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My Two Daughters

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I was horrified when I walked into the house and found what was going on. I was supposed to be gone for two more days but had been able to come
home early.

When I walked into the house, about ten that night, I found quite a mess. There was several boys sitting around naked, and there on the floor were my own fourteen year old daughter and her thirteen year old girl friend. Both of
them were naked with their legs spread wide and a boy between their legs, fucking their stiff cocks in and out of the girls.

A second boy was at the girls heads their cocks fucking in and out of their mouths.

Boy talk about shocked. The boys stared at me and then what a scramble as they grabbed their clothes and trying to put them on they ran out the door, would have been hilarious if it had been under other circumstances.

The boys fucking the girls, immediately lost their stiffness and jerking out of their mouths and cunts grabbed their clothes and ran out naked.

The girls were left laying their naked, their mouths both coated by sperm and their young cunts gapping leaking the sperm of I didn’t know how many boys.

I stood there staring at the two girls. They didn’t move, being frozen in place by my catching them.

I had always thought I could trust my daughter leaving her alone but now I knew better. I also knew that my little girl and her girl friend were little sluts that were sucking and fucking even groups of boys at a time.

Finally the girls moved and tried to cover their tits and cunts from me.

I immediately told them to stop it that there was no need to hide their tits and cunts because I had already seen them and apparently they were showing everyone else.

My daughter, Terita, didn’t say anything, it was a good time. Her girl friend Marieta, lay with out moving, not knowing what to do. I stared at both girls, their tits and cunts.

I had to admit that both girls looked delicious and I suddenly realized that my cock was stiff as a board.

Marieta began crying and begging me not to tell her parents. I knew why, hell her father was the preacher in a large local church, I knew what would happen if he and his bible spouting wife knew that their little girl was not a virgin and was fucking multiple boys at a time, or any boy for that matter.

The more I stared at them the harder my cock got seeing their naked probably many times fucked that night gapping sperm leaking cunts.

Not having had any kind of sex, for many months, since my daughters mother had skipped out with another man, my mind was thinking,

“What in hell is the use of trying to be straight about sex when everyone seems to be doing it on the side or in secret.”

Finally I made my decision.

“Ok girls you want to fuck and suck cocks? Well from now on both of you will be sucking and fucking me whenever I want you too. You will suck and fuck
me and anyone I tell you to suck and fuck.”

I looked at Marieta and told her that from this time on she would be sucking and fucking me anytime I wanted her too, or her parents would find out about her. I didn’t have to threaten either of them further.

I stood up and stripped.

“Both of you come here and suck my cock.” I told them.

Both girls scrambled over to me and I had the hand of two young girls holding my cock and two young tongues licking my big stiff cock. Yes, my cock was quite a bit bigger than any of those boys that had been their fucking them.

Believe me it is something else having two young teen girl holding your cock licking their tongues around and around your sensitive cock head, as you played with both of their developing young tits.

Oh yes I was enjoying their tongues as they played music on my sensitive cock. Then Marieta opened her mouth and sucked my cock head into it. My own daughter kept licking my cock shaft as her friend sucked my cock in and out of her mouth. She managed to take almost but not quite half of my cock into her mouth. She was fucking her mouth with my cock, even trying to slide it down her throat.

From the way she was gagging I knew she had never had a cock down her throat. Helping her I took hold of her head and when she took my cock in to the back of her throat, I forced her head down forcing my cock all of the way down her throat.

She tried to gag but couldn’t with my big cock filling her throat. After that every time she pulled it out then back in I forced her head down to take my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Finally I pulled her mouth off of my cock and looked at my own daughter. She knew what I wanted and quickly took my cock head into her own mouth. Oh yes both girls had already sucked many cocks but had never had one down their virgin throats. I took care of that.

Like I had done with Marieta, when Tarita sucked it into her mouth all of the way to the back of her throat I pushed her head down making her take my entire cock down her throat, making her fuck my cock with her mouth and her throat.

After she sucked my cock for a couple of minutes I told them it was time for them to fuck themselves on my cock.

Tarita, my own little girl quickly told her girl friend she was going to fuck me first.

I lay down on the floor and lay there as Marieta held my stiff cock up as my little girl dropped herself on it taking it all of the way up inside of her young, already many times fucked cunt.

Believe me, like her mother before her, she knew how to fuck a cock. Her young cunt muscles milked my cock like a milking machine, as she bounced up and down on it.

Then her young body orgasmed and her cunt muscles milked daddy’s large load of hot fertile sperm up into his own daughters tight but many times fucked cunt filling her womb.

