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My Teen Cute Friend part 1

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So like basically a story of me and my friend your choice if wanna believe it or not.

So like i had a friend(lets call her aarna, her actual name) growing up her mother was very great friend with my mother, like i even called her mother mausi(Aunt) so basically she was like a sister to my mother, i was 13 she was 12 but we were in same class when her mother had complication with marriage and got a divorce it was a traumatic experience for her mother , so well after all was settled, her mother went to her parents and didn’t took her daughter (left her with us)which to till this date idk why? but anyway this happened during summer break, she was very innocent didn’t even knew we have different private parts but i on other hand thanks to my fucking friend and my older cousin knew about porn, wish i could have a normal childhood still so both my parents were working so they returned at around 10pm, and they both left us with a maid who they trusted but she was a lazy ass bitch she was very efficient with work and completed before 2pm idk how and went to chit chat with her friends, and well told me not to tell my parents and for that she lied that i studied all day, so now begins the game of losing my virginity.
We both were in same school so were doing holiday hw together then she went to washroom and she didn’t lock it so after some time i went in she was sitting on the toilet i rushed her and grabbed her mouth said sorry and told i saw you naked so you can see me naked too, and somehow that worked i saw this shit in anime and somehow it worked idk how(idk how must be my favorite phrase) i knew it that she will get interested in my dick i pull my pant down and she said, “eww whats that,” i told her ohh you are such a little kid you don’t even know what makes a boy. Her ego was shattered she was the topper and asked me so what does it do then i showed her by fucking her pussy no, i was a menace back then i knew if i just told her she may not be compelled to do the deed so i made her curious she will eventually succumb to her thought and will get very interested enough to belive me on everything and told her i will tell her tomorrow, Next day after maid went to her friend i pinned her down then started removing my pants told and showed a porn video to her then i told her that do you know why my parents are happy and yours are divorced cuz my parents do this while your didn’t (which was bullshit) so i told her if you wanna be happy suck my cock then she bit it not completely i stopped her before and instead of her moaning i moaned cuz of pain
i am tired now but i had very different type of sex with her so well i will right it later

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  • Reply Romeo ID:1ebzbwbqmgf9

    Learn how to spell and how to separate the paragraphs

  • Reply Chopper ID:2bgnz4jbzk

    Hate reading stories when the author is ignorant of paragraphs, and spacing. No mor of this bullsh**t for me, thanks!!

  • Reply Hotftmtrans ID:1ew2ry3ps3p1

    I’ve seen terrible stories on here, but this is by far the worst. Pleas, no one wants a part 2.

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    please don’t… no one needs a part two…

  • Reply ermm ID:hd3opyb0k

    that was low-key shit

    • shit story ID:19ufew33qrk

      i agree, this story is crap