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New Girl Scouts 2

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Adding girls to the troop brought unexpected opportunities … for the leaders and the scouts … they may create new merit badges after this

I made it thu the camp out without getting caught sharing my tent with a hot 13 and only lost one blanket that we burned to get rid of evidence …. Over the next couple weeks the troop meetings went very well Stacie came in early to help setup and stayed after to clean up. The boys got to calling her a brown noser…. if only they knew how close they were … while we never took the chance to fuck we did get in a couple times of me eating her or her sucking my load … and hey a couple times her nose did get quite close to my ass as we were locked in 69.

After couple weeks she showed up one night with another young girl in tow… “Mr Tom … this is my little sister Taren, I told you about her … she’d like to join our troop too” “Well hello Taren .. your sister tells me you have been in Girl Scouts for a while but want to change to our troop… she did tell you we are a mixed group with boys and girls” “Oh yes she told me, she also said that you guys have lots of fun on camp outs” I gave Stacie a look … Taren continued. our troop only did day camp stuff … we never stayed over night in tents … it really sounds like fun

“Well I’ll give you the papers for your parents to sign..”Ah Tom” Stacie started to interrupt ..”Or in your case your mom … you’ll need to have them signed and returned before you can be a member but you are welcome to sit in on tonight’s meeting. Before the meeting started I spoke with my assistant leader , it should have been a female since we are a co-ed group but we have not had any luck finding a willing volunteer this limited what our troop could participate in with the other troops …. however tonight I got even more bad news … my assistant was being transferred by his work and had to quit too. I passed this on to my troop and let them know that any camp outs were on hold until an assistant was found … I promised to contact the local council for help as soon as possible …

The rest of the meeting went alright just a little subdued a couple boys promised they would talk to thier parents about helping but they had turned us down before … After the meeting everybody headed out quickly … leaving me to clean up alone … I was just about done when I heard a familiar voice … “Hey Mr Tom… you still here?” coming out of the backroom I was met by Stacie her sister and an attractive woman who from her looks and to be thier mother. Mr Tom this is my mom, Betty … mom this is Mr Tom .. ah Mr Adams” “It’s a pleasure to meet you Betty” “and to meet you Tom … my girls tell me you are having a leadership shortage” “Yeah , it’s been hard finding leaders” “Well with both my girls leaving Girl Scouts I’m considering leaving my role there … and … the girls are begging me to ask about being your assistant” “Without sounding to excited … That would be great!! Would you ladies like to go out for pizza tonight and we can talk about it” behind thier mom’s back both girls gave fist pumps and high fives

Betty’s transfer to our troop went smooth she had a lot of experience from Girl Scouts that blended well … and with her we also picked up two more preteen girls. Now 4 girls 2 13 years old and an 11 and 12 year old… and 12 boys … camp outs could get real interesting … and we were gonna find out soon as we had another three day event the next weekend.

Fri evening of the camp out we setup camp early … I still used the 6 man tent for myself, Betty had a smaller 4 man tent … I offered to switch and let the girls all use the big tent but they wanted the full camp effect and the girls took the two man tents leaving Betty and I in our bigger tents alone. I will say having a woman along the food did turn out better … and she took the time to teach the boys how too…. Although they fought to have the chance … after all Betty was a MILF and like her daughters she chose to wear a very revealing outfit ,… booty shorts and too small tops that just refused to stay buttoned up so she finally just let the boys get a glimpse of her red lace bra. The young girls were all jealous of the attention she got from all the boys with thier bulges in thier shorts….

