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My girls

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These two are my pets one owns my heart and old hers the others body is worthy of being my bestfriend even if she wasn’t delightful

The peak of what i crave what my dick needs my bestfriend who’s body is much better then her friendship she knows I’d choose it over her it turns her on
Raerae basically groomed me over years to love sluts she has 3 guys she is the gf of like my gf is a gorgeous prude it took forever to freely breed her Raerae’s guys and their friends all cum in her everyday and when the bf is asleep or at work or they are just enthroned on his friends all come and use her I was impregnating both of them and infected Raerae slut why isn’t your pussy devouring my cum she said I was going to lie and say I’m on my period but I’m being neeed by the guy i actually care for you can come
Fuck my throat of feed me your cum his bestfriend too and she’s swallowed 4 guys total titfuck her and cover her face and fits ill lick it up and my
Guy will likely give you head if it’s i recorded her reverse cowgirl my bestfriend that is as I came in her she felt it
And twerked milkin me for every drop and it showed her body well

Kristal moaned they can cummin my asshole they heads that in the video they were there quick and ignored rae one under her anal one titfucking her one throat fickingmhern imknee she was pregnant by me already she wanted more the guys didn’t
Care what she wanted and she got
Dp while titfucked and throated Rae moaned they get me high on meth to use me like that

I didn’t her high I wanted usd her like I do your friends she giggled she is
Loving it I asked how many of them have cummin ur pussy
They all do I gave them all head last night I’lltill they begged me to stop one by one

My bf was asleep on the couch if he woke he would
Of seen everything
In her at that

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  • Reply BayratPirate ID:5jn9s0yyur9

    Us English NOT your first language?
    Seriously, take an English class. Preferably, Grammar 101.
    This was unreadable.
    My brain hurts after trying to read this…

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1da8yosz7u0a

    Go back to school, and learn how to put a sentence together.