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Naughty boy

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This is a purely fictional story. If you enjoy it, let me know and I’ll do another chapter.

It’s a hot day, and I’ve decided to head into town. I’m Sam, its the early 90s and it’s the school holidays, I’m 11 and bored. Nothing happening at my foster home, i head to the bus stop to head into town. I’m in shorts and t-shirt, both a little tight for me as I’ve had a growth spurt and my natural red hair in a center parting, down to my shoulders.

I approach the bus stop and there is an older gentleman there. Smartly dressed as most older people, shirt, suit and tie. Full head of grey hair brushed back with bryl cream, clean shaven and I’m guessing must be in his 60s. Very distinguished and very handsome with it. As I approach the bus stop the older man smiles at me and says good morning. I reply and stand waiting for the bus. I’m barely over 4ft5 and the older man is easily 6ft plus. He turns to face me, taking a tin of sweets out of his pocket and offers me one.

“Thank you sir, but I shouldn’t as I’m told not to take sweets from strangers” I say. The older man smiles at me.

“Very sensible, young man. I’m Gerald” he says holding out his right hand. I slip my little hand into his, it engulfs mine.

“I’m Samuel, but everyone calls me Sammy” I say. Gerald smiles at me and I smile back. His grip is so strong.

“Now would you like a sweet?” Gerald asks. I blush and I run my eyes down to his crotch and notice his bulge.

“Thank you sir” I respond, blushing and taking a sweet. Gerald looks at me, smiles and winks, placing the sweets away.

“Well Sammy, what are you going into town for?” Gerald asks, moving closer towards me.

“Nothing in particular, sir. Just bored. You, sir?” I state, as Gerald runs his finger tips down my flesh on my exposed arm.

“Just a coffee and wonder around, but if you’d like to come to mine, just a short walk away, I can have a coffee and maybe we can find something to make you not so bored.” Gerald says, moving his hand from my arm to my chest and over my nipples. I move slightly, scares.

“Ok sir. Save me the bus fare. Sure.” I reply.

“Excellent. Come on” Gerald says, taking my hand and we walk. Looking like grandad and grandson. As we walk hand in hand, Gerald asks my age, gasping at me being 11 and explains he is 66. He is widowed and kids have grown up, moving out. We walk for 10 minutes and then approach a stand semi-detached house. He walks up the drive, pass a nice BMW and opens the door. I follow.

“How comes you were getting the bus, if you have a car?” I ask, as we enter.

“I have a free bus pass and cheaper than parking. Plus no rush” Gerald replies as he shuts the door behind me. As we are in the entrance hall, Gerald takes his shoes off and puts his slippers on. I slip my trainers off, just leaving me barefoot.

Gerald walks through to the kitchen, straight down the hall and puts the kettle on.

“Go and sit in the lounge Sammy. What do you want to drink?” Gerald says.

“Just water please, sir” I reply, walking into a living room. It has a sofa against one wall, facing the TV. Another chair, just against the other wall, also facing the TV under the window and a coffee table in the middle of the room. I sit on the sofa, my shorts riding right up, really tight on my thighs and obviously don’t fit me now I’m sat. Gerald walks in, a coffee mug in one hand and a glass of water, he places both on coasters on the coffee table.

“So tell me boy, why did you come to my home?” Gerald says sitting next to me on the sofa. I blush.

“I like spending time with older men, i dont get the chance in my foster home.” I smile, “I really enjoy it.” I explain.

“Well young man, I like young boys like you, pretty boys.” Gerald says, running his rough hand down my cheek. I blush.

“Sammy, i like younger boys and i like them naked.” Gerald says staring at me. I giggle with nerves.

“I love seeing boys naked, playing with them and more. Can we do that?” Gerald asks, sitting back and sipping his coffee.

“I’ve never done that before sir, is that normal?” I ask, getting very nervous.

“Yes, my boy. Now no one can see you, as I have nets over the window. Stand up and remove all your clothes for me.” Gerald instructs me, in a more domineering tone. I stand up, doing as I’m told, as Gerald watches me, taking another sip of his coffee. I remove my t-shirt, my smooth chest and flat stomach on show. I slip my fingers into my waistband off my shorts and have to practically roll them down they are so tight. I stand back up straight, in just my white underpants. My little cock hard in them. My hands shake I slowly lower them and slip them over my feet, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. Gerald looks me up and down smiling.

