danced a couple songs together and then a slow song started so they came and got us, as I was dancing with Donna I was watching Cathy and Dave had his hands just above her ass and held her in close with her head on his shoulder, then Donna said hey! Tonight I’m your date, pay attention to me. Donna said while they were dancing Cathy said every time she starts to get comfortable she sees you watching her and gets self conscious again. That kind of made me think, I was concerned she wasn’t having a good time and then find out I might be the reason she’s not. So I tried hard not to watch her like that anymore and just have fun myself. Donna was a lot of fun and from how she was all over me I’m sure she was horney as hell. Her arms around my neck her head on my shoulder and she reached up kissed me and I got to say it was a great kiss. Got me hard and she definitely could feel it growing between us because she began rubbing up against it. I didn’t look at Cathy on purpose I promise but after a couple more dances I saw Cathy and Dave and Cathy was snuggled in tight and Dave managed to get his hand on her ass while they were dancing. The funny thing is seeing her and Dave having fun got me to relax, I kind of had my hands full trying to keep up with Donna. I’m pretty sure Dave stayed sober to get Cathy drunk and romance her and the idea turned me on. The song ended and we all returned to the table both “couples” looked pretty happy. I was trying not to pay to much attention to Cathy and Dave. Donna paid them no attention and put her hand under the table and grabbed my junk which made me turn and look at her and she started kissing me while playing with my cock thru my pants. We ordered another round this time Donna insisting we add a shot to the beers. Cathy and I are light weights. We don’t drink much and Donna knows that and ordered them and said what the hell, we got a designated driver with us time to get loose, and it’s working, I notice Cathy’s starting to slur words a little but she very relaxed and starting to hang on Dave and after Donna started kissing me cathy actually leaned over and gave Dave a long slow tong in mouth kiss. Definitely things are looking up. The girls went back to dance some more and Dave asked me if I was having fun with Donna and of course I said she great, a lot of fun kind of hard to keep up with but the real question is how are you and Cathy doing? He said they had a very slow start but he was patient and she was concerned this arrangement would hurt our friendship and I told her you love her and nothing will change that. Then he sort of laughed and said telling her that and some alcohol seemed to loosen her up. Another slow song started and we joined the girls and they were both eager, both grabbed us around the neck kissed us hard and both Dave and I grabbed a great big handful of ass. Both girls were all over us and kissing us and squeezing our junk. Donna took one of my hands off her but and I thought she was mad but then she took that hand and put it on her boob and said there that’s better. Donna leaned in and whispered remember when I said I can’t wait to get you home? Well now I’m not sure I can wait that long, your mine in the car on the ride home.
We danced a couple more songs and decided to leave. On the walk back to the car dave has his hand on Cathy’s but squeezing and she was snuggled up to him with her arm around him, possibly to hold herself up being fairly drunk and Donna, well Donna doesn’t need much encouragement and it’s getting to the point I hope I can keep up with her. We get to the car and Cathy and Dave are having a full on make out session and Donna and I are doing the same and she’s not shy about grabbing my junk and pulls my head down to her very ample boobs so I fondle and suck on themselves thru her clothes. Finally Dave says that maybe we should get going before we get arrested. We all laugh and climbed in.donna doesn’t slow down at all kissing fondling each other and Cathy waits until we get back on the main road and really surprises my by undoing Dave’s pants and starts playing with his cock with a big smile so I finally stop trying to slow Donna down and by the time I loosen my belt and get my cock out she hands me her panties and there soaked. I start undoing her buttons and start playing with her boobs and she whispers in my ear harder, pinch my nipples I like it rough, things like that and I’m happy to oblige. She gets up with her knees on the car seat and takes my cock in her mouth an I reach and start fingering her pussy. I look up front and I don’t see Cathy and I realize she’s doing the same thing as Donna and that really turns me on. We have an interesting ride home to say the least. We start to get close to home so we start to fix our clothes. We get in the house and everyone needs to pee. Cathy goes to the downstairs bathroom and I head upstairs and Donna follows me, after we both pee we start kissing again and I start taking her top off and she once again unbuttons my shirt. We get on the bed making out and undoing my pants and she drops her skirt no panties and I remember their in my pocket. I’m laying on my back and she’s deep throat’s my cock and I grab her and pull her into a 69 position and start eating her bald snatch and reach down and give her nipples a hard pinch and she lets out a moan and speeds up. We go at it for a few more minutes and I can tell she’s about to cum finally she starts to moan and quiver and tense up and that sends me over the edge and she takes me all the way down and I cum down her throat ad she holds it there for a minute. Finally she rolls of and snuggles up to me and starts kissing me and when she slips her tong in my mouth I can taste y cum. We lay there for a minute and she starts playing with my cock and slowly I start getting hard. She kisses me again and I rolled her onto her back and got between her legs and start fucking, slow at first and then I start going faster. I take her legs and put them over my head and hammer it hard until she cums again. I go slow for a couple minutes and then I tell her to turn over and burry her face in the pillow ass up face down knees apart and I go at her hard again, in the car she said she likes it rough so that’s what I give her. She’s monad loudly saying things like give it to me baby and ya that’s it baby and finally I’m ready and I tell her and she says fill me up baby cum in me and so I did as deep as I could get an I held it there until I was soft and pulled out and fell on my back exhausted. She gives me a kiss and says let me clean that up for you and takes her time liking my cock clean then snuggles up to me. Donna give me a quick kiss and says thank you. I laughed and said I should be thanking you. She just smiled and said I have been part of her fantasy for a long time now. I told her I had an amazing night but maybe we should go back downstairs and see how they’re doing. We got to the bottom of the stairs, still naked just in time to see Dave pull out of Cathy and she get on her knees and he came all over her face and she started cleaning his cock. Dave saw us and smiled and gave us a wink. It startled the hell out of Cathy when we started to applaud. She looks embarrassed and Donna walks over to her and looks her in the eyes and tells her to just go with it and she says just go with what? Then Donna slowly leans in and starts licking the cum off her face and then shares it with Cathy with a kiss, Cathy tries to turn away at first and Donna tells her please just trust me. And licks some more cum and starts kissing her again but this time Cathy starts kissing her back and they continue for several minutes until her face is clean. Cathy looks confused and said she’s never kissed a girl before but it was nice and Donna wraps her arms around her and Cathy also wraps her arms around Donna and they have a long tong in mouth kiss and then Donna says you want to know a secret? I have never kissed a girl before either I but it was really nice, we should try it again soon.
After we got cleaned up I got us all a beer and when I came back I gave Cathy a quick kiss and asked her if she fun but Dave said her you can’t kiss my date like that! She’s mine, at least for tonight and we had a laugh. Everyone said we all had a great night and I said we should all get together this weekend and talk about what we do from here. Everyone agreed and when it was time for them to leave the sun was coming up, I gave Donna a long sexy kiss and Dave and Cathy did the same. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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    The word is Tongue and this was a very good story. I have always wanted to do this but my wife died on me darn it. Instead my daughter spiced it up for me.

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      I wish I had a daughter like tha