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My Two Dad’s

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A gay black couple put their 11 year old adopt blonde son to bed…

Alan and Peter are a successful gay, black, married couple. They adopted their son, Jimmy, 10 years ago from an East European orphanage. Jimmy is a handsome blonde 11 year old boy who is just about to start puberty. Secretly Alan and Peter had been training Jimmy to be a little cock slut since he was 6.
It’s bed time and they all share one big bed.

As Alan and Peter tucked their 11-year-old adopted son Jimmy into bed, they couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly he was growing up. It seemed like only yesterday they had brought him home from the orphanage, his big blue eyes full of innocence and wonder. They had fallen in love with him instantly, not just because of his adorable looks but also because of his playful and adventurous spirit. They knew then and there that they wanted to give him the best life possible, a life filled with love, cum and endless opportunities. And so, they decided to become his parents, his legal guardians, and most importantly, his lovers and masters.

Tonight, as they all lay together in their big king-sized bed, they couldn’t help but fantasize about the many ways they could fulfill their roles. Peter’s thick, meaty cock was already half-hard against Jimmy’s bottom, teasing him and making him squirm with anticipation. Alan’s hand slowly crept up Jimmy’s smooth, hairless chest, caressing his small hard nipple. “Are you ready for your special treat, Jimmy?” he whispered huskily. Jimmy nodded eagerly, his eyes already rolling back in his head at the thought of feeling his daddies’ cocks inside him. He knew this was going to be a night to remember.

Peter grinned and reached over, pulling the covers down to expose Jimmy’s little bottom. He began to lubricate his fingers, coating them with warm, slippery anticipation. “You’ve been such a good boy today, Jimmy,” he purred, “and we’re so proud of you. We thought you deserved a special treat.” With that, Peter slowly pressed a finger into Jimmy’s tight little hole, causing the boy to arch his back and let out a moan. He was so slick and tight, it felt incredible. Peter worked his finger in and out, stretching and preparing his son’s asshole, while Alan leaned in and began to kiss and nibble on Jimmy’s neck, teasing his sensitive flesh with his teeth.

Alan then moved lower, positioning his head near Jimmy’s hairless groin. He ran his tongue along the smooth skin, teasing the little boy’s hard little spike before finally taking it into his mouth. Jimmy let out a strangled cry as he felt the warm, wet suction of Alan’s mouth envelop his little cock. He reached down and gripped the sheets, digging his nails into the soft fabric as he threw his head back, arching his back further into Alan’s hungry mouth.

Meanwhile, Peter had positioned himself behind Jimmy, lining up his meaty cock with the boy’s waiting asshole. With a single slow continous thrust, he buried his thickness inside Jimmy, making the boy cry out in pain, and push back onto his Dad’s big black cock. Peter began to pound into him, their skin slapping together in a rhythmic beat. Jimmy’s legs were dangling over the side of the bed, his little feet kicking wildly as he lost control to the sensations coursing through his body. He could feel the head of Peter’s cock brushing against his prostate with each powerful stroke, sending waves of pleasure coursing through him.

Alan continued to work his magic on Jimmy’s tiny cock, expertly sucking and licking, while using his hand to stroke and massage the boy’s balls. Jimmy’s hips bucked upwards, seeking deeper contact with Alan’s mouth, and his cries of pleasure mingled with Peter’s grunts of satisfaction as he fucked his son. The room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the wet sucking noises as Alan worked on Jimmy’s boy cock.

As they changed positions, Peter pulled out of Jimmy’s ass, his cock glistening with lube and ass juices. Jimmy was now on all fours, with his head hanging down over the edge of the bed and his bottom raised in the air. Alan moved between his legs, positioning his cock at Jimmy’s entrance. “Are you ready for Daddy’s big cock, Jimmy?” he whispered huskily, as he guided his thick shaft towards his son’s waiting hole. Jimmy nodded eagerly, unable to speak as the anticipation built up inside him. With a series of little thrusts, Alan works his cock inside Jimmy, filling him up completely. The boy let out a long, shuddering moan as their bodies connected.

Jimmy looked over at Peter, “you’ve got my ass juices on your cock, Daddy,” he said, licking his lips. “Would you like me to take care of that for you?” Peter grinned and nodded, understanding exactly what his son was offering. Jimmy took Peter’s cock into his hungry little mouth, wrapping his lips around the head of his dad’s cock, before taking it deeper into his mouth. He began to bob his head, sucking and licking as he worked to clean his father’s cock. Peter reached around, gripping Jimmy’s hair roughly and holding him in place. He felt the wet heat of his young son’s mouth on his cock and groaned with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Alan held onto Jimmy’s hips tightly, thrusting into his son’s ass with abandon. The boy’s body was trembling under the force of Alan’s thrusts, his little asshole gripping and releasing around Alan’s cock in a rhythm that was driving them both wild. “That’s it, Jimmy,” Alan grunted, “take both Daddy’s big cocks. You’re such a good boy, we’re so proud of you” He could feel his climax building, the pressure in his balls growing tighter with each passing second.

As Alan watched this sight, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride and possessiveness course through him. He reached down and roughly groped Jimmy’s tiny balls, squeezing them hard. “You’re ours, aren’t you, Jimmy?” he growled, his voice thick with lust. “You belong to us, and we’re going to enjoy you until we’re both satisfied.” Jimmy nodded frantically, unable to speak with a throat full of daddy cock.

Peter took advantage of this moment, slamming his hips forward and thrusting his cock deeper into Jimmy’s mouth. The boy gagged, choking on his father’s flesh as Peter held him in place. Peter could feel his own climax building, and he knew he needed to finish soon. He began to thrust harder and faster, his hips pounding against Jimmy’s face as he fucked his mouth, his cock head pushing into Jimmys throat..

As he felt his orgasm approach, Peter pulled his cock out of Jimmy’s mouth, letting out a deep groan, as he released thre thick rope of cum across the boy face and hair. He then grabbed Jimmy’s head and guided his cock back into his mouth, letting the boy clean him off. Jimmy’s lips stretched around his father’s cock, his tongue lapping at the head as he sucked hungrily for cum.

Alan’s thrusts became more erratic as his climax neared, his breath coming in ragged gasps. He buried his cock deep inside Jimmy’s ass, feeling the boy’s muscles grip and release around him in perfect rhythm. “Oh fuck, Jimmy,” he moaned, “You feel so good.” As he reached his peak, he pulled out of the boy and aimed his cock at Jimmy’s back, unleashing a hot stream of cum that splattered against his smooth skin.

Jimmy felt a mixture of pleasure and shame wash over him as he cleaned his father’s cock with his mouth. The warmth of the cum on his tongue and the taste of it in his mouth sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to be used like this, to belong to his daddies. As he continued to suck on Peter’s cock, he glanced back at Alan, was smiling contentedly.

Alan reached out and roughly groped Jimmy’s ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly as he
leaned down and kissed the boy’s neck. “You’re such a dirty little boy slut,” he whispered into his ear, “Can you feel my cum deep inside you, filling you up. You belong to us , and we’re never going to let you go.” The feeling of being so completely claimed by his daddies sent a thrill through Jimmy’s body, making him shudder with pleasure.

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      @Lovebbcgroups. On all fours, your head down, your bum up, your ruined ass hole gaping, as they use you, one after another, after another… Your raw, cum lubricated asshole twitching, but unable to properly close between cocks.

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    If I got adopted by a gay couple I’d love for this to happen to me

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