“Oh how lovely you look. So pale. Turn around, bend over and show me your butt, naughty boy” Gerald tells me. I turn, bend over and l reach around, pulling my cheeks apart, showing off my butt hole. Enjoying an older man telling me what to do. Gerald reaches out and runs his finger down my ass, to my little balls.

“Very nice. Sit down again, as you are”. Gerald instructs me. I sit back on the sofa, my little hands covering my hard cock. Gerald leans over, removing my hands, so my hard hairless cock is on show. He runs his thumb and forefinger down my little cock and I involuntary moan. Gerald looks at me smiling, stroking my cock. With his other hand he pushes my hair behind my ears.

“Let’s go upstairs, Sammy. Be more comfortable. ” Gerald states, letting go of my hard cock. Gerald stands up, I notice his cock is bulging in his trousers. He holds out his hand and i take it. Gerald leads me back to the hall and then up the narrow staircase. When we reach the top, Gerald leads me into the main room. A nice big double bed with metal headboard and footboard, a bedside cabinet either side. There are a couple of wardrobes and a chair in the corner facing the bed. He sits me on the end of the bed, he slowly removes his jacket, placing it on a hanger. He removes his tie and places with his jacket. I sit there nervously, still naked, as he removes his shirt and I see his hairy grey chest. Gerald stops, grabs me by my arms and pulls me up.

“You like this, boy?” Gerald asks, running my hand through his grey chest hair. My eyes at nipple height.

“Yes sir” I reply, running my hand through his hairy chest. The feel is amazing and I smile looking up at Gerald. He moves to the bed and pulls the sheet back, indicating for me to get in. I lay on the bed on my side facing him. Gerald undoes his trousers and slips them. I notice the bulge in his briefs and lick my lips involuntary. He folds his trousers and place on the hanger with his suit. He then walks to the wardrobe and opens it up, hanging the suit up. He then reaches the top shelf of the wardrobe and removes a sports bag. Upon opening it, he removes a Polaroid camera. He opens it up, stands at the end of the bed, aims it at me and says “smile”. I smile and he takes a pic of me. As the picture comes out, Gerald says.

“Now on all 4s, with your ass to me, looking over your shoulder.” I do as I’m told and Gerald takes another picture of me. He puts the pictures in the back and retrieves a leather blindfold.

“Time for some fun, boy” Gerald says walking around the side of the bed to me.

“I don’t know, sir” I try to resist by putting my hands up, but he knocks them away. He places the blindfold over my eyes and fastens it at the back. I hear something lock and reach around the back of the blindfold to feel a little padlock. I’m in complete darkness, no light at all. I feel Gerald’s hands push me back, so I’m laying on the bed. I hear Gerald walking about and then I feel him climb onto the bed. I realise he is standing over me.

“Sit up boy” Gerald instructs me and as I sit up I feel his hand on my head. He guides me and I feel his cock at my lips. I slowly open my mouth and feel Gerald’s foreskin push back over his head as it enters my mouth. I place a hand on his balls, so hairy I can tell from the feel. I run my tongue over the head and Gerald moans as I do. I take it a bit more into my mouth, no idea how big he is, but the girth is good. Gerald continues to push his cock deeper into my mouth, now I struggle but he puts his head back on my head, grabbing my hair and forces it in. I panic as I can’t see and gagging. Then his balls rest on my chin and he slowly pulls it back out.

“Hmm good boy took my 7 inches. Let’s go again.” Gerald states and starts pushing his cock back into my mouth. Again I panic and gag. My hands on his thighs, he swipes me away.

Yanking his cock out of my mouth, I feel him jump off the bed. I hear something and then my left hand is yanked back. I feel metal on my wrist and then it’s yanked back. I hear metal on metal and I can’t move my left arm. Before I can do anything he has my right wrist and the same has happened again. I realise when it’s too late that I’ve been handcuffed to the metal headboard. Gerald stands back in front of me, grabbing my head he forces his hard cock back into my mouth. Making me deep throat him. I can’t fight now and can’t see, he proceeds to face fuck me. I’m gagging and saliva is dribbling down my chin, by the time Gerald has finished.

He moves, I then feel a hand grab my right ankle, metal around and then locked on to the bed. Then my left ankle is grabbed and locked on to the other side, my legs spread open. I’m blindfolded and splayed on the bed. I hear the Polaroid camera going off.

“Who is a pretty boy?” Gerald says. I don’t say anything. Suddenly I feel a hard slap on my right cheek. I scream and move with the thrust. I then feel a hard grab my cock and balls, squeezing hard.