Shower time took a little longer for the boys as most had to work off a little “stress” …. after the last camp out I figured out the rear windows on the showers and I watched the rear while Betty took the front …. I chased away a couple of the boys and when it was safe …. what the heck … I took a peek myself Damn,… it was nice .. a good variety from flat chests to Stacie’s nice full rack all with hard nipples … full heart shaped asses to tiny bubble butts and everyone as bald as a cue ball … and just like the boys do they were all playing grab ass in the showers and comparing thier bodies Jackie and Mindy went as far as to cuddle and kiss a little … at that point someone poked me from behind … “How’s the show” I almost crapped myself … Betty was standing there with a shit eating grin

“I expected the boys to try this…. although after what Stacie has told me about you I’m not surprised” “Ah… Stacie? just what ah.. did” “Oh relax, I’ve know since before her first camp out that she was gonna sleep with you, she’s never been the shy type once she’s set her sites…” “Well … ah I ah” “Don’t worry your secrets safe with me just be nice to her….. and while were at it …. I think her sister just might be tagging along tonight …” “Betty … she’s only 11.. and what makes you think I would even try anything with so many eyes around” …. “Don’t worry… the boys are not gonna be a problem … I think they might be too tired … I’ve got an idea …. just don’t drink the coco tonight some of it might have a special treat” “Your gonna drugged them!” “Just a couple and just enough to help them sleep … I’m want to see if Danny and Jack know how to use what I saw when I peeked in the boys showers”

“Betty… we’re gonna burn in hell…” “Maybe but it will be fun getting there … now come on the girls are finishing thier showers .. We have smores and ghost stories before bed” I was nervous thru the rest of the evening … did everyone know … Stacie and her sister kept whispering between themselves and Danny and Jack … well I’m surprised they weren’t actually drooling the way they watched Betty and hung on her every word

Most of the boys nodded off early …. we got them into thier tents … all of them then Betty and I made the rounds and doused the fire then headed to our tents… “Sleep well Betty” she chuckled and responded …”I hope not”

Chapter 2 Little Sis

I doused my light as I entered my tent but caught a glimpse of a figure laying on my sleeping bag .. and heard her sit up as my eyes adjusted to the dark I could see that who ever it was was naked. “Stacie?” I asked … “You expecting anyone else?” “Well… your mom said..” “Somebody knows how to spoil a surprise. she’ll be here in a little while that is if you want…” “I was hoping for some time with you ..” “That’s sweet Tom… I’ve missed you too ” she leaned over and gave me a kiss … “we will have our time together … but .. Taren … she’s been running with a couple scum bag boys at home .. mom and I are worried about her … we can’t stop her doing what she will, Hell.. I did … but we were hoping that her first time would be with someone who will be kind and treat her special..” “She’s only 11 ..” “I was 10 … a friend of mom’s brought her home drunk .. when mom wasn’t available he came to me … and did me several times after that before mom found out … I don’t want her to have that .. please”

“I suppose … will you be here?” “do you want me to?” I took her hand and kissed her forehead “Yes” Stacie reached out and held my balls in her small hand … feeling them move .. “I think I need to take the edge off both of us before we share this” While I shed my shirt she worked quickly to undo my pants and pull them down … “Commando? … you dirty old man..” she didn’t hesitate and took my dick in her hand leaned her head forward and kissed it …and ran her tongue lightly around the crown … “Just as good as I remembered” she said as she swallowed my precum.

I knelt and held her head as we kissed and traded our tongues back and forth then slipping an arm behind her we lay back then kissed my way down her neck and worked my way to her wonderful breasts. Caressing and kissing each breast I nursed on each until I was reward with the taste of her milk I nursed and sucked each until they continued to flow on thier own then I moved down until I parted her legs and began licking and tasting her teenage pussy … while licking and fingering her pussy I moved my hips around until my dick hung in front of her face Stacie had her eyes closed enjoying my attention to her young pussy … then she felt my dick nudge her cheeks .. opening her eyes she smiled and took my dick into her mouth.

