my life in nappys part 4

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after a few visists to mummy linda i meet her friend aunty babs who wants a baby to change and have wet fun with an older plump woman looking sex

My secret found out but turned out ok!
Part four
After a few visits to mummy

I had met up with mummy Linda a few times now and it just got better each time she was so nice as a mummy but also loved a good fuck and dressing up like a schoolgirl or with stockings and a short skirt she knew I loved to see her knickers and would tease me all the time. I hadn’t seen her for two weeks and I needed my fix of baby time with mummy and fucking her smooth plump pussy,I gave her a ring and as always she was more than willing to see me she just loved being mummy and getting her pussy serviced. We arranged to meet on the Thursday as normal and by the river she always met me there and gave me a flash of her knickers to get me randy and then she was mummy till we got to the room and changed me but after that it was sex sex and more sex,she was making up for lost time she would say.
Thursday arrived and I packed up my baby stuff and made my way to the hotel car park then left the car and walked down by the river to our bench, it was shrouded by trees from the back and sides but I would sit for a bit then stand and look up the path to see if mummy Linda was coming. This day it was getting late she normally arrived about two so we could check in at three but no sign of her I was beginning to think she wasn’t coming we had no way of communicating back then mobile phones were new and very expensive to own and run, then in the distance I saw a figure pulling a shopping trolly she always had a trolly to hold all the nappy’s and sexy outfits.as the figure got closer I began to relies it wasn’t her it was a woman about her age but taller and a bit mor plump, fat even. The trolly was black not tartan so I knew it was not her and sat back down to wait a bit longer before giving up, the fat woman got to where I was sitting and I could see it was a much bigger woman and a little older, she was wearing a black tunic dress with what looked like tights or stockings her dress was about knee length. She stopped at the bench and sat down saying that’s good to take the weight off her feet then she turned to me and said are you tim I was a bit shocked as I didn’t know or have never seen her before. I stammered yes how do you know me she smiled and said I’m Linda’s friend Barbera she asked me to come as she had to go to her sister for an emergency she had a fall and broken her hip so needs Linda to take care of her for at least 8 weeks. She said she was verry sorry and would see you when her sister is better. I said that’s not good is it but thank you for coming to tell me, again she smiled and said I’m her friend that knows about your friendship and if you wanted I could take her place and be mummy I know all about it and well I would love to be mummy Babs for you. I was gob smacked but managed to say what about Linda and she said its fine we have talked about you lots and she wants me to be your mummy if you want me. I was a bit disappointed but also excited at the thought of a new mummy but also was she just a mummy or did she want to fuck as well then I remembered mummy Linda said she had a man friend so I said but what about your boyfriend mummy Linda said you have a man friend. She giggled and said yes I do have a man friend he takes me out for dinner and the pictures but that’s it he never even kisses me just a friend no hanky punky I haven’t had a man for over twenty years now who would want me anyway I’m fat and 62 now, I said you don’t look 62 and you’re not fat your plump and round she smiled and said Linda said you like her curves and well she has told me lots about what you too do. I was embarrassed now and it showed so she took my hand and said its ok we tell each other everything and I’m very jealous of her relationship with you all older women need love and attention and having a baby again is a bonus so what do you think do you want a mummy Babs to play with. I said play with and she said yes play with if you want too I know you like plump lady’s and love seeing there knickers especially if their naughty of even school gym knickers again I was very red faced. She told me about your preferences and I love the sound of it too but as I said it’s been 20 years so you will have to be slow and gentle to start my cunt hasn’t had a cock for many years. I was now a little easer as she said cock and cunt so I knew she was Randy old girl, she then said hold on let me just check and she took a few steps back so she could look up and down the pathway then came forward and said now mummy Linda says she always teases you at the bench and shows you what knickers she has on so I said yes she does but she likes too I don’t make her. Babs said I know she does it very naughty and she loves it so do you want to see mummy Babs knickers then, I didn’t hesitate and said yes please mummy I was now getting more relaxed so called her mummy like I did Linda. She turned round so her big rear was facing me then lifted her dress up to reveal a big pair of white knickers covering her whole bum.she was big must be at least a size 22 Linda was an 18.her bum was big and square in her white knickers so I gingerly touched one big cheek then squeezed it gently it was so soft. She gave a giggle and said that’s it baby have a good touch of my arse and knickers do you like them, I said yes mummy so soft she dropped her skirt down the took another look up and down the path then said do you want to see the front now and I said yes please mummy, she stepped forward again then lifted her dress all the way to the waist well where it would be if she had one but high enough to see the waist off her knickers and a bit of flesh, her pussy was big and took the whole area from crotch to top off thigh in one big bulging triangle with her slit showing through her Knicks. I was so horny now and put my hand over the triangle and began to squeeze the soft flesh under the cotton.it was fantastic so much flesh to rub and warm it was driving me crazy with lust I wanted to fuck her so bad already. She said do you like my cunt then and I said its lovely mummy can I fuck you later please, she smiled and said I hope so I haven’t had cock for a long time and I want baby’s cock inside me please then she said now mummy Linda said you like her to be a schoolgirl and shave so she looks like a schoolgirl too and I was a bit embarrassed but said yes mummy Linda shaves her pussy and looks like a naughty school girl. Babs said pussy I call it my cunt or cunty is that ok baby and I said yes mummy then she dropped her skirt and again locked up the path both ways. She returned to the bench and said I a low quite voice do you want to see my cunty then, Linda never did this only a flash of her knickers never more but I said yes mummy, she hitched her skirt up a little then put her hands under and pulled her white knickers down to her knees then lifted her dress upon fuck her pussy was smooth and pale white skin her slit was wide but closed up tight with no sign of a clity or anything else just a big triangle of white flesh that drooped down a bit now without her knickers to hold it .I just looked but she took my hand