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My BF’s Dad who made my squirt for the first time is Back!

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Few months ago i would go to by boyfriend’s house usually when he wasn’t home just so i can let his Dad fuck me hard and suck on my pussy.
I’m 17 and he is 55 there about, I’ve never squirted till he made me , he would fuck me and flick my clit with his thumb till i let my water all out on him!!

My boyfriend has never acted like he knows I’m fucking his Dad, 3 months ago his Dad traveled out state for work and now he’s back, I don’t know if i should go back and have some strokes or just build my relationship with my boyfriend. Although i had this one time quick I with a church member at immaculate conception Catholic Church NC, he was sorta like my Godfather , he would always look at me in a certain type of way and I would think it’s The Godfather look (if there is anything as such ) one Sunday I was in the church basement getting my Mom’s garments ready for first Mass , he came down to me, asking me why I don’t join my mom as one of the choristers in church , I told him i wasn’t good at singing ( oh i clearly am a pro ) then he said the most romantic thing to me.

He said he would love to hear me moan , that way he would know if I’m good with my voice or not, i couldn’t comprehend how a man in his early 60s can be this charming with words, he came close to me and touched my butt, i looked him in the eyes and he touched me again , then he raised my skirt and squeezed on my butt hard, I pushed my self on him and rubbed my tits on his chest, my nipples were so hard it felt like they were gonna pop out my bra and blouse.

Then he finally reached for my boobs, squeezed one boob out and gave me one of the best sucking of my teenage life! He sucked and munched on me, he used his teeth’s and gave my pink hard nipples a faint bite, he licked my cleavage , by this time I was all wet and ready for him to just stick his cock in me.

He picked me up like a little girl and placed me on the table, he slowly spread my legs and shifted my own ties to the side m then he sucked on my pussy lips, how it make wet noises and dripped juice , he used 1 finger in me , and gradually proceeded to 2 fingers m then he pulled out his cock, he best my pussy with it then pushed in.

I could think of anything else than just the way his dick felt In me, he fucked me like he was still in his 20s, he turned me backwards and hit me from behind, I kept moaning and he kept saying “yes sing for me”

He turned me again and placed my kegs on his shoulders , sucking me and caressing my boobs!
After he was done he spilled the cum on the floor so he would stain my blouse , i could walk up the stairs for the first 3 minutes, he went up and i sat there in the basement waiting for my mom to come find me so I’ll act like I had stomach ache and be excused to drive back home, all I wanted was to take that feeling snd memory back home and fantasize more of how it all happened.

I don’t k ow if that’s a good thing because of where i had such a good sex, But what i know is, i love older men and i want to explore more, if Eric’s dad can make me squirt, I wonder what other Older men can make me do? 💁‍♀️

Older men from 50 above can email me [email protected]

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    Il add u on google chat im 55 and good story