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My Brazilian Mistress Helps me Through My Cheating Wife’s Infedelity

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“Holy Shit! Fuck me just like that!” I heard my wife, Lily, moaning. I had come home from work not even an hour early, and as I walked in the bed was creaking and the moaning was intense. “Fill my Goddamn pussy with cum, you motherfucker!” she screamed. My wife has always been vocal in bed, and it has gotten me off so many times before, but today, I wasn’t the one in bed with her. You see when I came home there was another car in the driveway. I didn’t think much, probably a friend having coffee or something, but once I heard her screaming and moaning as our bed creaking filled the house, I knew it was “a friend”. My beautiful wife was cheating on me, and part of me wanted to just turn around and leave, but another part wanted to confront her, just to see if it really is her. I held out hope that she was just furiously masturbating by herself and that our marriage wasn’t over, but as I opened the door I saw her on her hand and knees as a strange man was balls deep inside her pussy, the pussy I married. She was only 22 years old but her busty breasts hung down like her mother’s did, at least 32EE cups. Draping over those lovely pillows was her nipple length golden blonde hair, wavy but not curly, that was being pulled back by this man. Her busty tits were swinging as her wide hips and ass got slammed by his hips with his every thrust.

She had a perfect hourglass shape, and went to the gym to maintain it. Her mother looked almost the same at her age, which assured me that my wife would stay the sexy little minx I married. Now she’s on our bed getting plowed from the back by some random thug, a black man I’ve never seen before in my life. I don’t know how they knew each other, but finding him here, it took every ounce of willpower in my body to not beat him to death right then and there. I said nothing as they looked up and saw me there, my wife’s orgasmic expression replaced instantly with a pale “Oh fuck!” look as she launched off his dick to run after me. I said nothing and walked out of the house, she grabbed my shoulders to try and get me to stay, crying and begging, offering up desperate apologies. Before I opened the door I slapped her across the face, saying if she wanted to be a whore, she shouldn’t have wasted my time marrying me, she just sank to the floor crying as I left. I was hurt because she never gave an indication that this was something she was doing, or even cable of doing.

We met in college when she was just 2 months into her first year, as I was finishing my last. She was 18 and I was 22, now she’s 22 and I’m 26. When we met there was something different about her compared to the other girls I had been with, most girls in college are basically whores getting an education, but not her, she made me work for her, which is something I never thought I’d do for a woman, but on our wedding night, I was rewarded with her untouched virgin pussy grabbing hold of my cock like a vise and milking the biggest load of my life out of me. I didn’t know sex could feel so good until I was fucking her. The best part, is she’s never taken birth control or made me use a condom, every time is 100% natural, and it makes the loads I gave her that much larger. She was the perfect wife to me and I was the perfect husband to her in return. I honestly couldn’t think of how, when or where she found the time to find another man, build some kind of relationship with him, then fuck him in our bed. It had to be some kind of one night stand type encounter, but even then, why would she do it? What had I ever done wrong that made her want to fuck another man, a black man no less?

I spent the night in some random hotel, not speaking to anyone, with my phone on silent. I woke up the next morning to 109 missed calls and text messages from my wife, begging me to forgive her and that she “knows she fucked up” and wants to fix things. I didn’t respond, I wasn’t ready for that yet. Instead I went in to work that morning as usual, trying to calm myself down. I wasn’t thinking about work though, not for a minute, and it must’ve showed because one of my coworkers, Carla the office mother, came and asked what’s wrong. I didn’t really want to get into it with her here, but she kept insisting I tell her so I just said, “I caught Lily cheating with someone last night.” and she understood right away. You see Carla is the “office mother” because she’s almost in her 60’s. She said she didn’t plan on working this long but years ago when she was 46 her husband, 48 at the time, left her to be with some young girl fresh out of college in her early 20’s. She was devastated by it and now has to work since her husband left her with nothing. Over 10 years later, she’s managed to build her life back and has her own house and car, nothing fancy but for her situation it’s better than to be expected. She invited me over for dinner that night, saying I could stay in her guest bedroom too, not wanting to spend another night alone in a hotel I accepted.