and said touch me baby go on touch mummy’s naughty bit. I rubbed and stroked her flesh and she gave a groan then said Linda said you knew how to turn a woman on and she was so right you’re a naughty baby boy, I leant forward and kissed her flesh then she said quick someone might see she then pulled up her knickers with a snap off elastic her white fat thighs with the straps of her suspender belt was sexy as hell. She dropped her dress down and smoothed it out then said let’s sit and talk about things baby, she sat down and said sit down next to me so we can talk for a bit. She looked at my jeans and said now baby Linda said you normally have a nappy on ready for her to change is that right I was still embarrassed about her knowing my secret so just shook my head yes. She then said well do you want me to be your mummy and change you baby so again I just nodded yes then she said and do you like mummy’s cunty so I did manage a yes mummy so she said good mummy Babs wants baby too but it’s been a long time so you must be slow and gentle with me first I said yes mummy then she said well is there anything you want to say or tell mummy you need so I got brave and said can I suck mummy and she said o yes you must suck mummy’s tits mummy would like that very much. She then said well Linda has told me about bath time and you like to wash mummy too so that’s sounds good so any other things you like to do again I got brave and said can I watch you go we were, she looked at me and said that’s different but why not do you like watching lady’s go pee so I said I never seen it before but always wanted to see she gave a smile then said well that’s an easy one to do do you want to play with mummy’s cunty as she pees too so I said yes please mummy my heart was pounding now with excitement as I always wanted to have a good look at a pussy peeing.now she said mummy better check to see if baby’s wet and undid my jeans top button and slid her hand down the front she said nice plastic panties so big and soft then her hand slid under the waist onto my dry nappy, my cock was hard and she felt my rod. Babys getting randy that’s nice it’s a big one for mummy but you’re not wet baby then she squeezed my shaft and said god I’ve not felt a Bonner for years its lovely the pulled her hand out and did up my button, you better be wet by the time we get to the room so mummy can change you I said yes mummy she said good boy nappy’s are for wetting and mummy Babs can’t wait to change baby now I got some nappy’s from mummy Linda and plastic panties and a pair of frilly panties that she said are for bed time but I been thinking we need some more so we can go to boots in town before we go to the hotel. I was shocked at this and said but boots don’t fit me any more mummy even the extra-large split but she said well I went in yesterday because I knew I was being mummy yesterday and I had a look at all the baby pants there so nice and smell lovely but I thought the same but a nice lady asked if I needed help so I said I needed some bigger for my grandson who is coming to stay with me but still wets the bed and said he was ten years old the lady said we do have a bigger size for children called brumas but I won’t have any till tomorrow afternoon there quite big but I don’t know what age they fit up too as they just say extra extra large but we sell lots of them I think some adults wear them too, I did know off them but could never get them now so thought they were discontinued but it appears they can be ordered. I said what about the lady she will know but Babs said no she thinks there for my grandson I’ll say your my neibour who gave me a lift if she asks now Linda says you love her knickers and stockings so we can go to my friends shop round the corner from the high street she sells wool and stuff but has some panties and stockings for bigger lady’s like me so we can have a look in there if you want, I said well she will know there for me to see but Babs said so what she won’t mind or say anything well not until I go in by myself then she will want to know. We can have a look in woolly’s too they do lady’s knickers and I had a look yesterday and they have a school skirt that has an elastic waist all round for girls up to 16 and Linda said you like a schoolgirl that’s why I shaved for you. I said ok as long as we don’t get noticed but she said well I don’t care I want to be naughty for you and it will give you a chance to wet that nappy for mummy Babs wont it, I just nodded again and was now scared about her boldness as I could let my secret out. She said come on let’s go now so we don’t waste any time mummy’s getting very excited now and can’t wait to play mummy and baby, we walked down the path then out by the hotel and past to the town.it was a small town not many shops but did have a boot and a Woolworths as most did it had a marks and sparks too. We got to woolly’s first and mummy said now just stay with me and don’t say a word let me deal with ant shop assistants I said yes mummy so she said you better not call me mummy for a bit call me Babs so I just nodded. We went in and she said down the back come on just walk as if it’s nothing just normal shopping, we got to the lady’s section by the under ware and Babs said see any you like I was so embarrassed but took a quick look and pointed to some white big knickers like she had on but were covered inn little flowers, Babs picked up a pair and said these are nice just like a girl’s Knicks yes now we need my size I’m a big girly size 20.this was bigger than Linda she was an 18 Babs went through the pile of knickers looking at the label then said yes here we go size 20/22 that’s them now let’s go over to the school uniform I followed her behind with a very red face she was so bold just holding the knickers in her hand for all to see.at the school uniform there was lots to see as woolly’s did just about everything for school she said hear look there the nasty cheap skirts but have elastic waist bands all the way round. The skirts were on a rack on hangers and she began sliding the skirts back and forth until she said yes age 16 let’s see and passed me the skirt, I took it and she said stretch it out as far as you can and hold it up against me quick no one is looking. I pulled the waist band tight as much as I could and held it up to her plump body, she looked down and said I don’t know it’s a bit small but I got an idea how much is it.i looked at the label and it said age 16 2 pounds 99 so said its only three quid ill pay for it and the knickers if you want but she said no ill get it I want to be the naughty girl, now she had a school skirt and a pair of knickers in her hand. She said that will do I think let’s pay and then into boots, she went to the till with the smallest que and when she got to the till just got out her purse and paid no conversation then took her stuff and put it into her trolly and we left. We got outside and she said that was fun see they didn’t have a clue what we are going to do and I said no it was fine then I said mummy I need to wet and she said o good baby in a low voice so nobody could hear then said do you need to go some ware or just hear so I said ill just wet as I walk. I let go and my pee jetted into my nappy as I walked I could feel the warm wetness getting bigger across the front and looked down to check