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My Life After Grandpa Took Me To The Barn

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My name is Heather. I was 16 when this happened to me. I’m 5’2″, weigh 105lbs., have long ash blonde curly hair and green eyes. I have a nice figure and my bust is 32 C. I get a lot of compliments from guys and men. One being, my favorite uncle, Zack. I started babysitting for Zack’s kids when his wife went back to work. I was out of school. I jumped a grade and finished early.

I wasn’t a virgin. Originally, my daddy took my virginity when I was almost 10. Then, my mom left him and during the summer, I stayed with my grandparents because, momma had to work. While I was there, grandpa started fucking me too. I let him and an I liked it. Grandpa fucked me every summer for almost 4 years. He died, when I turned 16.

When I started babysitting for my uncle I ended up living with them. It was just easier because, I didn’t have a car.
Zack’s wife was a teacher. After she got pregnant with their second baby, my uncle had a vasectomy. He didn’t want anymore kids. One day his wife and kids were gone to her mother’s for a visit. I was showering and they left before I finished. I thought I was alone in the house. But, my uncle didn’t go with them.

I had a towel wrapped around me and was going to my bedroom when Zack came up behind me, grabbing the towel, jerking it off and pushed me on the bed. He scared me to death. He was laughing saying “I’ve got you now.” I was telling him, “Stop, we can’t do this.” He keeps going squeezing and sucking on my titty. I’m pushing him away when, he pushed his boxer elastic waist down under his dick.

He’s spreading my legs apart with his knees and I feel his dick at my pussy opening. He’s so strong. I’m telling him to stop and trying to get away but, I can’t. I feel it go inside of my pussy lips and it’s right at my opening. He said, “Come on quit fighting me, I’m fucking you.” I’m telling him no but, he just rammed his dick into my pussy. He sighed a sigh of accomplishment achieved then said, “I’ve wanted to get my dick in your pussy for years.”

I said, “We shouldn’t be doing this.” He said, “You won’t get pregnant, I had a vasectomy so, no three headed babies to worry about. I said, ” You’re still my uncle, blood relation and you’re married.” He said, “Hush, I’m fucking you anyway.”

He starts fucking me and he actually feels good. It had been awhile since I had any sex. He fucked me a long time and I never realized how big his dick was until, it was in me. I’m sure he was close to 9″ or a little more and very thick. I loved how it felt when he pounded me with it. He said, “Your pussy is nice and tight.” I said, “I think it because you have a big dick.” I let him fuck me an I really loved it. His dick swelled up and he shot a huge load of cum in me. He kept his dick in me as he sucked my titties. He was very rough squeezing and sucking them.

He said, “I’m gonna fuck you again in a minute.” That’s why he didn’t take his dick out. He started talking and saying, “I think your a loose little girl.” “Do you let everybody fuck you?” “I think you need a spanking for fucking around.” I said, “Are you nuts” “I tried to stop you and couldn’t.” I’m not loose.” “You’re not spanking me either.” He pulled his dick out, flipped me over and stuck his dick back in me.

He said, “Hush, Heather.” His dick was hard again. But, he started slapping my ass, hard. He was spanking me, telling me I’m a bad girl and needs her ass whipped. It was hard slaps and it was beginning to hurt. He was fucking me from behind and that distracted me some but, my butt felt like it was on fire.

He rammed his dick in deep and it hurt. I couldn’t take all his dick. I told him, “That hurt.” He said, “It did, you mean this?” And he rammed into me again. I said, “Yes.” He reached around and played with my clit and made me cum. I couldn’t believe as frustrated as I was, he just touched my clit and made me cum. I must be sick to enjoy what Zack was doing to me, but I did. Zack said, “Now, don’t you feel better since you cum?” I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I think I’m gonna make you my very own cum slut to fuck whenever I can.” Why did that turn me on when he said that? I am sick. He’s getting ready to cum again. My pussy is already full of cum an it’s leaking out. Where’s be gonna put this load? He swells up and cums in me, again. I feel it squishing out of me all over my bed.

Zack pulls out and said, “Thanks, that’s just what I needed.” Zack would fuck me anytime we were left alone in the house. That happened about 5 times. Then, he started driving a truck again. He used to drive years ago and he was offered a position he felt he couldn’t turn down.

His trips were usually just over night. So, if it fell on the weekends he ask me if I wanted to go to keep him company. Since his wife was home with the kids I went. I did enjoy going. He would let me drive the truck in a parking lot. I loved it. Years later I got a job driving a big rig and drove for about a year.

While we were out, he would pull off at a truck stop and make me get in the sleeper. He made me take off all my clothes and he would fuck me 2 or 3 times before we got to our destination. Then, on the way back, he’d do the same thing. He wanted me to suck his dick one day an I didn’t want to. He got mad at me, climbed on top of me, trapped my arms under his knees and crammed his dick in my mouth.

I couldn’t do anything but let him fuck my mouth. So, I did and he cum in my mouth. So, after that when he said, “Suck my dick.” I did. I guess I went with him 10 or 12 times. I loved getting away and I enjoyed him using me for sex. His wife wasn’t that interested in sex because, she was always busy with her job or the kids.

He is my favorite uncle an I loved having sex with him.

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    What a perfect little slut you are.

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    Little granddaughter that story was so hot I had a hard cock through most of it just decided you having your p**** spread and getting f***** then going to your uncle’s house God when he shot his come in you I come to you I think the story was really hot another one I think it would be hot too thinking about you now bye

    • Sweet_honey_pot ID:y17ezgtvhew

      Mmmmmmmmmmm my little tight wet pussy is so wet , I play with myself as I read this , my uncles and grandpa have there way with me and also share me with their friends , they made me into a little nympho