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Mom Found Nudism 1

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Mom finds out about the nudist lifestyle. A mostly true story, with some conjecture thrown in.

I am the first-born of a rather large family, starting with 6 siblings from 1 father, then a stepbrother, then 3 girl cousins after their Mom was murdered by their dad.
Mom was barely 18 when she had me, and although he was willing to “make an honest woman of her”, everyone knew it wouldn’t last. It was surprising to all that it took almost 10 years and 6 kids, but after the youngest turned 2 he finally left.
Turned out Mom had a lot to do with it.
She was the middle child of another large family. (If they were Borg she would have been named “5 of 9”) between 9 yo twin younger sisters and 2 older sisters, with 2 boys, (7 & 8, 15 & 16) on each end. Seems this made her more independent-minded than the others. If she didn’t see a compelling reason not to try something, she tried it, and didn’t care what others thought.
This include herlove of nudism.
When she was 10 she found a bunch of porn magazines in an old warehousebehind her house. While the porn was interesting, with the naked women and men performing sex acts on each other, what really grabbed her attention was a nudist magazine. It had pictures not only of adults, but kids as well. Families, even! She didn’t have time to really read through it, so she hid it until she could return. She went back a few days later, but some older kids showed up, so she took it home. She already had a hiding place picked out.
Whenever she got the chance she’d look at the pictures and read the articles. Nudism was one of those things she had to try. After all, if all of those kids could do it, it couldn’t be that bad.
So, on the rare occasions she was alone in the house she’d understand wander around, pretending to do things like chores naked. One day, when everyone was going to work or whatever, Grandma asked her to wash the windows. She almost jumped at the idea, but at the last moment said “Aw, Mom” and got the Mom Look. Now was her chance. She started getting the water and rags ready, and when everyone was gone couldn’t undress fast enough. She hurried through the back and side windows (making sure they were really clean. She didn’t want to redo them) so she could could take her time with the front windows. She felt giddy being outside, her rear end wagging like a dog’s tail as she cleaned the windows. She heard a couple of cars drive by but figured no one really saw her. Or maybe they did. Hopefully it would be someone who wouldn’t come by later and tell Mom.
On warm days she’d go to the river strip, and walk through the trees on the bank, careful not to be caught on this side. It gave her a thrill when she saw a family on the other side fishing. She wasn’t sure but thought the mom was topless. One of the kids waved at her and pointed, and when mom and dad looked she waved at them and started back up the bank to her clothes. She didn’t want to push it just yet.
At night she wore an old button down shirt her oldest brother grew out of and next brother didn’t want. With no panties. It was the closet she could get without being totally naked, and would take it off when she got into bed. Grandma noticed this and when she asked, Mom told her pj’s and panties would bunch up and she’d wake up to unbunh them.Grandma told her”Okay, but don’t let Dad or the boys see you like that”.
Mom used that to take things further, and started going nude around her sisters. When they threatened to tell, Mom told them she could as long as the boys weren’t around. With that, when the guys were gone she would go naked, and her sisters would sometimes join in. Even Grandma did when Grandpa took them camping overnight.
During the next few years she got older, which ment Grandpa caught her a few times. She’d get grounded, or spanked, but after grounding she’d be back at it. Once the family realized she was going to go nude whatever the consequences, they laid down a few ground rules that she agreed to, nothing more was said. Her sisters and mom would go naked also, if not so much. Mom was happy she could be naked when she wanted, and no one outside the family knew about it.
For a few years, anyway.

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  • Reply Chris ID:1daxeb98qxy6

    Love the story and would love to hear more.

  • Reply Cathy B. ID:2wcg8yx6ii

    My friend and her mom and sister were nudists. Oddly, her dad and brother were not. She went to nudist camps with her mom and sister and said they were nude around their house when company wasn’t there. I remember that about her not because they were nudists (so what?) but that her dad and brother were not. It seemed so strange to me that she and her mom and sister walked around nude in the house but the rest of the family was clothed. I wondered one time if it was because they got boners and didn’t want the girls to see it. lol