for leeks but all was fine, now as I walked the wet nappy felt so good against my cock and round my balls. We got to boots and Babs said are you wet now and I shook yes she said good I’ve got a wet baby and we are going into boots for panties just right now don’t say a word again leave it to me. we entered the shop and she walked over to one side where the baby stuff was and took a basket this time then down the aisle to baby nappy’s and plastic pants, she put the basket down on floor and started looking at all the packs. The plastic panties were in packs of two marked up as twins and in three pack marked triplets I knew this from many years of buying them when I was younger with my mother who kept me in nappies till was 11/12 which is why I love them now but that’s another story. She picked a pack up and said I think these are the ones look it’s got ex ex large on the pack, the pack was clear and the panties were packed and folded so she took them out and shook them then stretched the waist out and said in a Wisper look there very big I think they will fit me too with a smile. I was very nervous now and just wanted to get out but she folded them up and put them back by this time an assistant had noticed and was on her way over, she said to Babs hello again did you find them ok and Babs said yes thank you the assistant said have you had a look to see if they will be big enough looking at me and Babs said yes I think I’ll take two pairs the assistant bent down and got a second pack and gave them to Babs then said anything else I can help with so Babs said yes I better get some powder and that cream for sore booty’s too. The assistant said yes it’s just hear madam pointing a bit further down the row past the baby bottles and teats. Babs looked at the Johnson’s then the boots own and said yes that will do then net it was nappy rash cream the assistant said we sell lots of this again it was boots own so Babs took one and said that’s it I got nappys.the assistant took the goods and we all went to her till where she rang it all up and put it into a bag, Babs paid and the lady said thank you hope they fit ok again looking at me.we got outside and I said she knew and Babs said yes I think she did but so what lots of people like to be baby’s Linda has shown the magazine article she has on it and I think it’s nice I can’t wait to be mummy I never had children only looked after other people’s so have put a few nappy’s on in my time then in a Wisper said but never on a big hard one. She then said ok down here to my friends shop she is nice so don’t be embarrassed she will be fine just keep quiet and leave it to me. we walked down the high street to the end then down a little side street where a few small shops were, a baker and butcher along with her friends, a small shop with one window that had bundles of wool and patterns but also some boys and girls underwear a baby’s potty and a stack off nappy’s even a school dress for a little girl. We went in and the doorbell dinged I stood back and her friend came out behind a glass counter full off socks knickers and more wool on the counter a big rack off cotton reels. Her friend said hello sweetie what brings you hear and who you friend then Babs said that my nice friend from down the road he gave me a lift into town, her friend said that’s nice saves a walk then said so what’s new and Babs said well I need some things if you have them and her friend said ok what do you need, Babs said first I need some stockings and her friend said your normal brand but Babs whispered no I want some fishnets if you have them, her friend said well that’s different got a new friend and want fishnets you hussy they both laughed then she bent down to draw and said I only got back in our size Hun we have big hips don’t we Babs said yes we do it’s our age. She stood up and put a pack on the counter then said next so Babs said again in a whisper I need some knickers too what have you got in my size her friend said not a lot but let’s see and she turned round to a tall chest of draws and pulled out the middle draw then said come round and look you don’t want your friend to see ,Babs waked round behind the counter and they both began to pick knickers and giggling then Babs said I like these and her friend said frilly bum yes very nice especially in the red.then another draw was opened and her friend said these are just good old style and I saw Babs rummage around then said o my god I remember these there just like the ones I wore for pe at school her friend said yes I can remember them too thick cotton navy blue dancing round the hall just in your vest and knickers with the boys in there underpants. Babs said well I got to have them too and her friend said really and Babs said yes look and returned to the other side of the counter and took the skirt out. Her friend said kinky cow you lucky bitch what I would do for a bit of hanky panky ,Babs said yes but it’s going to be tight can you do anything with it and make it shorter her friend said let me take a look then then said I can run a stitch round the hem but the waist is elastic so the best would be cut a vee in the sides and add more elastic leave it with me but Babs looked over at me and said well I need it quick her friend said ok now I see you have a toy boy. I heard her tell her friend it’s more like a toy baby he is wearing a nappy too her friend looked over at me then said really your so fucking lucky ok ill see if I can do it now give me ten mins then come back. Babs turned to me and said come on lets go out, we left and I said I could hear you and she knows but Babs said she is my friend like Linda I bet if you said get your knickers down too her she would I’ve known ethel from school days she has had a few men I know. Now are you very wet and I said not too bad but it’s gone 3 and we can check in now. Babs said yes we don’t want to waste time lets walk up hear a bit there’s another shop we can get a drink I’m thirsty and you need to drink so you can go wee again for mummy. We walked up a bit then into a shop and I got us a bottle of lemonade each and two more for the room as we walked back Babs said I’m very excited are you and I said yes very I hope you like my thing she said thing o your cock believe me my husbands was tiny and he didn’t know what it was for we had nookie twice a year and it was in out shake it all about done not what you would call love making so I can’t wait to play I’ve never had a good play I want to be very dirty I think it’s my turn to have some fun. I said I’ll try to satisfy you and she said you will I could feel it in your nappy and its lovely you’re making me wet now just talking. We got back to ethels and I felt a lot calmer now we went in and the bell rang ethel shouted out is that you Babs and she said yes it’s us, ethel said won’t be long just doing hem. After two mins she appeared with the skirt and said I cut the hem off then turned it and stitched is that ok Babs said yes and you did the sides too thank you you’re so good I can’t sew to save my life, ethel held up the skirt and said I cut a good 4 inches off then turned it up 2 more so it will be drafty now probably show your knickers too again they giggled then Babs said have you got ant nappy pins I forgot mine so ethel rummaged in the top draw and pulled out a pack and said hear 8 in