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My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 4

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Bobbi loses her virginity and is a very quick learner!

I am lying there next to Bobbi and thinking, should I get some lube from bathroom? It may help with penetration and make the pain less. Do I go through her hymen fast, slow, all in one motion? All of a sudden I realize that I am over-thinking this and I need to just make it as comfortable for Bobbi as possible. I have only been with one other virgin and that was many years ago. It wasn’t that memorable, but this was something totally different. One thing I have always done in my love making was to make sure the woman was always first in her pleasure and never uncomfortable. Lube? Yeah lube. I started to get up and head for the bathroom but Bobbi asked, “Where are you going? Don’t leave me now.” With that she grabbed me by the neck and waist and pulled me back down beside. “I was just going to get some Vaseline as I thought that might help with penetration,” I said. “I want this as painless as possible for you.” “Oh, so much older than me and so much sillier,” she said. “Put your hand on my pussy and see for yourself if you really think lube is necessary.” With that she spread her legs apart again and took my hand and guided it to her tight pussy. “Ok. Now stick a finger in me.” I put my middle finger in her and left the others out on her smooth pussy lips. As soon as my finger entered her she let out a big sigh follow by a low groan. UGGHH! she went. If my finger would have needed air to breath, it would have drowned in that instant. She was sopping wet and it was still pouring out of her. Ok. I’m an idiot. No lube. But man is that pussy tight on my finger. Now, my finger is in her tight hole so I am going to find out how deep her hymen is and bump it with my finger to see if there is any reaction. I slowly push my finger in and all of a sudden it stops and I can feel it. I am about half way between the first and second knuckle of my middle finger. I did a quick little tap on it with the tip of my finger and she flinched a little bit. “You felt that, huh?”, I asked. She nodded her head yes. “Did it hurt at all?” “No but I knew you were there.” This pussy is like a vise on my finger but it is sloppy wet. I run my finger in and out a bit not going past her hymen and she is starting to react to the rhythm. Just little pelvic movements to meet my finger thrusts and her breathing is getting a little faster. Yeah! I can see this is going to be fun. I’m letting her get used to my finger, she’s letting out soft little moans, when all of a sudden her eyes fly open and she looks at me and says in a voice that is low and demanding. “Take me now, Brian. I will never be more ready than I am right now. Fuck me until we can’t fuck anymore. I so want and need you inside me.” Wow! It’s hard to believe that this little thing is only 15 years old. I climb over top of her and spread her legs and get in between them. I lie down on top of her, grab her legs behind her knees and get my dick right up to where I can feel her pussy lips against my mushroom head. I give her a soft long kiss and pull back. Her eyes are closed. “Look me in the eyes,” I told her. She opens them and I said, “Hun, no matter what you think, the pain you are going to experience will not last for very long. It is not being done to intentionally hurt you as there is no other way to break your hymen. There may be some blood after but……” She giggles, cuts me off, and says, “Shut the fuck up, Brian. I know it will not be your fault. Just please make love to me.” You cannot believe the wave of relief that went through me at that moment. I slowly start to push past her pussy lips and into her dark hole. The sensation is just unbelievable! I get most of the head in and god is she tight. I have never experienced anything this tight. Brenda is tight but not like this. “OH. MY. GOD.” she quietly whispers in my ear. Her breathing is becoming more and more labored. She has her arms wrapped around my neck and moves her legs from my arms and wraps them around my waist and locks her ankles. Guess I’m not going anywhere soon. Thank you for those long legs! All of a sudden I can feel resistance to my slow pushing. I’m up against her hymen and she knows it. She winces a little. “OK, get ready. Take a deep breath and try not to tense up. This is going to hurt but I promise it will not last long. You ready?” She gets a death grip on my neck with her arms and with her legs around my waist, takes a deep breath, hesitates for a moment, and then whispers, “Do it.” I put some pressure on her golden gate and it didn’t give. So I added enough to where I knew it would penetrate. Suddenly I felt it give away and so did she. My dick slid past the ruptured hymen well into her. She winced, gasped, and gripped tighter on me. UGGGHHH! she went. I was three quarters my length into her but I just held it there for now letting her get used to it. Damn she was tight! She let up a little on my neck so I pulled up off her chest a bit and looked at her face. You could see the pain on her face and a tear was running down the side of her face towards her temple. I whispered in her ear, “I so sorry, honey. It will go away soon.” And I kissed away the tear. She just nodded her head with her eyes closed tightly and didn’t say a word.

