My dear magician

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My erotic poem about special, desired man. (+ artworks)


My desired man, I want you so much,
I need your every gentle touch,
I dream of you all the time,
I wish you were only mine,
my sweetness, my sin, my addiction.
Oh, my dear magician,
make my dream come true,
all I want is you!
Looking to your blue eyes
with color of airy skies,
I’m licking your sweet lips,
you takes me by my hips.
I’m squeezing your lovely butt
which turns me on. It’s so hot!
Oh, your magical stick
is so long and thick!
So delicious position…
Oh, my dear magician,
Now I have one more dream,
I wanna eat whipped cream
personally from you…
So, make my dream come true!
And now, with your permission,
I touch your wand, my magician.
Oh! Whipped cream splashes! I wanna eat,
with kisses and licking… mmm… so sweet…
mmm… so delicious…
Oh, my dear magician,
my third dream is to fly
in the big starry sky!
I can do it only with your wand,
right now, that’s the only thing I want…
I feel your powerful wand in me,
its magic moves make me scream,
call the fire and the streams.
Now all my sweetest dreams
came true! After this, I kiss your cheek,
lick your lips, stroke your long stick,
my dear magician, only thanks to you
my biggest, beautiful dreams came true.


Thanks for reading! Now I will show my artworks (almost all have nothing to do with this poem, there is just age gap – elderly man and young girl).



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    older man, Thank you very much but I wanted to add artworks

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    Please tell me how to edit this??? I did a mistake…

    • older man ID:8k416ftgm4

      you cant edit but it is lovely

  • Reply fantasies_in_lilacs ID:2rujsmmv1

    Where are my artworks???

    • fantasies_in_lilacs ID:2rujsmmv1

      Yay! Artworks are here! Thank you SexStories69!!