there and there animal heads Babs said there sweet yes I’ll take them and I need a dummy and abottle.ethel came out from the counter to a set off draws by the side of me and opened the middle draw and took out a pink dummy in a pack then a pack of baby bottles with pink caps and said pink or blue and Babs said pink, ethel gave me a look with a smile and said your scrummy wish I had a friend. She went back behind the counter and said now you will need a teat what size do you think I think one of these there long and have a large hole so baby can drink easy Babs said yes then her friend said do you need nappy’s but Babs said no there too small we got special ones what about rubbers how do you do that so Babs said you can order them by post but we just got some from boots look and took a pack out her trolly and opened them to show her friend. Ethel said there big what size do they say and Babs said there ex ex large child size it says ethel said I can still get them from Sandra there child size but I didn’t know there this big wow there very big the Sandra ones are rose pink see through pvc and smell like baby powder I got the normal size look she went out back then came back with a box with a picture of a baby on ,she took out the panties and opened them out and said look these are extra-large so the child size will be huge too. I could smell them from my position and Babs said I love that smell can you get me some ethel said yes next week I’ll get some in I can get big nappy’s too there night time nappy’s but are 36inch squares they would fit your baby no problem so baba turned to me and said what do you think shall I get some, I just nodded yes I was embarrassed so Babs said yes please aunty ethel baby said yes please and we will come in to get them together. Ethel said yes I would like that very much, then Babs said how much for today then and ethel said just take them we can talk another day I want to know everthing.babs said yes I knew you would thank you and put her stuff in her trolly and said come on baby lets go get you changed, I left with her and got out and said that was horrible she knows everything now what if she tells but Babs said she won’t anyway it’s not a crime to have fun now come on let’s get checked in.we walked back to the hotel by the river then pulled the panties off and took both to the and I got my bag from the car then into reception and got my key, we went up in the lift to the second floor then down a long passage to the last room. I opened up and in we went on the way past the bathroom I put the light on a took a look inside to check for a bath and towels as some rooms only had a shower but we had a bath and towels, there were curtains and I pulled them tight. I said do you want tea but she said no I want cock it’s been years and I need a good fucking she said get a towel from the bath room so I can get your wet nappy off baby then mummy is going to change into her new knickers for you, I got a towel and laid it out on the bed on one side and she sat on the bed then said come hear baby let’s get you undressed for mummy she undid my jeans then my shirt and took then off along with my shoes and socks now I was just in my nappy and plastic pants. She looked at my pants and said I do like them so nice and just like a baby’s now lay down on the towel for mummy, I did as told and she gently pulled down the plastic panties to just below my nappy. Now she rubbed my hard cock in my wet nappy and said are you scared baby and I said a bit its always this way to start with mummy Linda she said well me too but I want too don’t you and I said yes mummy, she undid the pins then pulled back the terry cotton and my cock sprang up. She just stared and said o my that’s so good I love it then gave it a squeeze and again she said o my god I’ve never done that to a man’s cock it’s so hard and big I love it baby it’s just what mummy wanted I can’t believe I have such a big baby to play with I’ve wanted to have a cock for so long and yours is just fantastic, she then run her hand up and down my shaft with a big grin and said can I put it in my mouth I’ve never done that either babys.i just nodded and she leant over and put my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue round then said o yes I like that its nice then she sat up and said mummy is forgetting about baby’s nappy with that she pulled the nappy out from my bum and pulled the panties off then took them to the bathroom, I heard the sink filling then the splosh of the nappy being rinsed out then more water. Mummy Babs came back and took some stuff from her bag then back to the bathroom, some time passed and my cock was getting softer as it had nothing to excite it I called out are you ok and she said yes baby just getting sexy for you I want it to be so sexy for our first time babys.i laid a few mins when she appeared and turned off the main light so just the bedside light was on this was plenty enough to see how big she was still but now just a bra on and the school skirt that was now very short but no knickers showing she didn’t have stockings on but white socks up to her knees then her fat thighs bare and white, she looked sexy even being that big her thighs were tight together and looked so naughty with the socks. She walked over and I sat up as she sat down and said well will I do I said o fuck yes then she looked at my now rock-hard cock and said that looks as if it needs to be played with. I said yes mummy it wants mummy’s touch she said lay down for mummy then lent over and said I have wanted to do this for so long then plunged her lips round my cock and began to suck and swirl, I put my hand round hers and gently moved it up and down on my shaft and she soon got the idea.my purple head was popping in and out inside her mouth as she slurped then stopped and said is that right I just gave a nod then she returned to her new found destiny. I began to fumble with her bra strap so she stopped again and helped it undo then let her huge bra fall away her big tits were out, my god so big must have been at least 50 inches and a f cup I could feel them on my thigh her nipples poking me.i needed to see them so I said you better stop or ill cum in your mouth she stopped and said yes I want to taste it and see it spurting out your cock I’ve always wanted to see that, she sat up and her tits flopped down to the top of her skirt she had big nipples that needed to be sucked so I took one tit and lifted it so I could suck. I licked all round her nipple then sucked it in and flicked it with my tongue she gave a groan and said o fuck that’s good suck me baby. I sucked and sucked then did the other tit till she was moaning so I said lay down she flopped back so her back was flat but her legs were still on the floor. This gave me access to her fat thighs and as I sucked her tits I rubbed my hand on her flesh it was so smooth, I eventually mover up to her skirt then under onto her knickers again so soft. I squeezed the fat mound and I needed to see her knickers now so I slid down her belly kissing all the way then lifted her skirt to find a huge pair of navy-blue knickers round and plump with a big triangle of flesh at the front. I kissed the top off her knickers then her mound pushing hard against the soft cotton, she gave a sigh then said naughty boy do you want mummy’s knickers