When she pulled off, Marietta suck my cock clean then she straddled me and dropped herself on my cock as my daughter held my cock up for her.

Marieta fucked my big cock in and out of her tight young thirteen year old also well fucked cunt, with a look of real relish on her face. Yes, my cock filled and stretched both of their young cunts one hell of a lot more than those young teen age boys. Both girls learned what it was like having a MAN’S big cock buried in their cunts and mouths fucking them.

Well it didn’t take long for Marietta to orgasm and when she did I filled her cunt with my hot fertile sperm just like I had my own little girl.

Both girls then licked and sucked my cock clean of their own and each others juices. I then made the two girls lick and suck each others just fucked cunts in the sixty nine position. That was something neither of them had ever done, lick and suck another girls cunt especially after it being fucked and filled with hot fertile sperm.

I could see they didn’t want to but I made them do. Once they started, both girls really put their all into it and soon both of them orgasmed from each others tongues.

Well Marietta stayed the rest of the time that I supposedly was going to be gone plus the weekend. She spend one hell of a lot of that time just like my daughter did, with my cock buried in their tight cunts and them fucking me until I filled their cunts with my hot sperm.

During that time I also took both of their virgin asses, plunging my cock up into their hot tight asses, filling their bowels with my cock and my hot sperm.

I made them both drop their asses on my cock forcing it up into their virginal bowels. Neither of them had had a cock in their asses before. At least I got their virgin asses.

Once I fucked the two girls, they loved having my big stiff cock buried in their mouths, cunts and their asses.

After the first night of having my cock in her most of the night, Marietta was telling us about her parents, her preacher daddy. She told us that her daddy and mama very seldom had sex.

She told us that she had heard her mother talking confidentially to her sister telling her she was tired of her husband never having time for sex, that she was thinking very seriously of finding someone she could trust not to tell and having them fuck her to relieve some of her frustrations and let them fuck her. She even ask me if I would fuck her mother if I had the chance.

Of course I told her I sure would that her mother had a fine body and I would love to fuck her just like I was fucking her daughter. I even told her I would love to fuck her and her mother together, fuck one then the other back and forth until I had my cum in both of them, especially with them being the wife and daughter of a preacher. I even told her that if I had the chance I would even plant my baby in her mothers womb and she could let her preacher husband think it was his.

Marieta told me that she would see what she could do because she thought it would be exciting watching her mother being fucked my someone other than her daddy.

I didn’t think anymore about it because I didn’t think Marieta would ever talk to her mother about fucking another man.

I spent the entire four days fucking those two girls as many times as I could. I didn’t worry about knocking the two girls up, not with the number of boys they had already fucked, not only the night I caught them but the many times they had fucked several boys at the same time, or one at a a time.

On the last night that Marieta would be staying with my daughter, we were laying in bed, she was on me, my stiff cock deep in her young cunt, when she told me that she had talked to her mother, telling her she knew her mother was thinking and even talking to her sister about fucking another man to get some sexual relief that her father was not giving her.

Her mother didn’t know what to say, but when Marietta told her she knew someone who would love to fuck her and would not tell anyone, keeping it a secret between them, her mother had been instantly excited and interested.

She told us that her mother was shocked but then really excited when Marietta told her that she knew the man had a big stiff cock and really wanted to fuck her because she herself was sucking and fucking the

Marietta’s mother then after just a minute of thinking and staring at her young daughter, shocked that she was letting a man fuck her and her baby was no longer a virgin, made sudden decision. She told her to find out if the man would really fuck her and not say anything to anyone. That was when Marietta told her what I had said about also impregnating her.

She said that her mother looked even more excited when she thought about another man not only fucking her but also getting her pregnant.

She told us that she would bring her mother over during the week, because her daddy would be gone for the entire week.

I am now just waiting until Marietta’s mother comes over and I can fuck both her and her young daughter, even planting my baby in the mothers womb and letting her watch her own daughter sucking and fucking a man. I can tell that Marietta is also excited about watch her mama fuck me another man, knowing I was going to get her mother pregnant.

Well am now waiting for next week when I can fuck mama and daughter with my own daughter watching and helping. Now I am also thinking about getting my own fourteen year old daughter pregnant. We have talked about it and she is all for it. Marietta also shocked me when she told me she would like to get pregnant too when her mother did so they would have baby’s close together with the same man being the father of both of their babies.

We’ll have to see about that, but my own daughter is another story.

Damn it is going to seem like a long time waiting for Marietta and her mother to come over so I can fuck and knock up her mama for her daddy.

** END **

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