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I was 11 wen i stayed over in my friends uncles flat with my friend he ask me to stay and my mum says its ok anway i was in the siting room watching t

Well wen i was 11 my friend who was 12 ask me to stay over in hes uncils 2 bedroom flat for a night coz hes mum was working all night and she ask my friends uncil hur brother to mind my friend over night anyway i ask my mum is it ok to stay over ith my friend she says its ok if hes mum asks me so i told my friends mum to say it to her so she did anyway hes mum tuck us to hes uncls and left us there and off she went to work it was around 5:30 daytime it started to get dark so he uncl caled us in and he was drinking cans he was sober and around 10:30 at night there was a nock on the door and my friends uncl opened the door it was hes uncls friend he was around 59 or 60 small and a little chubby nice man he was reely nice to talk to my friend didint say much wen he came in he had a bag with him and there was abottle of whiskey sticking out and he had cans to my friends uncl was so happy wen he seen the whiskey and opend it anyway him and hes friend was drinking cans and my friends uncl was the only one drinking the whiskey bit the man had one small glass of whiskey only siping it and it got late for us to be up so hes uncl says you have to get some sleep and he says good night it was around 1am very late for me i was never up that late befor so we headed to bed and hes uncls friend says good night to i says good night to him but my friend didint say anything just went into the bedroom there was to beds on fold up bed with blankets and pillows on it and one bumpbed at the wall as the othere bed was at the window my friend set on the bumpbed and says to me here you can sleep in this bed its better then that one you get a better sleep i says ok anyway i strip of and just left my underwere on got into bed and about an hr later my friend was asleep i cound not sleep been in someone elces home it was hard to fall asleep so around 3:25am i here the siting room door open it was been opend slowly i was wondering why cos the loo was next to tje room.we were in and hes uncl and friend was going in and out all night long to pee anyway i seen the light go on in the loo true the keyhole and it got dim as i ges the loo door was push over but not shut the i seen the bedroom handel on ower door slowly going down and wen i sen that i put the blanket over my head i cud see true a little hole in the blanket its was dark but the moon light i cud see alot and next the door opend slowly and as i cud see the uncls friend came into the room i new it was him cos he was small and a little chubby he stud there and looked at the foldup bed my friend was in and he was under the blanket faceing in at the wall on hes side i was on my belly but my headwas truned to the left s i cud see everything out of the hole in the blanket anyway he came over to my bed and was looking at the other bed as he neel down at my bed and yrue the hole i coud see hes face it was dark but so nere me i cud see it was the uncls friend he put hes hand on the side of the bed nd was still looking over at the other bed as he was slideing hes hand under my blanket slowly i vud feel the blanket geting lifted and next i cud feel hes fingers gently droping down on the back of my leg were my nee was and he slowly rub my leg gantly going up to my undes wen he got to my undes hes hand went up to my bum outside my undes and wen i felt that my dick got hard at that age my dick was skinny but long then he started to feel my bum and put hes hand under my undes from the side to feel my skin smooth ass then he tuck hes hand out and push up the blanket i cud feel the cold ear and then he push my legs open as i was on my belly then he put hes hand under my undes pushing hes hand under my balls as i had my undes on he was heding for my dick he was finding it hard to get under me i was realy horny so i sort of lifted just a little bit so he cud get hes hand under it still was a little hard for him to get hes hand under i was a chubby boy as my friend was to anyway i lifted a little more and and i did that hes hand went right under and he cud feel my hard skinny cock in my undes he grab my dick and quze it and wank it a little then he puld out hes hand and puled down my undes and left the on one leg and he put hes face between my little ass and start licking my hole opening my checks sticking hes tung up my hole it felt good then he truned me over slowly lifted me and he opend my legs and i here a quver from him as he look at my smooth tite ball and hard skinny cock he tuck out hes cock and started to wank and wen down between my legs and stared licking my balls and licking my cock from my balls up to the top and put it over he mouth sucking and liking i was so horny i started to gantly push my dick in and out of hes mouth he stop sucking my to see was i pushing so he had my cock in hes mouth as he was wanking i didint no if i shud push to let him no i was ienjoying it but i was to horny so i started to push it in and out wen i did that he kiss me up my body to my neck licking me and wanking my skinny cock slowly he wisperd in my ear im so happy you like it now tim your a good boy you have to come to my house and have horny fun but the only thing was i wasint tim i was hes friend john then as he was wanking me he push the blanket up so he cud see my mouth and started to kiss me puting hes tung in my mouth so i kiss back and wiggiled my tung of hes to wen i did that he push the blanket of my face a seen it wasint tim he wisperd ohh john i want to suck you more you like you to come to mine i give you my addes i leve it in your pocket anyway he suck me good and lick my balls all over

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    I had to stop only 5 words in. I hate to bitch but there’s no way of reading that crap.

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    you really have to try to do such a poor job, don’t you?

    your spelling is below a 3rd grade literacy level… it’s really disturbing

  • Reply Hank ID:zpyelyg20a

    My God I couldn’t read it the spelling is so freaking bad!

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    Good story bad spelling for sure! That’s okay though next time take your time

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    Spelling please.

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    It corrects your spelling when you upload the story, use it.

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    No punctuation, bad spelling, no formatting
    0/10 please see me

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      Good story but the spelling is horrid

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