Both of us softly moaning while eating each other.. my face pushed into her … my tongue pushed as deep as I could my nose actually brushing her clit … I moved a finger and began pushing one then two fingers into her while I drank deep of her nectar My hips working in and out making my dick push in and out between her lips while her tongue swirled around my crown … her mouth coating my dick in her saliva … “g lug .. g lug .. g lug” I fucked her face pushing my dick deeper into her mouth until and into her throat … her hands grasping my butt pulling me in to her … lightly her finger tickled my asshole … pushing a finger tip into my ass … in and out .. deeper each time until I could feel the palm of her hand against my ass …. then she wiggled her finger …

My ass began to shake .. the pleasure she gave me was fantastic … I was so close to cumming … but I did not want to cum in her mouth … I wanted her .. I wanted her pussy … I wanted my seed in her womb… I pulled away from her … panting in my desire … I moved up and kissed her tasting my own precum in her mouth … I took hold of her thigh lifting them and separating her legs I quickly moved between them … lining up my dick I pushed hard and steady into her 13 year old pussy “YES!!” not sure which of us screamed louder as we became one … with one goal … to get my sperm into her … “Ugh … Ugh … Ugh” each stroke brought moans of pleasure and pain from the strength of our coupling … her thighs against my chest I pushed them back almost to her chest pressing harder and harder against her young body until with an ear shattering scream I pushed past her cervix and my dick was now wedged into her womb … It felt like my crown was being held in a vice .. so tight … so good … so painful …

My vision tunneled down into darkness … all sound went away … my body trembled and my balls began to send my swimmers to thier goal …. as my cum shot directly into Stacie’s womb she clutched me tight .. and her body shook… her mussels went ridged and her cunt clasped me tight … and she flooded both of us with her cum … spraying around my dick… coating my balls and running down her ass onto the sleeping bag . We held each other … rutting again and again until neither of us could sustain the passion and we collapsed together panting and caressing each other …

“Oh my god … that was assume” we both turned and saw Taren in the tent watching us … one hand clutched to her chest .. squeezing her small tit .. he other hand clutched to her crotch … she slipped to her knees

Stacie held out her hand to her sister .. “Well, if your gonna watch you should get closer and really check things out” Teran looked to me questioningly … “It’s okay.. it seems there are no secrets” and she moved up and began to exam en my dick … now no longer hard it lay across my thigh wet from mine and Stacie’s fluids “Can I ..” her hand hovered above my dick .. “touch it … sure go ahead” I told her and she wiped her finger along my length … holding it up there was a trail of slime from my shaft to her finger … “Go ahead” Stacie told her ..”taste it .. you’ve already tasted me .. it’s no different just a bit sweeter”

Meanwhile in Betty’s tent the two older boys (14) Jack and Danny looked at each other when they heard Stacie and I scream in our climax … “You hear that?” “Well, duh… I told you that it wasn’t bobcats last time” “Boys, let’s not worry about what is happening outside … which one of you is gonna help me with unhooking my bra?”

Back in my tent Teran had her finger between her lips licking it clean …”Mmmm, your right it is nice” and she repeated her finger running along my dick gathering more … her fingers were so soft as they touched my dick and it moved and began to grow again … when it moved while she touched it Teran’s hand drew back … Stacie took her hand and placed it back on my shaft … closing her hand around her sisters she showed her how to genteelly stroke and caress my dick as it hardened .. “Watch what happens” she told her .. and slowly my dick came back to life. Her older sister pushed Teran’s head down closer to my dick until her lips were touching my crown … “Lick it sis … just like you see mom do” tentatively the young virgins tongue slipped out and touched my dick … while her hand slowed and stopped moving … she lifted my dick up and closed her lips around my crown

“Yes .. just like that ..” I moaned as her tongue twirled around my dick while she began sucking my precum into her mouth “Keep your hand moving . . stroke what ever you can’t get in your mouth” Her 13 year old sister directed her like she was a professional at her young age … and I guess having had a child and been known to be with several older men she would know how to use her body. And it was quite a body compared to her young sister … one with a full chest with breasts swollen and producing milk for a child while Teran was just getting what could be called tits … no longer just puffy nipples .. she sported tits the size of small oranges … nice sized to fit a persons hand … she didn’t need a bra yet and proudly didn’t .. choosing to show what nature was blessing her and all the young boy scouts around her with.

