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My mother’s new boyfriend 3

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When my mother is drinking, she becomes a slut and is ready to do almost anything.

The following week was quiet I went back to school Monday and mother went back to work. In the evening, we would have dinner and then watch a movie together. Mother started telling me about her drinking it started when she was 15.
The family that lived next to her had an 18-year-old. One weekend they were having a party and invited over. He gave my mum a few drinks got her drunk and fucked her. Then he let his friends take turns fucking her. After that mother would go next door but would not do anything until they gave her a drink.
Once she had a drink, she would suck cock and fuck anybody including his younger brothers and his father and his little sister who they caught spying on them.
Once she was able to go to a bar herself that started a whole lot of one-night stands. Men, women, black, white, or Asian. Made no difference once mother had a few drinks.
She was hugging me her eyes had a glazed overlook as she talked about some of the people, she had sex with.
Then Friday came and Allen returned with more wine. He even poured me a glass to have with dinner.
After dinner I went back to the loungeroom and put the TV on. They soon arrived and undressed in front of me. They then had me undress as well. Mother picked up an empty wine bottle and started fucking herself with it. Allen went down on me and then started fucking me on the floor. I felt him flood my pussy with his cum.
He climbed off of me and lay next to me kissing my face and lips.
Then my mother lay on the floor with us got me to climb on her in the 69 position. She started licking the cum from my pussy and I put my whole hand in her cunt.
Mother started moaning and saying “Deeper, deeper honey.”
I pushed my hand in past the wrist and then started working it in and out of her cunt.
This was enough to get Allen hard again and he behind me and started fucking my pussy again. I felt mother’s cunt squeeze my hand a few times I think she orgasmed each time. I felt him cum in me again.
After that he had a rest. then they put me to bed I woke sometime later to hear them fucking in mother’s room.
I woke up the next morning once again laying in a gooey mess.
Allen was gone and mother came into my room she was still naked I could see cum in her pubes.
She climbed into bed with me and kissed me on the lips. She fingered me and gave me an orgasm. Then we got up and had breakfast before showering together we dressed and then mother drove me to a store.
She made me wait in the car while she went in. When she came out, she passed me a paper bag.
When I looked in the bag in had sex toys.

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