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Mom Found Nudism 2

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A mostly true story, with some conjecture thrown in.

Toward the end of her junior year in high school, Mom screwed up. She was at a “picnic” with several friends and other kids from her Catholic school, and a few from a nearby public school, including 3 girls and 4 boys in the senior class. It didn’t take long to become a teen orgy. Mom being Mom, with her hormones at full power, had to try it, and got knocked up. She never found out who the actual father was, but one of the participants, a senior who was joining the Army after graduation, said he was the father and they were married before the next school year when he graduate from Basic Training.
Notwithstanding his “youthful indiscretion, he was a pretty straight-laced guy. When Mom him that she liked going nude when she could, he told her he didn’t think it appropriate for a married woman and mother-to-be. She didn’t argue (that had to take willpower), not wanting to screw things up and have to try to move back in with her family. She thought she was lucky to be allowed to live with his parents. They had small guest cottage behind their house, so she was free to be naked as she liked.
Before his hitch was up, #2 son was on the way. Fortunately, a friend of his dad had a job driving a beer truck waiting for him when he got out. He’d be gone overnight once or twice a week, but the pay was better than the Army, and they could stay in the cottage until they were ready to find a place of their own. Which had to be sooner than expected; their 1st girl was on the way.
With help from the GI Bill, they were able to find a house that was larger than they thought they could get. She became friends with an older neighbor lady (Jan) whose husband was away on business a lot and had no kids. After a few visits, Jan asked why my brother and I were always running around naked. Mom told her how she got into nudism, and was normally naked at home unless she had company or husband was home. She told Jan how he felt about it, but since he wasn’t home, what could he do?
After a few more visits Jan told Mom that she had thought about it and was going naked around her house, and would it be okay if she went nude when she came over. Mom told her any time! She was more than happy to finally have someone to be naked with. So whenever they visited, they’d immediately undress when they got inside. When the weather warmed up, Mom suggested they use the back doors to go between houses. That way they wouldn’t have to dress.
This led to adding 3 more members to their get-togethers. Barb, who lived behind Jan, and Bee, who lived behind us. They were friends, and both had seen Mom and Jan going between houses bare, or sitting out in the back yards as we kids played. On one of those afternoons they both came up to the back fence and introduced themselves. Soon the 4 of them were getting together for coffee and naked chats, as well as doing things with their kids. Barb had a daughter, Kay, 13, and Bee 2 sons, 8 & 9. While Bee was reluctant to let her boys in on it, Kay was insistent that she be allowed to join in. Not only did it look like fun, but having her in the group made it easier to find a sitter. As it turned out, Kay was Bees sitter for her boys, and she was a big help in getting the boys to go nude without blabbing about it to everyone.
Quite often when Barb came over to keep an eye on us while mom did housework, I noticed she would have a hand between her thighs, looking like she was rubbing herself. I asked Mom about this, and was told some ladies get an itch their and rubbing makes it feel better. Oh. Do you get that itch, Mom? Sometimes, she said. One night after bedtime I got up to see what was going on downstairs, and found Mom, Jan, Bee and Kay in the living room, all rubbing their “itch”. Jan saw me and asked if I was okay, and Kay quickly stopped her rubbing with a deer/headlights look, while the others stopped but didn’t move their hands. I just mumbled “Thirsty”, got a drink of water and went back to bed after giving each of them a kiss. Bee then Kay both kissed me on the mouth, Bee with a certain smile on her face. As I went up the stairs I heard them giggling and Bee(?) say “I need some help”. If I was older and had a clue I might have snuck back downstairs.
We didn’t see much of dad, but when we did we’d do things as a family. Usually fishing at the river or visiting his parents, picking apples and pumpkins in fall. He signed me up for Cub Scouts one year, but I was never much for that sort of thing. So I guess he was okay.
It was shortly after youngest turned 2 that the Bomb dropped.
Mom and Dads relationship had cooled off quite a bit, so he usually stopped at the local Elks Club before going home on Friday or Saturday, and Mom would usually be asleep when he there. One Sunday morning she got out of bed, noticed his penis was poking through his boxers, and their was a greenish pus oozing from the tip. Mom had paid close attention in health class, and knew what that meant. He was out of the house before the weekend.

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