While I could see and feel them thru her sleep shirt I wanted them naked and lifted her top … she stopped her attentions just long enough to allow me to remove her shirt … her young body was tanned and showed only the slightest of tan lines of a two piece swim suit .. the light coloring enhanced the beauty of her small perfectly round tits … compared to her sisters tanned chest that showed no tan lines … she must tan nude … lucky neighbors, I thought.

Stacie moved behind her sister and lifted her hips … bringing her to her knees. While Teran had progressively worked her mouth deeper taking more of my shaft into the grasp of her tender mouth. Stacie ran her hands along her sisters body leaning over her from behind her hands came around and fondled her young tits while rubbing her fuller tits against her back she kissed her sisters shoulders and kissed her way down her back .. reaching her butt she grasped her panties and pulled them down … baring her small bubble butt and below that her as yet untouched pussy with a light dusting of blonde down sprinkled above her slit.

She kissed both cheeks … caressing her hips and thighs she pulled her legs apart exposing the tender red star of her ass and the damp slit … her lips and tongue slipped between the cheeks of the small ass until she touched and tickled her sisters asshole …. Teran, didn’t pause her labors on my dick and moved her hand to hold my balls … while raising her butt and leaning into her sisters tongue. They moved together with practiced motions and I enjoyed the show .. Stacie moved lower and ran her tongue along the slim lips of her sisters pussy while her hand softly caressed hers and her little sisters clit Both girls moaned

I softly held Teran’s head in my hands moving her up and down my dick …. pushing her down until I felt my dick touch the back of her mouth … she gagged and tried to pull back but I held her onto me … pulling back enough to let her get her breath then again deep … again and again until she took me into her throat without gagging

Stacie worked on her sisters pussy and clit getting her wetter and looser with her own nectar and her slobber … working the tiny clit Teran’s hips moved for more … pushing to her sister as she teased her finger into the youngsters pussy … just a little … saving the treasure for me … When she felt she was ready and eager … I felt Stacie’s hand on my leg … “Tom … now .. she’s ready”

I lifted Teran’s head up and gave her a kiss then pulled her on top of me … her slim legs straddled me as she sat just above my knees … she lifted my dick up and slid up and pressed it to her stomach … measuring the length trying to determine how deep it would be inside her … an apprehensive look crossed her face briefly then changed to determination…. She looked to her older sister … “Help me … please..” Stacie lifted her sisters hips and moved her forward over my crotch … She lightly kissed her cheek then her hand lifted my dick and placing it to the entrance to her little sisters pussy she moved it back and forth sharing and spreading our precum on to each other.

“It’s gonna hurt … be brave .. it wont last long … go slow but once you start … do not try to stop .. it will pass” she rubbed my dick to her sister until my crown was wedged between her lips … with another kiss on her cheek she began rubbing Teran’s tiny clit until she moved her hips in reaction … her move pushed my dick inside her tight lips until I felt a light snap as her pussy closed on my crown … “It’s big ..” she was already breathing heavy from the strain and fear of what was to come. Still tweeking her sisters clit Stacie lay along side me .. her body closed pressed to mine … she kissed my cheek and leaned to my ear … “take her … take her now”

I took Teran’s hips in my hands and looking into her eyes … her hands rested on my chest … with one motion I pulled her down and at the same time lifted my hips and pushed myself into her … taking the gift a girl can only give once… her hymen tore with my thrust and I buried my shaft only 4 inches deep when her tightness and clutching held me … The scream from her echoed across the campground… anyone still awake knew what the sound was.

