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my story with construction workers

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i might continue posting stories about things my cousin did, and things I’ve done because of my hipersexuality, hope y’all enjoy 🙂

When I was about 11, I was already obsessed with sex and making men cum. One day my neighbors decided to make some construction work in their house, so for about a month they had some construction workers in front of my house, my bedroom had a window pointing directly at them.

One day after I took a shower and started getting dressed, I noticed one of them was looking at my naked body, my mom always reminded me to close the curtains but I always forgot, at that moment I panicked and hid behind my closet door, but then that night I got super wet thinking about that guy looking at me, so I decided to let him see some more the next day.

The morning after I took a shower before going to school, and again the guys were in front of my house, so I acted like I didn’t notice the wide open window and just dropped my towel and started applying body lotion on my whole body, I made sure to bend over with my ass and pussy facing the window too.

I could kinda see more of them looking at me now, but I had to go to school so I just put on my uniform and left, my school was close to my house so I walked there, they started catcalling me as soon as I passed in front of them, and I got so horny I had to masturbate in the school bathroom.

The next morning I didn’t have to go to class, but I woke up early hoping the guys would be there and did the same little performance. This time one of them catcalled me and I pretended to not know that they were watching me. They started telling me to do things, like bend over, squeeze my tiny nipples, spit on my little tits, etc

One of them asked if he could go check something in my house and I said yes, went downstairs and opened the door, this was pretty early in the morning so no neighbors were watching. He went up to my room with me and started kissing me aggressively and groping me, I started getting scared and tried to make him leave, but I could feel his hard cock pressing on my chest and I knew he wasn’t gonna leave before I made him happy.

he sat me on my bed and while the other guys looked, he pulled down his pants and started stocking his cock, rubbing it on my face and telling me to open my mouth. His cock was so much bigger than my cousin’s, he could only fit a little bit even when he pushed my head down.

Then, he laid me down on my bed and held my legs open as he licked all over my little pussy, he was devouring me, I kept thrashing around trying to get away because it was too much, but he kept eating me out. after a while he finally decided to position his cock on my tiny opening and then cover my mouth with one hand, while he used the other to keep me in place while he shoved his huge cock in my pussy.

I was too small so he couldn’t fit it completely but I took more than half, he fucked me like an animal, he was so rough and he kept kissing my lips, my face, my chest, all while he groped my ass, I was in so much pain but I loved seeing his pleasure…

He fucked me hard until he came in my pussy, the guys who were still watching started telling him to open the door for them, but that will go in part 2 🙂

Feel free to send rape threats to my snap xangiehoneyx or even here in the comments, I love hearing men’s thoughts about hurting me for their pleasure <3

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    I would definitely have to fuck and make sure you liked it. Is have you cumming our of control and creaming my cock and screaming my name. Bucking sucking and fucking your big sexy ass vouching up and down on my like a a pogo stick . Its not much fun if you can’t make the girl cum . If I’m going to make you fuck I’m going to make you come . See if you can fuck your way out of that .

    • Forthelulz ID:5azi91hrd

      Wish you would look at snap

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Please carry on posting and tell us every detail. I am an old man and I wank and cum every time I read your stories. I can’t wait to read more of your adventures and wank more. Thank you.

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    Damn fine story baby. Wanna chat? What’s your email

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    Are you gonna reply to your snapchats or just read them?

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      I’ll reply if they get my attention

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    how old are you now?

    • sweetangel ID:72yt3ebfi9

      18 🙂

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    hii what is this?

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      You lied about your snapchat. You won’t respond

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