One other thing about Carla, is she’s Brazilian. She speaks perfect English but has that strange type of accent that on a woman is just the perfect recipe for a boner. I can’t describe it but it’s just so oddly sexy that everyone loves her, even though she nearly 20 years older than the rest of the staff here. The rest of the day sort of just disappeared in a blur as I was still too heart broken to do much of anything. It’s not like I’m unattractive or have let myself go after marrying my wife. I’m neither a body builder or have a dad-bod but am a nice trim, healthy figure with short brown hair. I stand about 6’4″, just tall enough for my wife head to rest against my chest when we stand together. I love the feel of her perky nipples as her boobs press against my stomach. Her body was enough to send me over the edge at any time or place. Yet now all I can see is her on the end of some black man’s dick. The thought swirled around in my head until once more Carla broke me out of it and said to follow her. I checked my watch and saw it was already the end of the day, she said I’m in no position to drive and that she’d give me a ride to her place. As I followed her I peaked at her full round breasts, for her age they looked amazing, as did her ass which lived up to the stereotype of her country.

Her skin was smooth creamy brown, a sort of Mediterranean type of tan that paired with her dark black hair and accent was a deadly combination. We made it to her home and went inside. I helped her make dinner as she told me how she felt years ago in my position, and how she got through it. She said I have it worse because I saw Lily in bed, naked with someone else, whereas she was simply left alone one day to imagine her husband fucking some younger woman. She told me as we ate, that as hard as it is, that I need to forgive her and work to fix things even if I don’t want to, and that she wishes she could’ve done the same with her husband but never was able to. When I told her I didn’t want to take back some cheating whore, she told me that I need to hold her accountable as well. I don’t have to just forget what she did, but remind her that if I stay with her, she has to be the woman I married and not some ditzy little slut. She said she be willing to have us both over to talk, so she can help me decipher the “woman-talk” language she’d use to justify her actions. “You need a woman on your side, and I can be her, if you’re willing.” she said.

“I just don’t know, Carla. Seeing her with a black man, hearing her say the things she said while fucking him, I just can’t get over it.”

It had been almost two hours of us going back and forth, with me arguing that I can’t take Lily back and Carla saying I should. Finally she just stood up, walked around the table, pulling my chair out and standing over me, her legs on either side of my left leg. She sat down on my hip and pressed her boobs up towards my face while grabbing my face in her hands. “If you won’t listen to what I’m telling you, let me give you the distraction I wish I had when I was you. Maybe then you’ll do as I say.” she said in her sexy voice, which she was clearly playing up even more now. I didn’t know what she meant by distraction until she locked lips with me, sitting on my thigh kissing me passionately. Instantly I took control and moved her to the empty spot on the table next to us, laying her on her back and lifting the dress she had on up over those wide hips of hers. The pent up rage, frustration, and sexual betrayal and confusion exploded out of me, with her as the apparently willing recipient. I laid on top of her, standing on the floor but bent over on top of her on the table as I fingered her pussy, no panties on under her dress. Naughty girl. I felt her bush on my wrist as my fingers played around the outside, and the inside of her now gushing wet pussy.

As I fingered her on her table, she started moaning in her native Portuguese, “Sim! Eu quero isso!” as she felt me up and down with her hands. I hurriedly got undressed as we pulled her dress off up over her shoulders. All she had on was a pink lace bra, which held her tits but only really covered her nipples. No panties on down below and my underwear had fallen around my ankles. She put her hands on my chest to push me up off her. She stood up after me and I thought for a moment she had come to her senses and was going to stop this before it went further. Instead she found her own sexual aggression and pushed me back against the wall and dropped to her knees taking my already rock hard dick in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it like a fucking slut, and not some cheap escort, I mean a professional whore. Deep throating my shaft with ease, slobbering on me as she sucked up and down without gagging. I’ve never been sucked like this and I just about shot a load like a fire hose in her mouth but saved myself. She stood up and whispered in my ear, softly, “I’m too old to get pregnant.” as she gave me a sexy wink as she turned around and strutted of down the hall. No man alive could resist such an invitation. Fucking a Brazilian milf and giving her a creampie in her own bed? How could I resist?

I followed her down, watching her juicy ass bounce in that beautiful way a woman’s ass bounces when she walks as I followed her into her bedroom. I stood in front of her as she put her hands on my chest again, “I haven’t been fucked since my husband left me.” she said. That’s a crime in itself. I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up around my waist. She was heavier than my wife, but her thick ass felt great in my hands as she wrapped her legs around my waist instinctively. I slowly lower her down on my cock, her pussy gripping my shaft as tight as possible. Her pussy was so soft and tight I wondered if her husband had ever fucked her. What kind of man leaves a woman like this? As she dropped down further and further on my cock she cried out, “Sim! Mais, Mais, Mais!” I didn’t speak her language, but I understand the desperate body language of a woman in heat, the only thing to be done was give her the dick she had been sorely missing. This beautiful woman was 32 years older than me, yet I held her naked ass in my hands as I fucked her delicate pink pussy mercilessly standing above her bed. She was older than my own mother yet instead of stopping me she begged me for more.