down I said I’ll do it mummy. I stood up and put my hands on her knickers at the waist and pulled them down from her belly then to her mound, her slit was showing now and she lifted up so I could get her knickers from under her bum now I dropped to the floor on my knees to get a close look of her ample pussy giving her mound a kiss then pulled them down round her thighs her fat cunt now on view. She had a wide slit not open but a groove it was lovely so big and soft I kissed again and she just gave a moan so I kissed again and again then pulled her knickers off and got between her legs. Now her cunt was open and I used my fingers to open her up wide, her slit was deep because off her fat but I could see her clity.my tongue delved deep into her crevice and began to lick her little button she said fuck fuck that’s so good fuck that’s amazing you’re so good that’s so good don’t stop mummy needs it so bad. I now used both hands to open her slit now I could see her cunty hole too so I licked over that too she shuddered and gave a moan her hips raised up and she was soaking wet I licked her clit hard round and round then over the top flicking with my Tongue was now bucking up and down and just saying o yes to god yes yes just do it baby that’s so good don’t stop yes yes it’s so good then a another big buck and her pussy pulsated and jetted out her love juice, I licked a bit more but she had had enough for now so I stopped and returned to her tits gorging myself on her fat tits.she didn’t say a word for a few minutes then said o my that was amazing I didn’t know I could come like that I stopped and said you were so wet mummy she put her hand on her slit and said o god I’ve not been that wet for years, I laid next to her for a bit then said do you want tea now but she said what about you baby you didn’t get to come, I said never mind later you needed that she said yes I did and now I want it more and more you will come see me again won’t you baby I dint mind changing you and ill dress up for you I said yes of Couse I will you’re a sexy lady, she smiled and said sexy you mean fat but I said your plump and curvy and I can’t wait to fuck you and your knickers were very naughty. She rubbed her slit again and said I think we need a bath baby I’m very sticky and you were wet, I said ok mummy and followed her into the bath room and she began to run a bath. While the bath ran she sat on the loo and took her white socks off then her legs wide open letting me see her plump cunt so my cock was on the rise again it was so fat and soft I just wanted to fuck her so bad now but she was knackered from her cum explosion ,the bath was full and she said you first baby jump in so mummy can wash you. I got in and sat down so now I was eye level with her cunt it was sagging down a bit now but so plump a big flesh triangle with a groove then a tight shut slit. She stood Infront her tits hanging down enough for me to touch from the bath but she said naughty boy you need a wash then soaped up a cloth and began to wash my back then my front as far as the water line then she said now stand up baby so mummy can wash your bum.i stood and turned so she could wash my rear, she sopped up again then washed my bum and legs before rinsing the cloth in the bath now baby the best bit turn round let mummy wash your cock.i turned and she took my semi hard cock in her hand and said god I love this I’ve always wanted to be a dirty slut and now I’m going to have as much fun as I can before I kick the bucket. She rubbed the soap between her hands then began to rub my cock with soap my cock got hard then very hard in her hands she was just rubbing and looking at my tool in her hands. She said its big now baby do you like mummy washing your cock so I gave a nod and she said good I love holding it in my hand making it grow big would you come for me I want to see it spurting out I’ve always wanted to see that and taste it too will you spurt in to my mouth baby, well I didn’t need asking twice and began to rub my cock round her belly then said get on your knees so I can titty fuck you she said what’s that so I said its nice just kneel down. She lowered herself to the floor then over on too her knees, I sat on the edge of the bath and pushed her big fat tits together then slid my still soapy rod between her ample jugs. Her tits being so big my cock only just appeared at the top she looked down at my purple head popping out of it wrapper and said look at that is lovely I told her to put her head down and lick it too this she did with gusto and before long she was sucking my cock head as it popped out her tits.she was bobbing up and down and said o my I love being a slut you don’t mind do you but I just looked and said I love it you’re a fucking dirty bitch to which she said good I love your cock it’s the only one I’ve played with up till now I only had sex with my husband and he was shit just in out and spurt you just excite me so much. I began to feel the heat building so said quick it’s going to spurt for you open your lips then took my cock and gave it the last few strokes till it shot out its stick load first gush into her awaiting mouth then the second and third on her fat tits over her big nipples then back to her mouth for the last few drops.it felt so naughty to cum over such an older woman but she loved it as much as I did, when my cock stopped twitching I pulled it from her lips and rubbed it round her now sticky nipples as she looked on in silence still with cum in her mouth then she dribbled it out down her chin and said sorry I can’t swallow not yet maybe next time but it was nice to feel it in my mouth and look at it over my boobs it’s so thick and white I never knew it looked like that she began to rub her fingers in my goo then said thank you baby I always wanted to see that. She stood up and said let mummy wash your cock off baby and took the cloth from the water and rubbed my cock clean then got in the bath and said can you wash mummy please. I soaped up my hands and washed her big tits rubbing and squeezing her nipples to get them hard then her back and arms she said now mummy’s cunty baby wash it well and stood up. I sopped up again and began to wash over her slit then inside until she was groaning as my fingers slid inside then she said now my big bum and turned, I washed her huge bum but soon my hand was between her thighs rubbing her fat mound. She said stop that mummy needs to rest a while before you play naughty games again baby but later I promise you can fuck me as hard as you want but not just yet lets go to dinner and you can tell me all about being baby. She got out the bath and took a towel and dried off then said I need too pee baby quick let mummy sit on the toilet and sat down with her legs wide apart so her cunt was on full view then she said go on baby touch me as I pee pee,I had always wanted to do this it was one of my fantasy’s so with speed I put my hand over her fat mound with my finger ready to slip inside as soon as she started, she wiggled about then her pee gushed out hissing like a snake I pushed my fingers into her hot wet slit and rubbed kike crazy her pee jetting out over my hand and the floor it was better than my wildest dream hot pee gushing from a smooth pussy.she stopped and said did you like that I did and I said o yes it was fun mummy then I took