We stayed like that for a few minutes and she was slowly starting to relax her grip on me which told me that pain was starting to subside. Once that happened I slowly pushed the rest of the way into her and she gasped again as she felt my pelvic bone against hers and her clit. My balls were resting against her little rose bud. “Holy Shit” she whispered. I started to pull out slowly and got about half way and shoved back in. I decided to start a slow rhythm, half way out and slowly back. She’s hanging on to me and is starting to answer mine with her own rhythm. “Feeling better now?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head and answered with a groan. I decided to pick up the pace and she kept right up with me. Yeah she’s starting to get the hang of this. Slowly the groans of pain were turning into moans of pleasure. I am starting to pick up the pace some and she is matching me. By now we are going along pretty good and she is starting to build up to her very first intercourse orgasm. I am making sure that my pelvic bone is slapping her big clit every time I hit bottom. Suddenly she unlocks her ankles and puts her legs straight out and up into the air. This actually helps give me a little better access to that tight fine pussy. She grabs me by the hips and yells, “FUCK ME, BRIAN! FUCK ME HARD! MAKE ME CUM! OH GOD! OH GOD! THIS FEELS SO GOOD! By now I am slamming that petit little girl as hard as I dare for the first time. All of a sudden she just screams, “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING” I can feel her pussy muscles flexing hard and in a regular rhythm. I’m not done yet though and like or not, neither is she. All this time her juices are just pouring out of her. And I was worried about needing lube. I can tell she is coming down off that orgasm so I just start plowing it to her again. This brings her right back up to her second orgasm. She’s just like her sister. Can cum as often and as many times as she wants. “FUCK ME, BRIAN! FUCK ME! CUM INSIDE ME! I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUMMING IN ME! GIVE ME ALL YOU HAVE! She is getting ready for her third orgasm so now I’m in this for me. I am slamming her and at this point not worried if I am hurting her as I am obviously not anymore. I can feel my load starting to rise up into my dick and it just explodes into her hot little cunt. I am spraying rope after rope into her. She feels it exploding into her and that just pushes her over the edge into her third orgasm. “ARRRGGGHHH! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” she screams. I know the neighbors heard that one. I collapse on top of her and just lay there as we are both trying to catch our breath. Finally after a few minutes my dick goes soft so I roll of off her onto my back. She slides up next to me and lays her head on my chest and kisses my right nipple. “Well, are you ok? How do you feel?”, I ask. “OMG Brian! That was just totally wonderful. If you weren’t Brenda’s already, I would claim you for my own. She’s a lucky woman.” Like that’s gonna be ok with our age difference. She then giggled and said, “I can feel your cum inside my pussy. It’s all squishy and warm. I love it,” and she giggles again. She can act like a grown woman one moment and the next instant be that little 15 year old again. We cuddled up there and she fell asleep.

I was still awake when I heard the front door open. I didn’t panic as I knew it would be Brenda. She was due back about now. I heard her put her purse and car keys on the counter and walk down the hallway towards the bedroom. I shook Bobbi awake and said, “Brenda’s home.” She opened her eyes but didn’t move. We were lying on the bed still naked and cuddled up when Brenda walked in and flipped on the bedroom light. “Hey you two. What have you b-b-been up to? Have any fun while I was g-g-gone?,” she giggled. Bobbi motions for her to walk over to the bed. Brenda comes over and Bobbi wraps an arm around her neck and pulls her into her face. Bobbi plants her lips on Brenda’s and proceeds to give her a long, slow, warm kiss of which Brenda happily returned. They break and Bobbi still hanging on to Brenda’s neck says, “Thanks Sis. You were right. He is just totally the right guy to teach me the correct way. I will never be able to thank you enough for this. It was just fabulous. I am too sore to go again right now but I can’t wait for the next time.” Brenda leans across Bobbi and plants a big wet one on my lips, pulls back , and winks at me. “Thanks for taking good care of my baby sister.” I winked back. As a last gesture Brenda hovers over Bobbi, leans down and takes her sisters nipple and as much of her right breast into her mouth as she can, gives it a big hard suck and lets it pop out of her mouth. “Till next time, little sis.” She then smacks Bobbi on her firm little tush and looks at both of us and says, “ Come on, throw on some cloths and lets all go share a bowl. I want to hear all about how it went.” Bobbi and I just looked at each other, she giggled and I chuckled.

Till next time, little sis……………….

Up next, part 5 – Brenda takes a helping hand in Bobbi’s sexual education.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0j

    I simply loved it and this happen more then you know. In my 20’s it seemed like I met a ton of gals with younger sisters that were just itching to loose their V card. Some were like 16 and 17 but some were like 10, 11 and 12 which is absolutely fine with me. I turned many a young girl into a cum slut in my day. Nothing wrong with loving sex as it is not only such a wonderful feeling but is completely healthy.

  • Reply Noone ID:1de15q4cpumt

    Next chapter please

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Great story keep fucking your sister sister. She needs her ass fucked and impregnated.