I jack-hammered her sweet cunt until we reached our first mini orgasm, a small one, but it lead to me dropping her on her back into the bed and holding her left leg high in the air as I straddled her right beneath me as I fucked her aggressively. It looked like lesbians scissoring each other, except I had my cock buried in her pussy putting some real work in. In seconds she was already climaxing a second time, I felt the rush of her pussy juices leaking out around my shaft. This wasn’t like a porno where we were opened up to the camera, this was a close-in, personal, intimate fucking as I fondled her juicy tits while she held herself open for my cock to reach deeper into her cunt. All the while, we were locked in a kissing session that my wife and I had only had a few times before. She held my face, and wrapped her hands around my back, desperately grabbing me anyway she could as my delivered her a level of pleasure she hadn’t felt in over a decade. Her desperate pussy orgasm seemingly with every thrust, juices spilling out onto her bed sheets like a waterfall. The wetter she got, the easier it was to fuck her, the more I fucked her the wetter she got, orgasm after orgasm until she became light headed and dizzy from orgasming so much.

“Please keep fucking me! Please keep fucking me! Fuck me like your virgin bride!” she moaned as she slipped in and out of consciousness.

I just kissed her and drilled her pussy harder. “Fuck baby, Yes!” she moaned before passing out completely. It was like those videos of people on amusement park rides, getting shot into the air and passing out before waking up again, over and over. Except she was naked, under me, and I kept fucking her hard and deep in between. I gave her a minute to catch her breath, mostly because I wanted this to go on longer and didn’t want to cum yet, and flipped her on her stomach, entering her pussy from behind in a prone-bone position on her bed, holding my hand around her throat as he creamed herself harder than at any other point as I choked her while drilling her cunt from behind. “You like me choking you, you fucking slut!?” I said in her ear as I drilled her. “You want me to fuck you like a desperate milf bitch?”

“Jesus Fucking Christ, YES! Fuck my goddamn pussy like a fucking whore! I’ve never been fucked like this in my life!” she screamed.

I continued to pour my rage towards my wife on Carla through a hate-fucking act of depravity. But she loved every second of it. I grabbed a pillow and flipped her back over. Now on her back I put the pillow under her ass/ lower back and pushed her legs as far back toward her head as they could go. With my hands holding her thighs back, I stopped and ate her gushing pussy. Her pussy lips were stretched out and flapping with her age, but I ate her out like a taco, driving my tongue into her cunt licking and teasing her g-spot as my upper lips teased her very sensitive clit. Her whole pelvis was bucking against my head as ate her out. She was crying, weeping actually, because of the immense pleasure in her body right now. Her next orgasm sent a seizure through her body, and a burst of pussy juice spraying out against my face. Now soaking wet, I moved up, her legs still raised and reentered her pussy. Fucking her in an intense mating press. She told me before she was too old to get pregnant, and I intended to give every last drop of cum to her, filling her womb with my seed, even though she’d never give me a baby. In fact, cheating with her was better because of that. The sound of our hips slapping together as I fucked her deeper in her cunt echoed through the house as I yelled out, “I’m about to fucking cum! I’m gonna fucking cum in your pussy! OH FUCK! Jesus I fucking love you!” while blowing my load.

Never in my life has more sperm shot through my cock than right now. If this were my wife, she’d be pregnant with octuplets. I held myself inside her, too rock hard to go soft immediately, just crying and panting in pleasure with her as we kissed. “Holy fucking shit! You’re fucking amazing in bed!” I told her as I pulled out and rolled over.

“I have to make up for lost time.” she replied.

“Do you need help cleaning up?” I asked.

“Fuck it, just hold me.” she said as she rolled on her side. The rest of the night we cuddled, spooning in her bed naked with my cock against her thick Brazilian ass as my cum swam in her pussy. My arms wrapped over her cupping her tits in my hand as we slept. I’ve never seen a woman have so many orgasms as she did. She was right though, I didn’t think about my wife at all. Her distraction worked, and now with my mind clear, I thought about what she told me at dinner and decided to give it a try. The next morning we woke up and I called my wife, saying I was ready to talk. Carla and I got dressed and we drove to the office to get my car, I told her I’d be fine on my own, and that if things didn’t work out I’d love to spend another night with her. She kissed me and said I’m always welcome in her home, no matter the outcome. I got in my car and drove home. Once I arrived, I went inside and went with a stern, commanding tone as I spoke to her.