some loo roll and began to wipe her ample fleshy cunt.she stood up and said now wash your hands baby and come into the bedroom so I can put your nappy on ready to go out for food you do want a nappy on don’t you so I said yes I normally do for mummy Linda she smiled and said ok let’s go find some nice panties for baby and mummy will find some clothes too, she waked off in front her big bum wobbled and I followed. She laid the towel out again on the bed then said lay down baby for a minute while I get dressed now what shall I put on for baby to get excited about mummy Linda told me you like her to wear something sexy under her dress and sometimes she doesn’t put any knickers on at all, I said yes she is very naughty too she said yes I know she told me everything about your meetings I was so jalousie of her but now I can have you too. She took a big black bra out her bag and put it on then a black jumper over the top she took out a pair of white knickers and then the navy-blue school knickers she bought at her friends shop and said well white or blue I think white and I’ll save the blue for later she then stepped into the knickers and pulled them up over her bum and hips then over her big soft pussy and said you can see that again later baby. Then she took out a suspender belt and clipped it round her waist and tucked the straps under the waistband of her knickers then pulled them out the legs, she took the stockings she bought but said can’t wear these yes to risky but these will do picking out from her bag a dark brown pair. She slipped them up her fat lags and clipped to the straps then took a skirt from the bag and said this will do it’s not too short but not long too. She stepped in the waist and pulled up then fixed the button on the side and did up the short zipper, there that’s done do I look ok and I said yes mummy then she put her blouse back on and did up the buttons and tucked it in, she was plump but curvy too and didn’t look as old as she was. She said right nappy time baby and took a big terry out from the bag and said now hope I can remember how to do this I don’t want to stick a pin in your cock I need that for later then she folded the nappy into a kite shape and said wow that good I remembered now baby lift your bum up so I can slip it under, I raised up and she placed the nappy under my bum then she took baby powder out and sprinkled it all over my tummy and cock and balls she then took great delight in rubbing the powder into my pubs.she then took the nappy middle between my legs and over my soft powdered cock then the two sides over the front ,she took four pins out of her bag then pinned the waist pulling tight at the top then pulled the nappy round my legs at my thighs and pinned again using all four pins there she said not bad for somebody who hasn’t put a nappy on a baby for many years you look so nice all in cotton terry so cute just like a real baby then she rubbed my cotton covered cock and said yes just like a baby only bigger and very naughty what a lucky mummy I am.she took the new boots baby pants out and said yes let’s try these to see if we can fit them over that big fat nappy, she shook out the panties and I got a Wiff off the lovely smell you get from new baby pants then she rolled them up from the waist and slid the leg holes over my feet then worked them up my legs and up to my thighs then said very tight baby buts les try lift up again this I did and she worked the waist band up until the leg holes were tight to my body then she stretched the waist band out and over the back of my nappy then the front. The panties were very tight but looked so good stuffed full of soft cotton terry nappy she tucked in the bits that stuck out than said stand up baby let’s check. I stood up and could feel the elastic around my thighs and waist but the sight of the cotton through the clear plastic was so good and the nappy was tight against my skin felt good she said what do you think baby so I said very nice mummy thank you for buying them she looked and said yes very nice a real baby now in your plastic panties, I looked in the mirror and could see the whole look just perfect and knowing I was wearing real baby pants not special pants made me feel so good. Babs then said ok jeans on and socks and a shirt so we can go to eat, I dressed and she checked to make sure no plastic was showing. The nappy and panties were very tight stuffed with the nappy making it harder to walk but it was ok so we decided to go out,. We walked down to the car and I said do you know a pub or restaurant so she said yes not far I’ll show you and we got into car and set off with Babs giving directions, she sat with her skirt pulled up so I could see her thighs and stocking tops but no knickers so I rubbed her flesh and she slid my hand up onto her hot fat pussy bulging in her knickers and said there is that what you want and I said yes I do but let’s eat first then I’m going to fuck you mummy in your pussy she said pussy you call it my pussy and I said yes its nicer than cunt isn’t it just like willie she smiled and said ok we will call them pussy and willie then if baby likes that more then she said would you call me aunty and not mummy it doesn’t seem right to have two mummy’s so Linda can be mummy and I’ll be aunty Babs if that’s ok with you. I said yes naughty aunty Babs and she said yes very naughty aunty. Her knickers were wet now at the front by her big slit and she said look I’m wet again I can’t wait so be naughty more baby so I smiled and said I had better leave your pussy so we can eat first then I’m going to eat your pussy and make you cum lots before I fuck you gently.at this point we arrived so she pulled her skirt down and got out then took deep breaths and said I think we need to have a little chat at their table I want to tell you some things is that ok baby its ok nothing nasty just well wait and see. We entered the restaurant it was just a basic multi chain style, we were shown to a table Babs asked for a quite table saying she didn’t like too much noise. The waitress put as right at the back away from anyone else and said I’ll get the menus do you want to order a drink so I said yes please a pint for me and what about you aunty, she gave me a look then said ill have a glass of white wine pleas not too dry, the waitress left and Babs said you called me aunty inform of her so I said well you could be my aunty so it will look fine, she said I guess so but I won’t call you baby in hear just in case so I nodded. I moved to sit beside her to look at the menu but it was to touch her thighs really, I slid my hand up her skirt and found her plump mound so hot and soft and said it’s so hot aunty are you ok she smiled and pushed my hand away and said yes I’m fine just very randy but I’m not a tart so please don’t do that in hear. Wow I was told off and moved back to my chair like a scolded child, she said now let’s order then talk please I need to ask you a few things and make sure we both know the boundaries said yes of Couse aunty.thewaitress returned with our drinks and we ordered food, as soon as she was out of ear range aunty said you did like being with me didn’t you and I said yes of Couse why didn’t you, she opened her mouth but no words came out for a few seconds then she said good because I really loved it too it’s what I wanted all