my older cousin raped me

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When i was about 10 to 12 years old my mom and I lived with my grandmother, my aunt and my older cousin. I had a pretty good relationship with him, i thought he was very cool and he always let me play with his play station.

Slowly he started to groom me, first teaching me to grind my pussy on a pillow, then on his knee and then on his bulge. I thought it was a game at the time. Then he started to make me lick and suck his cock, it was okay at first but then he started getting more aggressive and trying to make me deep throat him and I was too small for that so he got mad and slapped me.

Then he wanted my pussy, so he started licking me and fingering me, I loved it but he never made me cum, he just wanted me to get used to the feeling. Finally one day our grandma went to buy groceries and we were home alone, so he started licking me like always but he didn’t finger me, later he told me it was because he wanted me to be in pain.

After licking me for a while he positioned his cock on my small virgin pussy, he was 18 years old so his cock was already pretty big, as he started to push I started to get scared because it burnt a lot, I asked him to stop and he just held my arms down and pushed inside with all his strength, I started crying and begging him to stop, trying to get him off of me.

He didn’t care, he was stronger than me and he raped my tiny pussy until he came inside…

Now I’m a slut for men, I love making men cum, I love being forced, I don’t even care if I don’t cum, I just wanna make men happy, I wish someone raped me again, I go out wearing mini skirts trying to get someone to rape me

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  • Reply Little Girl Lover ID:1dvfs80wuc9p

    I Just Watched A 10 Year-OldJapanese Schoolgirl Getting Raped In Her Uniform By Two Men In A Dark Public Place With A Light Shining Down On The Raping And Her Pussy Was Being Rammed So Hard, I’m Sure Her Pussy Lips, Clit, Vagina And Cervix Were Getting Bruised And Sore Her Shirt And Bra Were Ripped-Open And Her Skirt And Panties Were Torn Off Her. She Was Crying Uncontrollably And Fotced To Call Her Mommy And Act Happy And Say Everything Was Good. She Ended-Up With Two Huge Creampies In Her Poor Battered Pussy. She Was Shaking Through The Whole Thing And Was Left By The Men Shaking And Crying. I WAS SO ROCK HARD AND CAME SO MUCH!!!!!!!! I Really Wanted To Be The Third Man. The Way She Was Crying And The Look In Her Eyes Told Me She Was Afraid Of Pregnancy!!!!!!!! SUCH A GOOD ABUSED GIRL!!!!!!!! She Had To Learn Her Place In The World As A Cocksleeve And A Cumdump…THE BEST GIRL ARE…Now About Her Sexy, Tiny Mouth, Throat And Ultra-Tight Unlubed Asshole…

  • Reply 🤬 Hank ID:y0zuiigi273

    Love your story .

  • Reply Uncle Jack 😊 ID:2qkz8dlbh

    Nice story! Sweetangel hmu on Session


    • Dr Rose ID:1hftr4j8d9j

      Sorry this happened to you

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Your cousin did you a big favour. He’s the reason you love rough sex so much. So many guys will be keen to rape the living shit out of you!!

  • Reply Slip& Sliders ID:2atx3wsb0b

    Great story. Loved it alot. Most definitely would like to see more stories from you.
    And since you have a thing for making men happy, I just wanted to inform you that I got very hard and had a wonderful tug to your story and came very hard.
    Thank you very very much.

    S& S