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My male cousin wanted to be a girl, I helped him when we were 15

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He always wanted to be a girl, he felt he was a girl. Even at 15, wearing male clothes, he acted femme and staying overnight, I fucked him

I was young and horny, 15 and my effeminate cousin Kal was constantly pushing his ass against me, even in our fort house we built he’d sit naked whenever he could. He’d constantly massage his “tits” really pecs and I confess I sucked on them. It was in that clubhouse he told me he wanted me to treat him like a girl, not obviously in front of family or public, but in private. He brought it up while I was sucking on his nipples in the fort. I looked at him and asked him what he really wanted, and how I could do that. “treat me like a girlfriend when we’re alone, I mean you are already playing with my titties” I continued sucking, and as I did I pulled his hand to my crotch. He began running down there, and I got hard. Pushing me off his tits, he told me to lay back and unzip my pants. I undid the button, unzipped and he pulled my jeans down to my knees, and followed with my underpants. He was playing with my cock which rose to it’s full 7 inches and started jacking on it. “Suck it” I told him, adding “If I had a girlfriend I’d expect her to suck me”. He went down and gave me my first BJ. My cum choked him a bit I didn’t warn him, but he got some in his mouth, some ended up on his face, his hair, even on his tits. Having just cum I was still groggy from it he kissed me. I could taste my sperm in his mouth. After he started pulling the cum off his face with his fingers and putting it in his mouth. I told him as a girl, my cum belongs inside him, not just his mouth.

He got playful asking me where “else” it could go. That night I showed him. His parents were out of town for the weekend. They always let me spend the night when they’d go, and even with them there, we slept in his double bed. At about 5pm he was in the bathroom, and came out, I was stunned into silence. He was always slightly built, and I realized how “built” he was. He was wearing stockings, garter, bra, and panties with a see through shorty nightgown over. He’d done his hair and in addition to wearing his moms sexy things, he was wearing her makeup. I was shocked how much he looked like her. She was his height, very very attractive, though big titted, he only had his little pecs. But I was instantly hard. He got down on his knees as I was sitting in the kitchen, spread my legs, pulled out my cock “Let me know when you’re about to do it” he said, then started devouring my cock. I let him know and this time he swallowed it all. Getting up I stared at him and told him how beautiful he looked. He thanked me and told me to go into the living room and wait while he cooked us dinner. Everything prepared he called me in and we ate. Holding hands sometimes over the table, he was still incredibly attractive. After the dishes he came in and sat down next to me, as we watched a movie, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I shut off the television, and took him into OUR bed. I pulled his panties down, his bra up and it was that night, I pushed my cock into his tight, loving asshole and fucked him. After, with my sperm inside him from two directions his mouth and his ass, he thanked me for making him feel like the girl he really was.

He and I fucked for another two years consistently, I found a girl to fuck and get some pussy, her mouth but no ass. So I stayed fucking him less frequently to get what I really wanted, fucking an asshole. I love anal sex, and my cousin loved having my cock in his mouth and up his ass. I went to college and he moved to the same city, got a job and we shared an apartment. He was full time a woman while there, even at work. I had regular sex, and he didn’t mind when I’d go out on a date with a real girl, even made me now wash my cock which he always sucked after I’d come home. Finally I got a girl pregnant, my cousin and I stopped seeing each other sexually, at least for several years. I didn’t know but my ass-virgin wife gave me that hole on our wedding night.

My cousin is now transitioned, without bottom surgery to a transwoman. I do confess that we have fucked a few times a month in recent months. She is really pretty as a woman, and I like knowing the first cock in that hot mouth and cute little ass was mine.

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