my life but never had or dared to ask for there’s so much I’ve seen and read about that I want to try because my husband was very plain when it came to sex he would get a hard on then get on top put it in and come in me almost instantly, he never said a word just got off and went to sleep, he never kissed me like you did or let me see his cock sorry willy that’s why when I saw yours I was so excited to actually touch it my god it was so good you have a great willy and I want to play games with you lots more .I said well that wasn’t what I expected I thought you were going to say it was fun but not again. She said now what do you want me to be your naughty aunty or just a quick fuck, I said my aunty please if you’re ok with my baby side and she said yes that’s fine I like being your aunty and having baby it’s something I have read about and Linda too we got a book from the library, now I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think you are the only one I can trust with my desires and needs. She took a big breath and said when I had a pee earlier that is something I’ve wanted to do for years so I said what be touched as you wee and she said yes and more would you then a pause so I said yes then she blurted out would you wee on me all over my boobs and pussy even my mouth and pussy I was shocked but said well yes I guess but how it would make a mess and the hotel would get the ump. She said well you can come to my house I live alone now and I could get some waterproof bed covers I’ve seen them advertised in the Sunday papers at the back you know and I said yes I look there too there’s adverts for all sorts. Now then what about you what do you want to do with aunty anything naughty and sexy I gave it a second and said would you wear a nappy for me like I do she said yes please that sounds nice do you want me to wet it too and I said yes like a baby too so she said yes I’ll go wee for you I would like that I think and how about my knickers do you want me to wet them too, I was in heaven now and said yes the navy school ones and she gave a giggle and said yes like a little schoolgirl that has an accident in her knickers but I want you to kiss my knickers and pussy as I go wee for you is that ok too, I said o fuck yes you’re so naughty I’ve always wanted a baby friend that would wet for me and she said yes and fuck too so I said yes.my cock was rock hard again so I said aunty my willy is stiff in my nappy she said good now have a nice wee for aunty and when we get back ill change you and if you’re a good boy I’ll let you see my knickers. Our food arrived so we stopped talking until the waitress left then she said would you come and see me soon so I said yes aunty when so she said next weekend that will give me time to get things sorted for our fun, I said yes ok that would be ok with me I’ll take you home tomorrow if you want so I know where you live and she said yes that’s a good idea then she said I’m a very lucky lady to have found you are you ok with that so I said yes don’t be silly I can’t wait your so naughty and sexy. She said sexy I’m a bit old to be sexy but I have wanted to have fun for all my life now I’m going too, I said well I think your sexy your body gets me very Horney I can’t believe your interested in me and being my aunty. She just smiled then said it’s a funny old world but things are going to be very good I think now let’s eat and get back. While we ate she said I could get my friend ethel to make me some big nappy’s out of bath towels and in the paper I’ve seen adverts for incontinence knickers so I said yes me too but there not very nice I’ve tried and don’t look anything like baby pants well she said I’ll ask ethel if she can make some she is a wiz on the sewing machine I’m sure she could do that. I said yes but she would know there not for me aunty, I don’t mind she said she can be trusted ill have a think first and see if any of the chemists sell them they must be available people wet the bed still so I’ll do some checking now eat up and get me another wine I think I’m going to need it.after we had dinner she sat with her wine then said I think I had better tell you why my husband didn’t want sex with me so I said he was silly but she said no its because I get so wet, I said yes its good but she said that was nothing to how wet I get if I got a willy inside me he said it was too wet and horrible but he still spurted real quick when he did fuck me.i said I’m sure its really good but she said it’s very wet I soak the bed so would you mind if we don’t do it till we meet up again at my house I would feel more comfortable at my own home where it doesn’t matter if I make a mess. I said well ok but its ok I make a mess when I wet but she said that’s in a nappy I gush out over the bed, I said ok aunty if that’s what you want do you want to go home now and meet again but she said no that’s not fair baby needs an aunty tonight and you can play with me just no fuck sorry. I was pissed off but didn’t want to lose my new mummy so said ok let’s go back then I’ve wet my nappy aunty so she smiled and said thank you for understanding and yes let’s go so aunty can change you for bed. We got back to our room and she said lay on the towel on the bed let aunty see then she undid my jeans and took them off, my nappy was wet and puffy in the baby pants the legs were gripping my thighs and were sore now. She said o dear look we had better get them off then pulled them down and off her hand rubbed the wet nappy and said its nice and wet baby I like wet baby it’s fun then started to rub my cock in the wet nappy.my cock got hard and the wet nappy felt so good against my rod she undid the pins then flopped the nappy down at the front so my cock was out.o god look at that it’s so big for aunty I love it then started to suck my shaft only stopping to say it tasted like wee and she loved it too then back to her wet mouth, I wanted to see her pussy so I fumbled with her knickers and she said o yes baby wants to see aunties pussy and tits she stopped and stood up then stripped off apart from her stockings and suspenders. She looked so sexy fat and round but sexy her big tits flopped down to her belly and her pussy a little baggy between her thighs but still all woman and best of all a dirty bitch that wanted to try anything. I pulled her towards me and sucked her tits her nipples got hard and her teats stuck right out just like a baby’s bottle, I sucked hard and rubbed her slit now wet then pushed her onto the bed and lifted her legs up so I could get between her thighs then began to lick her slit then inside to her fuck hole and clit.she trembled and wiggled then her pussy flooded with her juice. I licked away at her pussy till she said no more ill flood please stop babys.i stood up and yes aunty and she said sorry babby but look how wet the bed is now and it would be wetter, I said yes it’s nice to see you so wet it men’s I must be pleasing you, she said o god yes baby it’s not your fault aunty is just one of the lady’s that gets very wet but you do make me feel special and I do want you to come see me at my house and I promise you can go all the way if you still want too, I said yes of Couse I do your sexy. She said now look your willy needs to be sorted out its still so big let aunty play with it again. I laid on the towel and she got on