“I asked you a question, now fucking answer me” Gerald demands. I’m scared, shocked and dazed.

“I’m…..a…a…. pretty boy, sir” I stutter back. Gerald releases my genitals.

“Good. Now I need to explain something to you and this might upset you, but if you behave I won’t hit you” Gerald says and I feel him sitting on the bed next to me.

“I’m going to make you my new plaything. You’ll be looked after if you behave. If you don’t you’ll be beaten daily. Do you understand, Sammy? You’re never going home?” Gerald says running his hand down the side of my face. I flinched, he laughs and I start to cry.

“Be honest sammy, this is what you wanted all along.” Gerald whisper in my ear, biting my ear lobe really hard. He grabs my face and pulls me to face him. I feel his lips on mine, as his tongue rams into my mouth. My tongue is pushed out the way as he rapes my mouth with his tongue. As he pulls back, he bites my lip, causing it to bleed and pulling it hard, then let’s go. Laughing as he does. I lick my lip and taste the blood. Gerald moves between my legs, placing what feels like a pillow under my butt. I then feel something cold and wet being rubbed on to my tight smooth hole by his hand. I then start to feel his finger go inside my ass. Stretching me a little.

“Please stop. I don’t want this” I cry out. A hand slaps across my face, stunning me.

“You’ve got to learn you have no say. You belong to me” Gerald growls at me. Slapping my face harder and harder. He stops. I feel a fluid running from nose. As it hits my lips I realise its blood.

“Now, who owns you?” Gerald asks.

“You do sir” I reply crying.

“Good” Gerald replies and as he does, forcefully shoves his finger up my ass. I jerk in pain, my hips move and head goes back.

“Relax, it will be better that way” Gerald says, stroking my sore cheek with his other hand as he starts fingering my ass more, really rough.

“Never had one as young as you before. You are so tight.” He tells me, as he squeezes in two fingers into my tight ass. I cry out in pain, this just encourages him to do it more and more.

“You like this, pretty boy?” Gerald asks, leaning into me, wiping the blood from nose as he continues shoving two fingers in my ass.

“It hurts sir” I sob.

“I better stop then” Gerald says softly, removes his fingers from my sore ass. I let out a little wimper as it feels so much better. But then I feel Gerald grabbing my hips and pulling my ass towards him. I feel his cock head near my asshole. I feel him push it in.

“Hmm I love tight boy pussy!” Gerald moans, as he pushes past my hole and gets the tip in. I’m sobbing begging for him to stop, but he laughs and continues to push his cock in further. I feel pain and then more pain, I even feel my ass tear a little but Gerald continues pushing it in, until he is balls deep. He pulls back and then puts it in again. My ass is stretching to fit his cock and he continues his rape of my boy pussy. Pumping me harder and faster, relentless and causing me so much pain. Gerald then sped up, grunting as he did and then he moaned out really loud, I felt his cock pumping his cum into my rectum and probably my colon he cum so much.

As he went soft in my ass, he slowly pulled it out. I felt his cum dribbling out of my stretched boy pussy. I lay there sobbing.

“Fuck that was good. Get some rest, I’ll be back later for some more.” Gerald tells me. I start to sob and then I feel something wrapped around my mouth and head, stopping me making too much noise.

“You cry too loud” he states, gagging me hard. I then feel my leg being moved and the Polaroid camera going off.

“See you in a bit naughty boy.” Gerald says, laughing as I hear the door open and shut. I lay there, arms, legs and ass in pain. I finally fall asleep.

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  • Reply JAIEDENE ID:1e9evbj5hzo9

    Now society will tell you that fucking young boys is wrong.butt fucking a young boy or girl is just fucking amazing.

  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:nili1a6ij

    Oh wow sooo naughty older man! Its so hot with big age gap! Please more stories like that

  • Reply David ID:1eijpyox12l6

    I was raped at 14 by a old black guy.. now I’m his sissy boi

    • Fantasist ID:1etsoqj2opu5

      You lucky man

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck77e7szya9

    Loved the story, it started out pretty good, till it got dark and pervy. Me personally don’t care for that, but it was a pretty good read. I liked it.

    • Pb ID:2zicqep2v1

      Would you like to chat

    • Sammyyng ID:1dinu14nucrg

      I was torn between dark and willing. Have you read my other stories?

    • Blackbear7 ID:1ck77e7szya9

      To Pb you can get me at
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      I check it daily.

      Yes, Sammy, I do love your stories
      You should pick my brain.