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My mother’s new boyfriend 2

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My mother’s new friend returns with red wine.

So, Saturday morning went along. Mother kept trying to make up for what had happened last night in her room.
I was getting on towards dinner time. When we heard a knock at the door. The guy from last night had returned Mother said, “Look Allen is back.”
He had brought flowers and two bottles in a paper bag.
We sat down and had dinner before I left the two of them in the kitchen. I went to watch a movie in the loungeroom.
After a while I decided to check on them. They were still sitting there drinking red wine. It looked like they were about to finish the first bottle.
I went back to the movie hoping they would go to mothers’ room and have some fun without me.
The loungeroom was the opposite end of the house. Being in here I would not hear the things they would be doing in her room.
Next thing I knew they had walked into the loungeroom and sat on the couch. I got down on the floor closer to the TV so I could hear the movie. While mother and Allen talked to each other. They were still drinking wine and it looked like they had started the second bottle.
They had both lost several items of clothing along the way. Mother only had her bra and skirt. Allen had his under pants, shirt and socks on.
Then I felt mother’s foot move between my legs she used her big toe to rub my pussy.
I sat up and turned around at that point they were both naked. As I looked, I saw mother had been stroking his cock now she dropped to the floor and took his cock in her mouth. I started to get up to walk away when Allen noticed and told mother. She quickly stopped me. She sat me next to Allen and gave me a glass of red wine.
Allen made me drink it while my mother sucked his cock.
Once he was hard mother stood in front of bent towards me. Allen got behind her and started fucking her pussy from behind. Mother took a few sips of the wine and refilled the glass before passing back and forth between us.
I was feeling a little lightheaded from the wine. I could Allen say he was cumming and then he was sitting next to me. Mother lifted my skirt and removed my panties before spreading my legs and licking my pussy. Allen was watching my mother go down on me. Then he took a turn and went down on me.
Next thing we moved around, and I found Allen laying on his back on the floor mother was sucking his cock and I was sitting on his face.
Then mother got me to move down to his cock. I was ready to suck it again.
My mother got me to squat on Allen’s cock and she helped him get the head of his cock in my pussy before she pushed me down on to his cock.
It hurt and there was blood. But being a little drunk made things better and I did not spazz out.
We rolled over and Allen got on top and started fucking me.
After he had cum in me mother gave me some more wine.
The rest of the night is a blur and I found myself in bed with them in next morning. Allen went home and mother hugged me and started crying telling me she was never going to drink again.
I just lay there with my first hangover laying in a wet patch of Allen’s cum.

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