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My New Dog

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Having a new Mature Male dog in the house made me his bitch

Searching for a video on dog care, I stumbled across some bestiality, there was a woman and a dog playing and soon she flipped her skirt over her but showing her hairy hole as the dog started licking and soon was on her back aiming his bony cock at her honey pot. WOW, he hit pay dirt and was hammering her fast and furious, then slowed down and just lay on her back as she seemed to be enjoying the experience. Oh my, it never occurred to me that my recently acquired male Lab would do that.

I am a single Mom, divorced about two years now. My neighbor had three dogs and recommended that I take one to security which I readily accepted. He was house trained so I could keep him in the house for alerting me to any intrusion and was a nice pet to have for my 3 year old.

Now while watching the video a second time I realized I was getting very wet and was wondering how it would feel with my new dog,,,,I sure had a lot to think about as I went to be that night. I slept very little as I thought of the video I had seen. I slowly fingered my wet honey pot as I thought of having my dogs big hard cock inside me. I soon rubbed my clittie fast as I orgasmed then fell asleep.

The next day I researched zoophilia videos and watched several then found a posting, “How to have sex with a K-9”. I read it with keen interest. Oh yes I thought, tonight is the night.

That night I put on a night gown, called my Lab into my room and started teasing him, feeling his huge balls knowing they were full of doggie cum. He was interested in exploring up between my legs and I opened wide as he licked my now flowing juices. WOW, now that was so good. I reached down to his belly and felt of his partially exposed bone,,he started humping my hand and I knew he was going to have me if he wanted me. I lay onto the bed exposing my hot pussy to his nose as he sniffed then moved onto my back and started thrusting for his new bitch’s hot hole. Soon he was in deep and I felt his cock swelling in me and knew his knot was hard and tight holding him as he slowed his thrust and his swollen cock started pulsating pumping his puppy seed deep inside his hot and ready bitch. I orgasmed as I wiggled around his swollen cock as he emptied his load from his huge balls.

He pumped his seed in me for several minutes then dismounted, gave my fresh fucked pussy a few licks then lay down and licked his bone back into the sheath. I lay back onto the carpet beside my lover and petted him on his head. I knew I was his willing bitch now and was full of his puppy seed. There was no doubt in my mind that I had pleasured my new stud by letting him breed me and emptying his swollen balls. I was now a happy fresh breed bitch.

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    Reminds me of when I was growing up I had a male LAB and he was my lover.

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      My first time was with my dog. I was in a shed in the woods and put a blanket out and a sneak out every weekend and pull my shorts off and let my dog mount me sink his dick in. Till my brother caught me and then all three of us would go out there.

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