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My First Glory Hole

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My trucker boyfriend showed me a Glory Hole

After my divorce I hooked up with a long haul trucker. I asked him one day what a glory hole was and what happened in them. He later pulled into an Adult Book Store and we went in, he had explained what happens in one so I knew what to expect. We stood in the dark video booth room for awhile. There was a black trucker and his son came into the room and started looking me over. My boy friend told me to go into one of the booths. I went in and soon a hard black cock came through a hole in the wall. I played with it and soon was giving it a good sucking and stroking it until he shot his load all over my face. I cleaned my face and sat on the bench then another black cock came in the hole, I saw it was a long hard skinny one,,obviously the sons. I played with it and then backed up to it and maneuvered it into my hot wet pussy as he strained to fucked me hard,as I pushed back as hard as I could and drained his young bloated balls.
Now I was hooked on glory holes, every time I saw one, I would ask if my boyfriend could stop. sometimes he would stop and let me have some fun. Of course he would have some fun if there was some hot chick in a glory hole booth. Sometimes I wanted to be a little more intimate with a man and would invite them into my booth and we would kiss and fondle before full blown sex.
He was not into gay sex.

We stayed with each other for about a year traveling all over the USA.

I soon became tired of the lifestyle and found another lover to live with. I must admit I miss the hard cocks and their sperm filled balls shooting all over me or into my hot pussy. I have cheated on my current boyfriend with the two college boys in the nearby apartment. It is just friends with benefits with them. I am in my 40’s and the boys are around 20 years. They are very hot and horny.

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    When I was 15 my dad let his best friend take me on a date he was 37 black man little chubby not fat really cute and fun. I’m 5ft 2 big butt and 32. D tits I’m a fat girl well I dated this man and on the third date I ended up on his bed at 1 in the morning getting fucked by a huge cock and he was going in out very slow at first and then I was getting fucked so hard I left stains on the bed. He nutted in my mouth and I couldn’t hold in all he sent a picture to my dad with cum all over my face and tits

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    I will bring my future wife and daughter to the Gloryhole all the time and I will also suck long dicks with my future daughter! We will live for a week in the Glory Hole, eating only sperm and urine, there will be a long line of male dicks at our mouths, we will swallow liters of sperm, some men will pee in our mouths without removing their dicks!

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    Glory holes are great fun! I used to love it when boys would back their bums up against the hole for a good fucking!

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    Betty very hot story do you have a way I can get into contact with you I would love to chat with you