“Listen to me, I’ve had some time to think, and I’ve decided I’ll take you back on condition you tell me who that man was, and delete him from your life. I want to know how you met and I want to watch you delete all social media you have. I trusted you as my wife and you cheated, so now until you earn it back you’re just another whore. From here on the only men you get to interact with are me and your father. Anyone else I have to be present for, understood?” I said.

“Yes.” she replied

“Remember, you want to sleep around like a whore, I expect your pussy whenever I want without question. No more excuses for not giving me any, every time you do I’ll consider it because you fucked someone else and aren’t int the mood anymore. Now get on with the explanation.” I told her.

“Honest to God, babe. I only ever cheated once. I don’t know what I was thinking. We met at my yoga class and he kept hitting on me. I told him I was married and he just wouldn’t listen, he kept flirting more and more. He was so persistent and I guess I just stopped thinking. I don’t know, but I just thought if I gave in one time, you’d never know and he’d leave me alone after. He didn’t fuck me as good as you do though, he was so rough and violent. Please babe, I promise it won’t happen again! I’ll do anything you want! Just please forgive me!” she told me crying.

“If that’s the truth and you only cheated once, than tell me one thing, did he bust inside you? I can find my way to forgiving you if he didn’t, but let me find out you’re lying about any past of that story and your ass will be one the street where it belongs.” I told her.

“No, you caught us before he finished. After you left I was to broken to do anything more, so I made him leave.” she promised me.

“Well, forgive me for not believing that. But to ensure that’s the case, I want to make sure your first baby is mine and not some fucking black man’s. This is the part where you give yourself to me without argument, ok?” I said to her.

“Oh thank you, babe! I promise it meant nothing. I’ll never try anything again. Do whatever you want to me, my body belongs to you!” she said like a puppy excited after having been scorned. She gleefully stripped her clothes off, revealing those perfect tits. Even though she’s busty and thick as I described, compared to my Brazilian mistress, she’s a petite little girl. I wasn’t in the mood for a loving night of passionate like last night, today was a hate fucking to ensure her womb carried my seed. This wasn’t love making, it was a job to be done. I stood her up against the door frame, pushing an arch into her lower back with one hand and grabbing her throat with the other. Fucking her straight away from behind intensely. The hard, brutal fucking made her instantly wet, contrasting the usual loving sex we have that doesn’t seem to excite her much. As I continued fucking her in a way that looked like rape, she drained pussy juice on my shaft and moaned submissively as I continued choking her. “Fuck! You’ve never fucked me like this!” she whimpered.

“I didn’t know you were a fucking slut before!” I replied as I slapped her ass, leaving a red mark.

“Fuck yes, throw me around! Slap my ass, daddy!” she whimpered.

I slapped her ass twice more, even harder than before, while slamming her up against the wall as I continued to drill her cunt. I quickly moved her down on the floor into a doggy position holding her head to the floor as I raped her quivering pussy.

“Is this what you like, bitch? Getting fucked like trash! Railed on the floor like a God damn slut! You dirty fucking bitch!” I yelled out slapping her ass and fucking her intensely into the ground.

“Yes daddy! I’m a fucking slut! I’m fucking trash! Treat me like a whore!” she moaned.

Almost immediately I shot my cum deep into her fertile cunt. No warning just the splashing sensation of my cum coating the walls of her pussy to let her know I owned her womb. I puled out and stood up, looking at her laying on the floor quivering in her orgasm. “Don’t put clothes on, your my slut the rest of the day, if I so much as think you’re going to talk back, I’m fucking your mouth just as hard. Got it, slut?” I said to her.

“Yes, daddy.” she replied.

“Good girl.” I said.


I hope you like this one, I had the idea for this while writing my last story. Also, I’ve seen your comments on my last story asking for more parts so since you all enjoyed it, I’ll definitely continue here soon. I love reading your comments, so make them spicy! Attached are pictures of Carla the Brazilian milf and Lily the dirty little slut.


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      My husband gave me the idea to do a story where the husband or wife gets cheated on but doesn’t just go along with it like you see in a lot of stories but I came up with the specifics and made this. I hope you enjoyed it!

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