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More times I was raped while in my teens

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Between 14-19 I got fucked by hundreds of men. Considering the number of men, I was lucky only to have got raped a few times.

I got raped a few more times when I was between 14-19, but the incidents were very few compared to the hundreds of men I sucked and who fucked me. Mostly it was during my cruising in the Cardiff Castle grounds and Sophia Gardens. I’d be walking around most nights and some days looking for men to use me.

One rape was a small one. It was just a mouth-fuck rape. A man had been following me for a few minutes and I was just about to walk off the path into the trees so I could strip off for him to use me. He wanted none of that. He caught up to me and pushed me down on my knees hard. I knew he wanted me to suck his cock, so I was ready for him to stick it in my mouth, but when he did he held my head and rammed it in fast. He then preceded to face-fuck me for what seemed like ages, his fast-thrusting cock pushing against the back of my throat until he came. Then he just walked off.

One evening I was walking in the Castle grounds as usual looking for men, when two straight-looking older teens walked towards me. One of them asked what I was doing there, and I said I was just walking. He laughed, and said he didn’t believe me, as I looked like a queer. His mate nodded in agreement, and said they were going to fuck my queer ass. He pushed me down over a fallen tree. The other one grabbed my arms on the other side of the trunk and held me down, while the first one pulled my jeans and pants down and rammed his hard cock right up me. He went on for a while, until he shot his spunk up me. The other one took his turn and before long he added his spunk to that of his mate in my ass. Now that they had finished raping me, the one guy pushed his cock in my mouth and ordered me to clean my own shit off his cock that had just raped me. They left me stretched-out over the tree and left me where they had raped me.

Another time, I was picked-up by a smart-looking man Gareth who invited me back to his flat. I got there and he poured some drinks. He was a professor from the local collage. I asked him if I could strip-off, as I was anticipating getting a nice fucking from him. When we finished our drinks, he led me into his bedroom. After stripping off himself, he pushed me onto my belly and started pushing his cock into me. He then began fucking me really hard, and I could see he was enjoying hurting me. I asked him to stop, but he just did it harder. After a while, he took a break. Reaching for a phone handset on the bedside table, he rang a number. When it was answered, he told the guy at the other end that he’d got another young chicken to rape, and to get over there. The other man arrived in no time. His name was Terry and he was a local TV film director. For the next hour or so, both men took turns in holding me down and violently raping me, doing their best to really hurt me as they were doing it to me. When they finished raping me, one of them threw a few pounds at me for a taxi and pushed me out of the door still naked, throwing my clothes after me.

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  • Reply Pervy pete ID:tqllaeetb74

    Does the cruising scene still exist at the castle area? Next time I’m in Cardiff I’ll go look and see if some horny little fucker like you needs my fat cock up their hole!

    • Cuckoldtoilet ID:bajcax8qk60

      From what I gather, it does. But if you find a twink like I was, best make sure he’s older than I was back then, so you don’t stand the risk of getting yourself in trouble. Happy buggering.

  • Reply Peter Fendt ID:2px1ogonu4h

    I would love to be a cuckold I learned how to suck cock from a 60 year old male and now I’m addicted to sucking cock. Peter Fendt 570-688-8965/[email protected]

  • Reply Leonard L. ID:5sowhxud0

    That “mouth-rape” part reminds me of something that happened one time. My ex-wife and I were experimenting with a cuckolding lifestyle and she was slowly but surely getting more aggressive and abusive. But only when cuckold sex was involved, she was her normal self otherwise. One time she and this guy and his what-I-thought-mild-mannered wife were going to have a foursome. However, we had been drinking for quite a while and nothing was happening. We were getting pretty fucked up. About that time my ex declares (right in front of them) “Get your cock out and jerk off for us. If you want to cum it’s now or never” I didn’t move. Then the guy’s wife said, “Do what she told you to do!” I was thinking “What the fuck?” So I started jerking it but it wasn’t getting hard. My ex told her “Take your shoes and socks off and make him suck your toes, He’ll cum in 30 seconds.” They both laughed. But she did it. My dick did in fact get hard then but my ex said I had to announce when I was going to cum. When I did, though, she told me to stop. She told me to get on my knees so her husband could face fuck me. I said no, but I’d suck it later, no problem. That pissed her off. They told me to get on my knees right fucking now. So I did. Her husband got his cock out and it was hard as a rock. My ex and the wife got on each side of me and told me I better not gag or any stupid shit like that. She held the back of my head while my ex held my mouth open. He jammed it in straight to the back of my throat. I gagged, of course. She got even more pissed. She got behind me and had me in kind of a chokehold. He gripped my head and started fucking my mouth. That seemed to me as close to a mouth-rape as you could get. His wife said (as I was trying to say I wasn’t cool with this) “Just shut up and let him cum in you! Stop moving and let him do it!” Sure as shit, he did it, too. Forceful as fuck, all 3 of them. Anyway, I can relate to what you said.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Thank you so much for sharing. Very traumatic for you maybe, but great masturbatory material for us!

    • Cuckoldtoilet ID:bajcax8qk60

      Sorry my stories are not as graphic as many on here, but mine are all true – and there’s no point in embellishing them. I hope you’ll get more wank material from my other stories. A list of them will be up tomorrow.