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My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 17

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Please read the previous part here (/2024/05/my-hot-punjabi-mom-part-16/ ). Now let’s continue

We went inside, we were greeted by a lean old man with grey hair and his beautiful young wife Ayesha who was nearly half his age. She was equally fair as mom with an identical busty curvy figure like mom.

The moment we entered with me following mom, Ayesha hugged mom followed by another longer hug and butt groping by Rafiq. I saw the living room was half converted to his sewing area and the other half had a 3 seater couch to sit on.

Rafiq seated us on the couch and he sat next to mom, mom was sitting between us both. Mom introduced me as her friend. We exchanged pleasantries, I noticed Rafiq was already holding mom toward him with his hand around her waist.

Soon Ayesha also joined bringing some juice for us and pulled up a small stool to sit with us. Rafiq asked “so what brings you here Pooja”? Mom replied “all my blouses have become really tight so I wanted you to fix them”.

He said “I can see your tits have become much bigger than the last time you were here. So obviously your blouses will become tight”. Mom said “I am sure you can do something about it”.

He said “yes, but first I need to take a good look and feel them up and measure them nicely. I can see your buttocks have also grown quite big like your tits”. Mom asked “wouldn’t you want to see and feel them up nicely too”?

His hand moved from her waist to her butt feeling and squeezing it. Rafiq whispered in her ears asking “why is this guy with you”? Mom looked at me then looked back at him.

She said “he is my boyfriend, don’t worry he knows everything about us and is fine with it”. Mom held his face bringing him closer and kissed his lips very passionately.

Seeing me watch them without reacting gave him all the confidence to proceed. He placed his hand on her boob and said “Oh Pooja, you have no idea how much I have missed you”.

Mom said “why do you think I am here today, I missed you loads too”. He placed her hand on his bulge and asked “so can we move to the bedroom now”? Mom said “why do we need to go to the bedroom when we can do everything right here”.

He looked at her and signaled towards me with his eyes. Mom reached below and undid the strings of his pajamas. She took out his cut cock which was same but slightly smaller than mine in length but it was more thicker.

Both Rafiq and Ayesha were startled looking at mom’s actions in my presence. Mom started giving him a hand job while Ayesha locked the main door and came closer and smooched her.

Ayesha tugged at mom’s t-shirt, mom raised her hands helping her pull it off completely. Rafiq quickly undid mom’s new black bra and Ayesha put it away keeping it with the t-shirt.

A few drops of milk sprayed out from mom’s nipples. Mom stopped them both and came to me, she straddled my thigs sitting across my lap offering me her boobs.

I began drinking her milk which was quite aplenty. Both Rafiq and Ayesha looked on very intently. After I completed draining her milk tanks mom went back to them.

Both Rafiq and Ayesha took one boob each fondling it while playing with her nipples and mom resumed her hand job. He brought his mouth closer to her boob, he asked “Pooja please give me one chance to suck you”.

Mom gave him a quick kiss signaling her approval with her eyes. Rafiq laid mom on the couch and both took one nipple each in their mouths. Soon mom was moaning in pleasure.

After a while, mom got up and removed her jeans and panty keeping them aside. Rafiq excitedly said “wow Pooja, looks like today is my lucky day”. Mom asked “why Rafiq? What makes you say that”?

He replied “today for the first time you have removed your panties”? Mom gave him a seductive smile, now Ayesha too got up and was about to remove her clothes when she realized I was sitting there.

She turned and looked at Rafiq and mom. Mom said “Sonu you must be hurting in your pants, why don’t you too get comfortable” and nudged Ayesha. Rafiq too winked at Ayesha and removed all his clothes.

I felt relieved hearing mom say this, I unzipped my fly and lowered my jeans and inners to my knees and sat back with a super hard erection anticipating what would come next.

Ayesha also had removed all her clothes by now. I saw she had a really hot and sexy body with firm big tits. He big puffed nipples were larger than mom’s looking like large grapes.

Mom made Rafiq sit on the couch while she got on her knees licking his shaft. Rafiq let out a loud moan, he said “Ohh, thank you Pooja, I have waited for this ever since I met you”.

Mom looked up at him and said “let’s just say you need to thank my boyfriend for everything” and resumed sucking him. Rafiq looked at me with a thousand-watt smile and I too smiled back at him.

I looked at Ayesha who was still standing and watching the live show. Her hands had naturally progressed to rubbing her own pussy while watching the show. Rafiq saw her and made her stand on the couch planting his mouth to her pussy.

Now Rafiq was eating her pussy while mom was giving him a blowjob. I got up and sat on the opposite stool to make space for all of them on the couch. Soon Ayesha was holding Rafiq’s head and grinding her crotch against his mouth.

Rafiq patted her thighs and she let go and knelt on the couch. Rafiq pulled mom to her feet making her stand. He pushed his cock in Ayesha’s pussy while pulling mom closer to him and kissed her.

With his one hand he started fondling mom’s boobs alternately while humping his wife at the same time. I wanted to see how long mom will resist the urge of having his cock throbbing in her pussy.

She looked at me and said “Sonu, please come here and eat me”. I knelt between her legs and started eating her pussy which was already oozing juices like a stream.

Rafiq said “Pooja how I wish I would have been the lucky one to be eating you right now”. Mom said “you can eat me even now if you want”. He looked at mom in astonishment unable to believe his ears.

He asked “I hope you are not joking Pooja because all these years you never allowed me”. Mom said “No, I am serious, you see at that time I did not have him as my boyfriend” pointing at me.

Mom patted me, I got up and went and sat back on the stool. Rafiq laid mom on the couch and got between her legs. He said “Pooja you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen”.

He put his mouth to her pussy licking it for all it was worth with extra attention on her engorged clit. He said “Pooja your pussy tastes out of this world”. The moment he did this mom trembled with another powerful orgasm.

Rafiq surely might have felt very lucky getting a chance to lap up her flowing honey so quickly into the game. While he was enjoying his dreams and fantasies come true, Ayesha stood there frustrated because Rafiq had fucked her only for a few seconds before moving on to his priceless trophy.

She went to Rafiq and they whispered something between themselves. Then she turned and came to me, she bent forward bringing her lips to mine. I grabbed the chance holding her face and kissed her lips hard.

During the smooch I felt up her hot and tender body especially her big tight boobs and fleshy buttocks. After the kiss she quickly removed all my clothes and knelt between my legs holding my shaft and licked it.

I looked perplexed at Rafiq because this was the last thing I was expecting, he said “it would only be fair that you enjoy my wife while I am enjoying your girlfriend”.

I gave him a wide smile thanking him. Ayesha was really good with her mouth and I could feel the pressure building in my balls. So I stopped her and took her inside the bedroom laying her on the bed.

I got on top kissing her from head to toe making her squirm crazily. Maybe she was experiencing this for the first time. Then I came to her boobs giving them all the love putting my full foreplay skills to good use.

Even before I had my fill with her boobs she trembled crazily as a strong orgasm passed thru her. When she came round, she held my face pulling me up and kissing me wildly.

Then she said “thank you sir, this was the first time I have ever experienced something like this”. I said “wait till I serve you the main course” and went back to her boobs.

To be continued….

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