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My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 2

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Bobbi had her little sister sleep over and it turned out totally different than anything I would have ever expected.

About 8 months have passed and Brenda has graduated high school and moved into my apartment after my last roommate moved out. She had been living with her older married sister and wanted out of that situation. Not that it was bad, but Brenda was very strong minded and didn’t like the restrictions that her sister and brother-in-law had put on her. That’s the very reason she didn’t live with her mother any more, Mom couldn’t handle her. I was ok with it as I really liked her, we got along great, and the sex was some of the best I ever had. Turns out there was a lot more to Brenda than I knew at the time.

I got home from work on a Friday and was looking forward to the weekend as it is summer and the weather had been beautiful. I walk in the door and Brenda who is home from work already comes bouncing up to me and says, “I invited my sister Bobbi to spend the weekend. She says she needs to get away from mom so I told her that she could spend a couple of nights here and mom is all for it. Hope that it’s ok with you.” Not a problem, I reply. Now mind you that Bobbi is a beautiful little 14 year old and I have to admit that I have stared at her a few times when no one was looking but I have no other intensions of anything else. I’ve seen her in a bikini a couple of times and WOW! A lot of 14 year olds are not this filled out. Bobbi is about 5’4”, maybe 95lbs, light brown slightly curly hair to the middle of her back, long slim legs, curves in all the right places, an absolutely gorgeous face, dark brown eyes, pert little nose, the cutest little b-cup titties, and a really fine firm ass. Even better than Brenda tight little butt. She has a bubbly personality and is just a typical 14 year old with no interest in boys. Notice I said boys.

I jumped in the shower to get the days filth off me and when I’m out and dressed Brenda comes to me as says, “Brian, we have to go pick up Bobbi. Mom will not drop her off. They have been fighting with each other the last few days and mom is just fed up with her.” “No problem,” I replied. “It’s only a 15 minute drive. Not like its half way across the state.” So off we go. We get there and with the car barely stopped, Bobbi storms out of the house and you could tell she was all pissed off. She throws her bag in, gets in the car and Brenda and I at the very same time say, “Hi Bobbi!” very cheerfully, knowing that she is pissed as hell. “Fuck off both of you!” Now that’s the very first time I hear Bobbi swear even though I know she’s far from the perfect angel. Brenda is just cracking up trying not to laugh out loud and I guess I was just sitting there with a stupid look on my face. “Just get me out of here.” says Bobbi. And off we went.

I decided to fix some burgers on the grill that evening as it was a beautiful summer day and I wanted to help Bobbi get into a better mood. Apparently food helps Bobbi with her moods and she mowed down two of them in nothing flat. Don’t know how that skinny little shit could eat like that and still keep that tiny frame of hers. It was getting later and nobody was ready for bed so we decided to play some cards to pass the time. (You have to remember this was the early ‘80s and we had no internet, streaming video, Facebook, etc. We didn’t even have cable TV yet in our building). I started drinking beer while I was fixing the burgers so I was getting a decent drunk going by now. Brenda looks at Bobbi and asks, “Would you like to share a bowl with me? You have smoked pot before, right?” Bobbi just gives her a ‘Well, Duhhh’ look to which Brenda just starts cracking up already knowing she has. So now I have a pretty good alcohol buzz going and the girls are getting a good pot buzz and we are having a blast just talking, laughing, and playing cards.

To this day I don’t know what was said between the girls to get this started, but next thing I know Bobbi’s hand is on my cock and she looks at her sister and says, “Is this Brenda’s?” I’m in shock. I have this beautiful little 14 year old holding and shaking my dick asking her sister if it was hers. I was frozen in place not knowing what to do, so I just kept playing cards. Keep in mind, I have never had any sexual thoughts about Bobbi before. She was just a little 14 year old to me. I am 13 years older than her! Well, I’m drunk enough that I’m not going to stop her. Brenda is just sitting to my left just giggling and smiling at me and Bobbi. By now I’m getting horny and my dick is starting to grow. Obviously my drinking increased. This happens a few more times with Bobbi grabbing me and shaking my dick. I finally looked at her and said, “Keep that up and I’m gonna get it out, Bobbi.” I look at Brenda to see her reaction and she is just laughing at us. Then at almost the same time both Brenda and Bobbi say, “I dare you.” Well I’m looking at jail bait but I am drunk enough that I don’t care anymore. I am horny and have a raging hard on. So I reach into my shorts and pull out my dick. This thing is rock hard. We go back to playing cards for a minute and all of a sudden I feel a hand on my dick. It was Bobbi’s! Fuck! Here sits a lovely young girl with her hand on my dick, her sister is sitting there just buzzed up and giggling, and now she starts to slowly stroke me. My face must have changed to my sex face and as Brenda knows what that looks like she reaches under the table and starts playing with my balls. I’m kinda frozen as I’m still not quite sure how my girlfriend will react to her sister jerking me off. Well stupid me, Brenda looks a Bobbi and asks, “You know what to do?” Bobbi, “Yup. My girlfriends and I always talk about sex and I have learned a few things from them.” Well now this is green light for me. I look at Brenda and she just winks at me. By now Bobbi’s stroke speed has increased and I can feel my load starting to build in my balls. Brenda has stopped playing with them and has sit back just to watch. I look over at Bobbi. Here is this beautiful little virgin and all I can think of now is how bad I want to see her naked and fuck her till she can’t stand it anymore. That was enough for me and I blew my load all over the bottom of the table and Bobbi’s hand and my stomach! I just kept cumming and it didn’t want to stop. I looked at Bobbi and her pretty brown eyes were huge. I knew then that it was her first hand job. Brenda just sat there and giggled at both of us. We cleaned up the mess and headed off to bed as it was almost 2am by that time. For a wonderful final to the day, Bobbi asks Brenda, “Can I sleep with you guys?” “Sure,” says Brenda, “that would be great.” In my mind I am doing a fist pump in the air. What a finish to the day. Sleeping with two beautiful naked young women in the same bed. Every man’s dream come true. I immediately fell asleep. I was too drunk to do anything else.

