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My life of incest and molestation

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This is 100% real true story of my sexual life as of me growing up and into adulthood

So I’m a 30 m from the Midlands in the uk and this is part 1 of my life growing up in to adulthood

I have 2 half brothers that are both older than me one by 9 years and the other by 6 years we only have the same mother different dads I also have a real blood sister she is younger by 2 years

So starting from my earliest memory my oldest brother lived with me my sister and my mom our other brother mainly stayed at his dad’s house because he went to school near his dad’s
From around the age of 8 or 9 my brother used to show me porn magazines and old porn vhs tapes he was around 17 at this point he also had a gf I believe she was a few years younger than him she may have been 14 definitely no older than 16 he would tell me about how him and her would do the things in the videos together and he would get her to show me her little tits and ask me if I wanted to touch them I was shy back then but I agreed that I wanted to he would get her to take off her clothes and sit down between us then he would tell me to touch her wherever I wanted to I started grabbing her tits and she asked if I wanted to kiss her and lick her tits then she began to kiss me on the lips then started putting her tongue in my mouth my brother told me watch them two for a minute to see how to do it properly so they started kissing each other he was sliding his hands between her legs pushing 2 fingers inside her pussy as they were kissing then she was grabbing his cock out of his pants after a few seconds she started to get my cock out of my pants and play with it
Then he told me and her to try it again so I copied what they had just done I was pushing my tongue in her mouth and trying to get my fingers in her pussy she grabbed my hand then said I want u to eat my pussy will you do that I remember saying eat your pussy won’t that hurt you?

They both started giggling and told me not literally eat it but lick it and push my tongue inside her pussy then my brother said watch me ill show you he pushed her back on the bed opened her legs and began to lick her pussy and pushing his tongue inside her fresh teen pussy she moaned slightly as he was eating her pussy out then told me to try it I got between her legs and got my tongue all over her pussy he was telling me to lick her clit at the top and that would make her orgasm and I’d of done a good job so I kept on flicking her clit with my tongue and she was telling me that’s it don’t stop she’s about to cum after a few seconds more she begins to go tight and her legs start to shake a little then she let out a moan and her pussy became a sloppy mess
My brother said you done it bro you just made her orgasm she is a squirter too can you see all that wetness on the bed and dripping out of her pussy that shows how much pleasure you just gave her not all girls squirt but she does

Omg that was amazing she said to us my brother told her to suck my cock and repay the favour she wasted no time in getting my cock in her mouth it felt so good she was taking it all in her mouth and then she got my brother to come over and she began to get his cock in her mouth to my brother positioned me against the wall with her on all fours sucking my cock and he began to push his cock inside her pussy doggy as he entered her she moaned again and said you can fuck me to when you’re ready

My brother told her that She was a little slut she’s had his cock her brothers and now she wants his brothers cock inside her
She just moaned as he was fucking her and she had my cock in her mouth she kept on sucking until I told her I’m going to cum then her and my brother both got between my legs and they both started sharing my cock until I cum I’m not sure it was proper cum at that point in my life it was kind of watery and thin but they both sucked up every drop from my cock then they started kissing again sharing my juices in their mouths
After that day we would do stuff together all the time I’d go in the bedroom a few times a week and make my brothers teen gf cum with my tongue after a few weeks I was fucking her and my brother would suck my cock when we were alone I loved it and so did they
They told me about how she would also get fucked by her own brother at home but he didn’t know about us and she said she liked having 3 different brothers fucking her even if us 2 wasn’t her actual brothers

That’s p1

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