My slutty little girlfriend

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My teen GF is younger than i knew………………….

I picked up Lisa on our first date from a house where she had crashed last night.
She admitted it was a bar hookup. What i did not realize was that she did that regularly.
When we went out together to local bars ,many young guys would stop and say hello.
They had all fucked her it seemed coz she had their numbers in her phone.
She would text guys in front of me like a cock tease to make me know she was desired.
When I took her home that first night she brought a big carry bag with clothes and toiletries like she was going to vacation . I soon realized she was a teen slut going from guy to guy.
After a few drinks and flirting she was easy to seduce ..or was it the other way around?
The sex was amazing. She is 5’0 tiny little slim body and silky black hair to her shoulders.
She looks like a slutty schoolgirl on purpose.
Her baby tits and smooth fresh cunt was presented to me after her shower as if to say
‘do u want it”?
Ofc i did and i fucked her mercilessly thinking that she wants to be impressed.
My cock is thick and long and when i turned her over she lifted her tiny ass up to show me her bald little pussy saying.. ‘do me doggy , its my favorite’ I teased her pussy with my swollen cock head while she tried to back her cunt over my thick cock . I pulled her ponytail in one hand and squeezed her little ass with the other hand .Then I drove my huge cock balls deep in one thrust. It was tight ,wet and exciting. I could barely hold my cum until she looked over her shoulder and said ” do you like my 16 yo pussy ‘? Then I spat a huge 5 twitches of cum inside her tiny school girl cunt while she cooed and moaned with each cum shot.
We stayed together for 18 months and i’m sure i licked other guys cum from her cheating wet pussy some nights. She was hard to tame so we broke up but goddamn she was the best fuck I ever had . Where are u now Lisa?

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk09

    Yeah I have know a few sex addicts like this. One cock was never enough which is surprising from a 12 or 13 year old.

    • DaddyDan ID:1eu0gdz85l3v

      How do you hook up with them?