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Naughty boy part 2

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This is a purely fictional story. I write about my things I’d like done to me.

I’m awoken suddenly, in a fright. I remember where I am. I feel water dripping down my face, so I’m guessing Gerald has woke me up with a splash.

“Ahh, she is awake.” I hear Gerald exclaim. “Time to move you”. He states. I move a little and feel my legs aren’t chained to the bed, but I realise they are chained to each other, like you would see in a prison movie. I feel Gerald reaching behind me and grips my right wrist.

“Now I’m going to unhandcuff you, don’t be an idiot and try anything, or you’ll receive the punishment. Nod your head if you understand?” Gerald tells me. I nod my head slowly, so scared of this man.

He uncuffs my right hand and I let it drop beside me. I then feel him remove the cuff from the bed, but not my left wrist. He moves me forcefully on to my side, with my back to him and then handcuffs my right wrist to my left behind my back.

“Much better. Would you like me to remove your blindfold and gag?” He asks. Laying on my side, I nod. I feel him fiddling with the lock on the blindfold and hear it unclipped. I then feel the blindfold removed and I have to blink a lot, letting my eyes adjust to the light. As I’m adjusting to the light, Gerald unties my gag and removes it.

“You thirsty, princess?” Gerald asks, as I lay on my side. My eye sight returning fully. I see Gerald now sat on the chair facing the bed in front of me in a robe, his legs open and his semi hard cock on show.

“Yes sir” I reply with a dry and sore throat. Gerald smiles at me, an evil grin. He picks up an empty jug from the floor and places his cock in the top. He then begins to piss into the jug. I watch as he almost feels it half up. He puts the jug down, walks over to me and grabs me by my arm, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I’m sat on the edge of the bed and my hands are handcuffed behind my back. Gerald goes and pours a glass of piss from the jug, puts a straw in it and sits next to me.

“This is the only drink you’ll be getting until that jug is empty. Now put your slutty lips around that straw and suck it empty.” Gerald tells me moving the straw towards my lips. I hesitate and then see his angry face, I move towards the straw. I take it in my mouth and start sucking. The piss hits my tongue, bitter and salty. I want to gag, but I’m scared of Gerald. I keep sucking and swallowing until the glass is empty. Even though the taste is rank, I feel a little refreshed. Gerald takes the glass down and places it on the floor.

“What do you say?” He says, staring at me.

“Thank you, sir”. I reply. He pushes my long red hair behind my ears.

“Good girl” he says, stroking my smooth young face. “Now time for another fucking I reckon!” Gerald states, grabbing me by my arm and pushing me on to the bed face down. I try to resist, stupidly and Gerald slams my face down hard into the bed.

“You need to remember your place!” He yells at me. He let’s go of me and goes to a wardrobe behind me. I turn to see what is happening, but before I can I hear a whoosh and I feel something swipe across my butt cheeks. I scream out in pain. Before I’ve had a chance to recover, there is another and then another, in total I received 5 lashes across my butt cheeks. I’m sobbing into the bed, my cheeks are on fire. I feel Gerald’s hand rubbing my sore cheeks.

“Now, do you want more of the cane or are you going to take my cock like a good girl?” He asks, squeezing my incredibly sore butt.

“Please fuck …..m…mme…s…ir.” I stutter, crying still. My face must be covered in tears and saliva.

“Good girl. Before I do, you probably need a drink from all that crying.” And Gerald places the straw at my lips, with the jug now. I suck up the salty and bitter piss again, still crying as I do. Finishing the jug.

“Thank you, sir.” I sob. As Gerald removes the jug I see in my peripheral vision that his cock is rock hard. I look over my shoulder as Gerald removes his robe, its the first time I see him completely naked. Hardish hairy body, solid cock and hairy balls. I see him putting lube on his cock and then he stands behind me. Pulling my cheeks open, it hurts so much from the canning I’ve just had. I feel his fingers rubbing the lube on my hole and then he starts fingering me.

“Hmm not as tight as earlier, but still tight. I do love your boy pussy, my sweetheart.” Gerald says as he slowly removes his fingers. He pulls me up by the hips, so I’m standing, bent over the bed. Gerald holds my handcuffed hands with one hand and with the other hand lines up his mushroom head up with my ass. I try to relax, my face in the bed, biting the sheet, but the heat and soreness radiating off my caned arse is unbearable. Gerald pushes his cock into my hole, slowly pass my sphincter and all the way in. I’m crying in pain, but he is moaning with pleasure as he pulls put and pushes back into me. I’m completely stuck, his hands now on my hips, as he violates my hole again. Gerald moves position after a few minutes and pushes more upwards. His cock pushes something inside me and I moan.

“Hmm found someone’s g-spot.” Gerald proclaims and proceeds to fuck this angle again. I feel my body changing, enjoying this, my cock goes solid. Gerald starts speeding up. My ass is so tight on his cock I feel every vein as he enters me vigorously. My g-spot is turning me wild, I’m now pushing my sore ass back. Gerald is loving it, pumping me harder, yanking my hands more, hurting me.

I feel his cock getting harder inside me, I then feel his cock pulsating in me and his cum emptying into my body. As he does Gerald moans aloud “Fucking take it all, you slut!” And continues fucking me. My g-spot goes into overdrive as I have a dry orgasm into the bed, moaning and shaking with escatsy. Gerald lays on top of me, panting and sweating. John slowly pulls his semi hard cock out of my ass and I feel fluids running down my scrotum and thighs.

“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Gerald says rubbing my bruised cheeks.

“No sir, thank you sir” I say, still tears on my face from the canning. Gerald stands up, puts his robe on. He then gets the Polaroid and takes some pictures of my used and caned ass.

“Sir, what happened then?” I ask, still heavy breathing.

“Well faggots like you have a special place in there ass that is designed for men like me to rub when fucking. You had an orgasm sweetie.” Gerald tells me, adjusting me to a sitting position on the side of the bed.

Putting the camera down, he retrieves something from the bag. I then see a black collar, he puts it around my neck and I see he has the leash in his hands. He uncuffs my wrists and I rub them, as they are sore. He hands me the keys, indicating for me to undo my ankle cuffs. I do as I’m told. He then leads me by the leash out of the bedroom, along the corridor to the bathroom. He turns on the shower and makes me get in. He watches me wash myself with the Avon ladies shampoo and body wash. After I’m clean and dry, we head to another bedroom. This is a girls room. He ties my leash to a chair and I sit down. He pulls out a care bear night shirt, and then a pair of pink panties with strawberries on them.

“Put these on” Gerald tells me, handing them to me. I pull on the panties, they are tight, but fit. I slip the night shirt on over my head and Gerald pulls the leash through the collar. It barely covers my ass.

“Hmmm good. Now let’s curl those gorgeous red hair”. Sitting me down in the chair again, he opens the curlers and starts putting them in my hair.

“Let’s leave them for a while” Gerald says, finishing off. He takes me leash and we head downstairs.

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  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6jeacvgpi

    Oh Sammyyng, you surely out done yourself with thus one. You have sex drive pert near my own. Only difference in us is, I’ve experienced and participated in what you wanted to happen to you. Why not join one of those clubs if you will, that does stuff as you want. Are easily, find someone that likes to role-playing and kinky submissive activities. I know a couple of peole.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Oh yes, most boys want to meet a really dirty pervert like Gerald!

  • Reply Hybnb ID:1cud40jjb8j2

    Part 3