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My wife was selling sex for money and drugs, I hadn’t a clue

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She’s beautiful, totally hot body despite having had a kid. We married when she was 19 and as sexually adventurous as I’d ever had.

Della was amazingly hot. From a rich family in the midwest, she came to NYC to be an actress. We met, she fucked like an animal and I didn’t want anyone else taking her, so I asked her to marry me. We had a good life, I had graduated, got a great job, made good money. We lived well, and were fucking like crazy. On our wedding night she gave me her asshole to fuck, she came from it, so I knew she’d done it before. She loved flashing her pussy and ass, her tiny tits were a point of embarrassment for her, but I love tiny tits. I’d make her go totally bare at nude resorts and beaches, she always fucked so incredibly after a day of me making she she didn’t hide her tits.

She was always wanting sex, not just letting me, but wanting it. I had no idea. For over 5 years she’d been doing drugs. Eventually; the money drain was so much that I noticed, and she had some excuse but it stopped. The drugs didn’t stop, the money drain did. That was because she was letting the dealers and any of their friends have sex with her for drugs. She had most of the day to herself and was letting any guy that wanted have sex, anyway he wanted. I found out later, when a dealer got tired of her, she’d go out to bars and offer herself to out of town businessmen. She was getting fucked for as little as $10, up to $100 when she could get it. I eventually followed her and found out. I asked one of the dealers if he knew where I could get some pussy, any pussy I didn’t care. He arranged for her to meet me in the motel room down from his. After about 30 minutes theres a knock on the door. I open and drag her in. She was shocked. “You’re whoring yourself out?” I yelled. She just looked at the ground, not saying anything. “Take your clothes off whore, what the fuck you think I’m here for?” she looked at me quizzically “I said strip slut, do it now, I wanna fuck you” She took her clothes off and I told her to lay down on her stomach crossways on the bed. This way she could see herself and I could see her face in the mirror as I buttfucked my wife, the whore. I got on and I guess she’d been fucking up her ass that day already as I didn’t need any lube. I just pushed in and started. I lifted her face so we could both see her in the mirror. She was crying, but didn’t say anything. I finished cumming up her asshole and twisted her head around and kissed her. I made her suck the dirt off my dick and then dressed. I left her there on her belly, her perfect ass exposed. I left the door open so anyone passing by could see her. “I’ll see you after work, I want steak tonight for dinner” All I heard was “OK”.

She was home, dressed as normal, before anything I made her strip totally except her high heels. Then I told her to lay down on the bed, face down and wait for me. As I went in I told her not to scream, not to move, not to fucking talk. She saw the belt in my hand, she just pushed her face into the pillow. After 40 swats with my belt she had welts on her ass, backs of her thighs and some on her back. She was a wreck, her mascara running, tears flowing she looked a mess. Then I buttfucked her again. I made her stay naked while I got dressed and we had dinner. I made her check into a facility that night, or the next day she was going to the attorneys with me and signing everything over to me and we get divorced.

I go see her everyday, she is pretty clean now, off drugs, and is very sorry she says for all she did. I told her that once she comes home, she does not leave the house with out me, and no one comes over. She will be naked all the time now at home only putting clothes on if family comes over. I haven’t fucked her pussy in over two months now, only her ass and sometimes her mouth, but when I fuck her mouth, I don’t get a BJ, I FUCK her mouth and throat. Then I blast on her face. She’s a whore and she knows it, she’s my wife and she knows it. Right now she’s an assfucked whore.

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