I felt a pain on my chest and looked down to see her hands gripping my chest hairs had also scratched me and drawn blood … only fair I thought … as I was drawing blood from her too Teran was a brave strong young lady … her preteen pussy was stretched to what she felt had to be her limit yet she made no move to pull up … just sat still breathing hard … “Move..” Stacie whispered her sister looked at her sister and slowly her leg mussels clinched and she lifted up .. just a bit .. and with a grimich she settled back down stretching she went deeper …

She was sooooo tight .. so hot … very much of this and I would be cumming too soon… gently I lifted her up and allowed her to settle back down… again and again … I could feel her young pussy widen as I moved more into her. Deeper with each slow stroke. “Ugh…Ugh .. mmm … so big … OHHH” she was moaning and with clit an each new push she winched in pain …. Stacie was getting disappointed with the progress … she moved up and behind her sister … when she lifted and paused her sister put her hands on Teran shoulders and with a push down she pushed her down and my dick bottomed out in Teran s preteen pussy…. and she screamed again … Stacie held her in place while her little sister cried and tried to move away … the strokes we had been able to do had resulted in a foam around our joined crotches … tinged with streaks of blood…. She finally stopped struggling and her big sister leaned in and whispered in her ear … now .. move .. NO… rub forward … rub your clit along his dick…. Stacie’s hand came down and rubbed both her sisters clit and my dick.

My hands now holding the tiny bubble butt pressed to me … now buried to her cervix I still had not gotten all my shaft into her but she could take no more…. I pulled her forward and back … her whimpering becoming less pain as she felt the joy of my dick stroking and stretching her young cunt.

“Mmmmm .. so big … so deep it .. it… oh God it feels soooo good” Stacie had sat back to watch as her baby sister began to enjoy her first fuck… she stroked her own clit and pushed her fingers into her pussy .. bringing out the cum I had recently deposited in her … she rubbed it across her breasts then lick and sucked her fingers tasting both our cum and her milk.

I pulled Teran’s body down to mine her small firm tits held to my chest as she raised and lowered her butt .. working her pussy on my dick … faster .. harder … her moans getting shriller almost a whine as she worked herself to what she knew would be her first orgasm from a mans dick. I prayed it would be soon as I could tell I would soon be filling her with her first load of cum

“Cum for me … cum on my dick … cum for me little girl” I whispered to her trying to encourage her to bring her higher and she did work her pussy more … lengthening her up and down strokes .. she was not lifting almost all the way off only to bottom out .. our joined fluids squishing as we worked together .. pink tinged with blood … more and more … She lifted up riding me like a horse .. up and down … whimpering more and more “Almost ….. almost… so … so close … ” then she slammed down hard .. I felt pressed against her cervix and we both moaned together as my dick swelled and began pumping her first load of cum into her and with a scream she too began her orgasm. shaking and trembling …. grinding against me … her young pussy drenching me with her cum … with a hard clinch her body went ridged and she collapsed … passing out on top of me

I held her to me kissing her forehead rubbing her back until she woke up … Her sister slumped from her own climax…

Chapter 3 Betty’s tent

Everyone was gathered around the campfire after all the showers were done …. With smores and ghost stories on the adjenda before everyone is sent to bed few knew that there was to be several different camping experiences planned Both adults had plans to take advantages of thier charges. Betty’s two young daughters were going to enjoy a late night in Tom’s tent….. As for Betty, she had peeked on the boys showers and spotted two young men… 13 years old, neither Danny or Adam could be called a boy … not with the size of the packages between thier legs. Since seeing them Betty had walked around with damp panties trying to figure out how to get both boys to visit her tent after lights out.

She began her plan early when as she helped the boys prepare the warm coco she slipped a few sleeping pills into the mix … being sure that her girls and the two boys she had eyes for were not given the tainted drinks. During the story time Betty disappeared along with Danny … then after they returned she did it again with Adam … her excuses was a bathroom run but as dark as it was she needed an excourt. Both boys got a little tease and feel in the dark… she also made sure they knew they were to visit her together after lights out…. both boys sat hunched over whispering and elbowing each other the rest of the evening while drooling over the thought of Betty’s tits.

