My nieghbor pt 1

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I m a twenty five yr old girl with 32dd tits firm athletic body, I had inheritated my parents house after they died suddenly, one day I was doing some yard work in my shorts and a bikini top I was trying to get some sun as well lol, when my nieghbor came out as well, he was a handsome black man about thirty and soon we were chatting some across the fence and he asked if I wanted to join him for a drink, so I did and went into his house with him soon we were enjoying a cool drink , I liked him after a while he joined me on he couch and he smiled as he kissed me ,I smiled as I he kissed me again and I felt his hand caress my thigh and I moaned. Hhe took off his shirt and smiled as he got down in front of me and he undid my shorts and I lifted up a little as he took them, I adjusted my sel and spead my legs as he started eating my shaved pussy , I moaned some as he didand then I came hard and he smiled afterwards, he took off my top and sucked mu tits and then he took off his pants, he was hung at 10″And he got back down between my legs and smiled as he started to slid his dick into me I was tight from not having sex recently and as he filled me I enjoyed it ,soon I felt him inside my cervix and then he slowly fucked me, I moaned as he kept going I was loving it alot and then I felt him push deep into my cervix and he was filling me with his hot sperm I came very hard on him, after he pulled out we sat there.I told him we could fuck anytime he wanted and he smiled and asked if I minded him having friends over to fuck me as well and isaid ok, he smiled and said he had a nic boat and wondered if I wanted to go out on it with a couple of his friends thay weekend and I smiled and said ok , we spent the night together .

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  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Great start, more please.