Thought this part of the story was over, didn’t you?? Nope. Next morning I get up somewhere around 10 AM and look at the girls still sleeping. Brenda is spooning Bobbi and has her hand on Bobbi’s cute little left tit. I still haven’t seen Bobbi completely naked yet as when we went to bed it was dark and I was pretty drunk. Cute, but I need a cup of coffee as I have a pretty good hangover. It was all worth it though. I make my coffee and drink about half of it and it still hasn’t helped with the hangover. Maybe a shower will help some. I check on the girls and they are still sleeping so I go in the bathroom and start the shower. Get in and start to wash myself and was thinking about last night. Of course I’m getting hard again. My head was starting to clear some and I hear the bathroom door open. Next I hear someone peeing into the toilet. Definitely had to go bad whoever it was. Peeing stops, a slight pause, and its starts all over again. Hmmm. Had no idea that someone could piss that much. All of a sudden the shower curtain pulls back a bit and Brenda steps into the shower. Ah, I may get shower sex today. WAIT! I still hear peeing! A second later the peeing stops and the shower curtain moves back again. NO WAY! Bobbi steps into the shower in all her full nakedness. Holy shit! I thought I had hit the lottery. By now I am fully awake and seeing Bobbi completely for the first time was just unbelievable. Here I am, totally naked, with two of the most beautiful women, in the shower. I just look at both of them and said, “What’s this all about?” Bobbi says, “I need a shower.” Brenda, “Me too.” Ok. I’m game. I was almost done with my shower so I figured I might as well help them with theirs. I start lathering up Brenda paying attention to some specific areas and she is loving it. Suddenly Bobbi says, “I could use some help too, ya know.” Yup! I’m game. I start lathering her shoulders and back and work my way down to her firm little ass and she giggles as I’m working on that. Suddenly she turns around and faces me and just smiles. I can take a hint. So I start lathering the front of her neck and shoulders and suddenly my morals decide to kick in. Brian! WTF are you doing! (Damn clear head)! She’s just a 14 year old virgin! Do you WANT TO GO TO JAIL! I stopped just before I got to those cute little tits. I took my hands off her and looked at her adorable face and she had that bottom lip stuck out in a cute little pout. Damn it! “My boobies need to be cleaned too you know,” she said. I hesitated for a second and the next thing I know Brenda reaches around from behind Bobbi and starts to lather up Bobbi’s boobs. That was it for me! Morals be damned! I reach over to Bobbi and with lathered hands start working on her flat little tummy with Brenda is still working on her titties. I slowly work by way down to her pussy and notice and nice little patch of light brown pubic hair. Gotta lather that up! I start on that and slowly move my hand in between her pussy lips and get that all soapy. While doing that I found her clit and slowly worked on that. Now with Brenda massaging her tits and kissing her neck from behind, I am rubbing her pussy and clit and this girl is in seventh heaven. I think she was starting to work up to her first ever orgasm. All of a sudden you could feel the shower water start changing temperature. Both girls looked at me and said, “Gotta rinse off” We were running out of hot water. FUCK! I thought. We got out and dried off and got dressed.

Nothing happened the rest of the weekend and I could tell that Bobbi was not quite ready to go the rest of the way, which was fine with me. Losing her virginity was a little scary and I didn’t want to rush anything. Couldn’t have been a better weekend though and I knew we put Bobbi in a much better mood. I did, however, see Bobbi in a completely different light now.

Next up – Part 3 – More of Brenda and Bobbi and Brian!

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      Nope. You are wrong. They were the one’s controlling the moment. It was their decision to stop.

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