After everyone had settled down for the night the young ones not asleep began thier musical tent game… Stacie to my tent to wait for me nude and a few minutes later her sister slipped in … Meanwhile the two boys both virgins were nervous and waited a little longer … they even took time to brush thier teeth and use extra AXE

Betty was beginning to wonder if the boys had chickened out when she heard thier voices outside her tent … and the aroma of thier AXE proceeded them… “Come in boys … wow, for future note … your deodorant is way too strong… girls don’t need you to cover up so much… go ahead and drop your shirts outside the tent … ” So two shirtless virgins entered nervously covering thier chests… “Really boys, you swam all day with no shirts … now your shy? Maybe this will help” Betty opened her top and let it drop … leaving her in her booty shorts and lacy red bra holding in a fantastic set of DD tits … “OH GOD” both boys moaned and covered thier crotch to hide thier boners … “Don’t hide those boys… thier why your hear”

At that time they all heard Staci scream…. “Somebody’s having a good time” chuckled Betty … “Told you it wasn’t bobcats last time” Adam nudged Danny … “So how about we join them… who wants to help me with this bra?” she turned around and both boys stepped forward with trembling hands reached for her bra … they fumbled and struggled with the hooks and finally got them open … then Betty turned back around … smiling while holding up her bra she watched both boys take deep breaths as she moved her hands and her bra fell to the floor. “Well, do you like?” “Oh yeah!” both boys moaned … “care to touch?” they both tentatively reached out and put thier hand against her tits … “Feel them… squeeze .. gently … feel the nipples…” while they oogled and felt her tits she reached down and grabbing both crotches she caressed thier cocks … Adam could take it “Oh.. oh .. oh… yeah” she shook as he came in his pants .. then got all embarrassed and started to move away…

“Ha .. dork” called Danny … “It’s alright Adam that just means you’ll last longer next time” She moved to Adam and removed his pants and his sticky underwear …”Nice size load” she knelt and cleaned his crotch with her tongue and kissed and lightly sucked his dick clean… “See, your already getting hard again” She stood and turned to Danny and unfastened his pants … without pulling them down she reached in and held his dick … she squeezed it twice … and he came all over his pants and her hand … she pulled her hand out and licked off his cum “and now that’s out of the way too”

Strip boys… Adam and Danny slipped off what was left of thier cloths … both boys already hard Smiling Betty slipped her shorts and panties down… and stood in front of the boys nude… Full figured DD tits with large aerolas and hard nipples and a nice patch of hair trimmed like a heart pointing to her pussy. “Oh god” moaned Danny as he started pulling on his dick… “Who’s going first?” thinking she meant fucking they both were eager to go .. when she lay down Adam got on his knees and moved up with his dick in his hand…. “Slow down Adam, you have to work for that” he didn’t know just she meant … “Kiss me first”… her shrugged and started to lean up… until she took his head in her hands and directed him to her cunt “Here… kiss me here” he thought he would gag but gave her a peck on her pussy …. “Not like that … use your tongue .. lick between my lips … and here ” she drug her finger thru her swollen pussy lips and rubbed her clit. “Nice, do it again ,, this time take that little button, my clit, between your lips and suck it .. like you suck Danny” he sat up shocked .. “I don’t .. ” “I saw you in the shower .. just do it” the boys looked at each other and nodded thier heads…. “Yes, like that … keep it up … Now Danny, bring your dick here to my mouth …

Danny stepped up and fed his dick into Betty lips … “Mmmmm…” her mouth was hot and wet .. the way she moved her tongue was something he had never felt before and had him moving his hip quickly…”Oh, shit .. she’s better than you Adam” Adam started to lift his head but she pushed him back to his task … then took hold of Danny’s hips and slowed down his movements … “This is not a race … everyone gets to enjoy this … Danny lay down .. face toward Adam … Adam lift your leg and let Danny get to your dick .. That’s it boys .. now we all can be happy” and everyone went to work licking and sucking each other. The thought that Betty was doing this with two well endowed 13 year olds had her pussy dripping and approaching climax quickly … “Adam .. stick your finger in my pussy while you suck my clit … push it in and out … yes! … fuck me with your finger … not push another finger in my ass .. Danny do the same to Adam stick you finger in his ass … she also pushed a finger in Adams butt … worked in and out faster each time and deeper … until she felt him tremble and his cum filled her mouth … Danny next filled Adams mouth just as Betty sprayed her cum all over Adam … shocked and scared he tried to back away but she had closed her thigh around his head and held him there coating his face and chest …

As she relaxed she let his head loose and they all pulled apart…”lesson one be sure everyone is happy .. don’t be afraid to try something new , now lesson two … share with each other … boys I need you to get each other hard … like in the shower … ” they looked at each other and moved together and began to fondle each other until they began to get hard then began stroking each other … “Not too much … Now .. Adam lay down..”

