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My new job

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My new job requirements involved sex. I loved my job

I had been with retail since I was 16. And I got offered a job by a man I met when I was doing the company banking. I am 5’9 nice curvy figure. Nice sized boobs. I was 19 at the time. He asked me if I wanted a job. I told him I have a job. He said that he has a job that would suit someone like me.
I.told him I can meet him after work. He invited me to his office. Gave me his card. So end of the day came. I went to meet this man. I wanted to hear his conditions and what he has to offer. Although I enjoyed my job. But hey. Extra money helps.
We met. Sat down he ordered us coffees. He asked me some questions. And he gave me details on job description. He wanted me to be his personal assistant. Amd he offered nearly double what I was being currently paid. I accepted. And I handed in 2 weeks resignation. And right away I met my new boss at his office. We sat down he caught me up on exactly what he wanted me to do.
A week went by. He called me.to his office. Amd said he wanted me to dress alittle sexier from now on. I asked him his reason. We don’t get people coming to.the office. I’m always answering phone calls. Etc. He replied. Because I want you to. It’s for my eyes. Makes me happy. And he gave me a smile. I said ok I will starting tomorrow. I started wearing a one piece dress. I had one similar to the red dress on the matrix movie. Alot of cleavage. After a few days he would walk passed me and brush his hand over my bum when I bend down to write something down or anything that involves me to bend over alittle. He sometimes comes up behind me and he has one hand around my waist while he presses his meat up against me. I would get alittle turned on by this. Next day I was in his office bending down infront of him while I was explaining something and I made sure he saw down my top. Then I left his office. A few minutes later I peaked through the window of his door. He was rubbing his cock while he leaned back on his office chair. I then went and sat at my desk. Next thing I noticed 5 minutes later he had walked up to me from behind fully naked. He had his cock right near my face. I turned around. All I could see was his hard cock looking at me. He said I have a new task for you to complete. All that came out from mouth was “yes sir” in a soft voice. He grabbed my head and guided his cock into my mouth. He face fucked me. I was rubbing and fingering my wet pussy. I was so turned on amd horny. After what felt like 15 minutes of his cock in my mouth he made a loud grunt. And I felt a warm ooze enter my throat. I could feel his cock pulsating. He held his cock in my mouth slowly sliding in and out till I had swallowed every little drop. He pulled out. Bent down gave me a kiss on my forehead and said good girl.
And he went back to his office.
He told me I could leave early today. So I went home and showered. I called my fuck buddy over. As soon as I opened the door to let him in. I was all over him. We kissed and he was fingering my pussy. I was so honry. I told him to have his way with me. He carried me to the couch. He laid me down amd pull off my dress. And slid his cock inside me and fucked me hard. He pulled out and climbed over me and slid his cock into my mouth and blew his load. Then we laid together on the couch in a spooning position. I turn and looked at him and said. Thank you I needed that. He then left. Next morning when I went to work. I walked into my bosses office. He called me over to him and he pulled out with his chair away from the desk. He had no pants on. He grabbed my hand amd pulled me close to him. He said. Take off your dress sweety. So I did. And he started feeling me up. And was rubbing my nipples. He then started to suck and lick my nipples. I was moaning with pleasure as he was fingering my pussy and sucking my nipples. He then turned me around so I was facing away from him and he got me to sit on his cock. And he got me to ride him. I was bouncing on his hard cock while he was feeling my boobs. He held my body close to his while we fucked. He whispered into my ear. This is the best staff meeting he’s ever had. I then told him. Me too. I look forward to more.
We fucked for a good 10 minutes more.
After that day we fucked every chance we got. I gave him blowjobs under his desk.
I worked for this man till I was 27. Between all that. I had multiple fuck buddies.
Now im 29. I have 2 house mates. We regularly fuck. Sometimes 1 on 1. Most times 3 somes. Sometimes we organise orgies. And group sessions…

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