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My mom went out and my little brother fucked me pt. 5

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My brother’s friend caught us and I gave him a blowjob which turned into a threesome

“When does my white stuff come out”? Alex watched me suck off his best friend while playing with his dick “Maybe Harper will make you cum” Evan nodded in agreement with a goofy grin, and his dick pulsed in my mouth “I’m going to pee Alex make her stop” Evan tried to push my head off, but I kept going putting my arms around him pushing his tiny butt helping him thrust into my mouth. “Do you want to stop”? Alex asked I picked up a tone of jealousy “Not, yet I feel something it’s really good” Evan bucked his hips into me and I felt his little ass clench then his little penis exploded his cum into my mouth. It was only a little, and Evan dick instantly went soft afterward.

Swallowing his cum, I gave the little boy’s tip a nice long suck before I let him fully out of my mouth. “Woah, that felt wonderful”! He looked at Alex then me, “can she do it to me again next time” I looked at Alex and stayed quiet, that wasn’t up to me? “No she’s mine get your own” Evan frowned “come on we’re friends plus I don’t have an older sister and my little sister is weird” “not my problem” Evan pulled up his pants “fine you can’t use my pool-” this got Alex’s attention, and he stopped him from walking away “Okay! We can share she’ll do both of us right now-” he turned to me “won’t you Harper”? I nodded eagerly, I was getting my brother and his friend’s dick at the same time.

“I want her to suck me off again” Alex smiled at his friend “okay get on the bed Harper I’m going to take your ass okay” Evan took off his pants quickly and jumped on the bed crawling under me and Alex got behind me his dick already out and his hands rubbing my ass. Alex wasted no time pushing into my hole and I moaned in pleasure while my mouth was open, Evan stuck his cock inside my mouth.

Evan quickly figured out how to thrust himself into me and make himself feel good, and soon the little boy was fucking my mouth at a fast pace and my brother was fucking my ass. “Can I touch her boobs: can I touch your boobs”? Evan turned the question to me, but I just kept sucking his cock I love how it fit inside my mouth he wasn’t as big as Alex, but he was thicker than him “just do it. She doesn’t care, isn’t that right, Harper, you don’t care what we do to you”?

Evan grabbed and squeezed my tit, causing me to moaned around his cock. “I feel it again, I’m going-” the little boy grunting lowly, and I felt him feel me at the same time my brother pulled me down on his cock and filled me with his load. Evan moved his mouth to my tit and put his mouth around my nipple and sucked on it. His cock went soft in my mouth but when I tried to push up he grabbed my other tit securing me down, I could feel myself about to cum.

Alex picked up the pace, pushing his cum deeper inside my ass, “did you like cumming in my sister’s mouth”? Evan nodded in reply still teasing my nipples with his teeth and with his fingers “want to see something cool come here” Evan took his hand off my tit and pulled his face away, and I was finally able to lifted off his cock which was now hard again and covered a string of spit mixed with cum dripping of him as he got up from the bed.

Alex stayed inside me but paused his movement I whined “Alex please” I pushed my ass up against him attempting to get myself off on my brother’s dick, but he pushed my ass away from him taking his cock out. “Turn over Evan wants to watch you cum” I turned over I didn’t ask questions I just wanted to cum, Alex got down on his knees and rubbed my pussy paying attention to my clit. He pushed his two fingers inside of me and wiggled it around pumping it in and out “fuck Alex, please tell me I can cum” I knew I probably looked like an absolute whore begging my little brother to make me cum but I needed it I needed to cum badly and I craved his permission.

“Cum for me, Harper”! “Mmm” I arched my back and grinding against my brother’s fingers, my orgasm rippled through my body. Evan was playing with his dick watching me get off on my brother’s fingers, and that just made it all the more intense.

Alex took his fingers out of me and put them up to his mouth and licked them, “does it taste good”? Evan asked and Alex stood up, “taste her yourself” “really”? “Yeah Harper is a sex freak she can go all day try to make her cum” Evan got down between my legs and latched his mouth around me licking the inside of my folds tasting my wetness. “Ah” Evan pushed my thighs down to keep me in place, and he lapped me up tasting my juices, it felt great. Alex, however, didn’t feel like being left out because he got on the bed and got on top of me straddling my body, his boner right by my face. He grabbed my boobs and pushed them together before putting his cock in the middle and jerking himself off “open your mouth and keep it open” he told me, to which I did and with each thrust his cock went into my mouth then out again.

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