Betty straddled his legs and moved up until her pussy was above his stiff dick .. she reached down and lifted it up and slowly lowered her pussy onto his virgin dick …”Oh… god … I’m gonna cum” moaned Adam … “Don’t you dare … not yet …” she worked herself down until thier crotches met … Then she lay along top of him … pressing his face between her breasts …. “Mph..I cmmph .. bremph” He struggled to breath … smothered by her DD tits … she worked her pussy around his dick feeling him touch hidden places … “Yes, so good … so nice ..” she enjoyed the feel of his teen dick inside her ..

“Danny … come here … behind me …” she reached around with both hands and spread her ass open “Here … put your dick here” her full cheeks beckoned the boy … her ass winking … below he could see his friends dick buried into her cunt … he wanted that .. he wanted to fuck … her to be smothered by her tits .. to kiss and hold them. And yet that ass.. those cheeks …he leaned in and pressed his dick against her asshole. Her ass winked against his dick and it seemed to swallow his dick … once her felt the heat of her ass scrounged his dick he groaned and held her hips and pushed in dick in all the way until his thighs met her ass cheeks. Betty raised up and let Adam get a breath … All three moaned as she worked her pelvis and ass enjoying the young boys hard bodies. “Fuck me … fuck me” both boys tried to stroke into her … neither working together eager to enjoy thier first fuck … pushing in and out rapidly … “Slow down … try to match each other … alternate” Betty tried to talk the boys thru double fucking her… slowly and progressively they began working together … alternating strokes pushing her up and down between them. “There.. oh.. yes… just like that ..” she moaned … keeping the two boys from speeding up to cum was difficult .. young virgins wanted to cum fast … having had both of them cum once already helped … but … they were young …

and progressively they sped up .. faster and harder they both fucked thier mature lover .. and were pleased when she joined them in speeding up .. racing to climax together … Betty moved her hand down and played with her clit .. rubbing faster and faster … enjoying the feel of two young hard dick working her pussy and ass … Four teen hands holding on to her hips … thier bodies slapping together again and again. Betty clinched her mussels holding tight to the boys … squeezing them … Danny .. fucking her ass lost it when she gripped him and he pushed in and held himself against her soft butt cheeks as his dick throbbed again and again putting his first load inside a female instead of a tissue. Feeling his friend’s dick pulse in Betty’s ass set off Adams orgasm and he too held himself deep inside the clasping pussy of his first pussy … who cared that it was from a woman as old as his mother … in fact he wondered if he might be able to do this with his mom too…

Betty too felt both boys withering and pumping thier cum into her .. filling her pussy and ass at the same time… the thrill of that and the stimulation of her clit had her joining them in bliss…..

All fought of the youngsters enjoyed thier time with thier troop leaders … and cuddled and snuggled until they were sent back to thier respective tents … oddly enough they all were out wandering in the dark at the same time … we they met each other none of them except Stacie would look the others in thier eyes. Stacie just smiled at the young no longer virgins….

When morning came two very tired but satisfied adults went around waking the youngsters … surprisingly they found a couple unexpected things … in one girls tent .. the two girls were found cuddling nude in one sleeping bag … and in one of the boys tents they actually interrupted two boys testing each others ass … “This camp-out is going to change everything about out troop …” said Tom … “We’ll talk to all of them about boundaries and how much they can and can not share outside the troop..” Over the next year Tom’s and Betty’s troop doubled in size with several boys and girls begging to join…

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