her hands and knees on the bed too and began to suck me again then said will your willy spit for me again, I said spit and she said yes well it does look like its spitting so I nodded she began to suck hard pulling my skin back inside her mouth and running her tongue round the head it was the best I had ever had.my cock was throbbing and I was about to cum so I said it’s going to spit aunty, she stopped sucking and laid down then said quick spit it over my tits again but I said no over your pussy she smiled and nodded so I knelt between her thighs and rubbed the last few strokes and my cock shot thick cum over her fat fleshy triangle then I rubbed it round and round with my cock she said yes baby rub it into my fat pussy flesh it’s so hot and sticky she then took a big glob on her finger and sucked it into her mouthy it’s so nice I love it did I really make baby do that and I said yeas aunty your sexy body gets me very Randy. She sat up and sucked my cock till it was soft then she said I like baby’s willy too all soft and small but still naughty.she then got up and got a fresh nappy out and the frilly panties and told me to lay down,she fitted the nappy then the panties while she was still naked.my heart was thumping still at her boldness her tits were swinging from side to side her pussy still covered in cum.after I was baby again she said I better wash up and went to the bathroom,after a bit she came back still completely naked and said bed time I think I’m very tied now so I said yes aunty. She fumbled in her trolly again and pulled out a plain cotton nighty and said this will do not sexy but we have had enough for today. I said yes aunty do you want to go to bed now and she said yes, she cleared off the bed and told me to get in then got in next to me still no knickers on. She turned off the light and said now go to sleep baby aunties hear. I laid awake for over an hour before I dropped off to sleep, aunty was out cold so I snuggled up and slid my hand up her nighty to her thigh and just kept it there.in the morning I woke to find her next to me asleep still but her nighty was right up above her hips, I lifted the covers to get a look at her pussy.it was so big and pale my cock was stirring and before long was hard, I put the covers back and got up still in my nappy and put the kettle on. The sound of the boiling kettle woke her and she sat up and said morning baby are you wet so I said no aunty, she said never mind then she got out off bed and said let me get you out that nappy baby you cant go home like that. I laid on bad and she began to pull the frilly panties down then off then the pins and pulled the nappy off, my cock still soft. She said look so small now and so big last night so I said yes aunty then she said do you want a bath or shower so I said shower. She went to the bathroom and said come on baby hurry up, I walked in to find her lifting her nighty up and over her head, now naked again I had a good look at her curves and pussy.she stood and said come on in the shower, I got in the water was running to my surprise she got in too and said wash my back first. I washed her back then her legs and thighs from the back ,she turned round and said now my tits and pussy please babys.i sopped up my hands and rubber her tits round and round then soaped up more and began to wash her flesh triangle she said inside too. I slid my fingers into her slit then inside her cunty she said yes that’s good baby now let aunty wash that Willy. She soaped up her hand and began to wash my semi hard willy and said look its growing for me, I said yes aunty it feels nice. She said will it spit again so I said it might. This was her cue to rub harder then said I want it in my pussy just a bit then ill suck you till you spurt in my mouth but I want to feel it inside me just quickly, she turned the water off and got out and said please baby for aunty, I got out and wondered what she wanted but soon found out as she bent over the sink with her legs apart. I stood behind her and let my cock rub her slit, she gave a gasp then said just slowly put it in.i found her entrance and began to slide my rod in she was so tight and wet, I pushed until I had three inches or so in her she gave a grunt and flooded with a gush. She said o god that feels so good so I slid out and then back in again she gave a groan and more juice the her legs began to shake and she said no more not hear. She stood up her face was red and she rushed into the bedroom with a towl,I thought she was going to lay on it but found her drying off her pussy.she said next week at my house I cant do it hear sorry. I was pissed off and she new it so she said come hear baby, as soon as I got close she took my cock and began to rub it saying let aunty sort that for you. She began to suck then rub and suck slurping and dribbling she took my cock out her mouth and said o yes nice and big again then back to her mouth rubbing fast and pulling my skin back inside her wet lips licking her tongue round the purple head then she started to say cum baby cum in my moth let me taste it again cum for me baby aunty wants it, then slurping more faster now.it felt so good and I knew I was going to spurt soon so I said yes aunty its going to spit for you, she rubbed and sucked faster then I bucked forward filling her mouth with more cock it was so intense my cock was throbbing then gushed its sticky loads into her mouth several times, she swallowed the lot this time my god it was so good I could hardly stand my cock still pulsating in her mouth. After a few moments she took my still rock hard cock from her mouth and licked it clean then said good baby more cummies for aunty, I sat down next to her speechless at her skill I’ve never had such a feeling my cock was still hard, she stood up Infront and said now kiss aunties pussy good bye till next week, this I did kissing all round her big soft mound. She then took a pair of white knickers on then her bra and other clothes and told me to get dressed too, she liked to be in charge I had worked this out now. She took all the wet nappy’s and panties and said ill wash these for next weekend so I said thankyou aunty baby then she said now take me home and you can ring me in the week so I said yes aunty Babs. We took our bags down to reception and I handed the key in then out to the car. She gave directions and soon we were outside her house.it was detached in a nice street and she said will you be able to find me again so I said yes aunty then she said have you got a pen so I can write my number down, I got one from the glove box along with a pad she wrote the number on the pad with no other details and said you will ring won’t you so I said yes. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said I promise next time you can fuck me but I need it to be at home, I said yes aunty can’t wait it felt so nice inside you she smiled and said wet you mean but I said yes but still very nice.
She said well we will see then got out the car and said just drive off or curtains will start twitching then shut the door and walked away, I drove off wondering if I would see her again or was she just being polite.

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    Nice, always loved playing in plastic pants with my next door neighbour when I was 12′ the mum and daughter were always horny.