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Mom and our girlfriend

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To say I was naive and clueless would be an understatement. Sheila and I started dating when we were sixteen. Often we spent time at my house. Sheila would often give me a blow job then when I was happy and satisfied, she would go off and talk with my mom. I remember Sheila talking about how beautiful my mom was. Honestly, I didn’t think a thing about her comments on my mom’s beauty. Mom was absolutely gorgeous. My male friends always spoke about my mom and the naughty things that they wanted to do to her. It grossed me out because it was my mom.

Sheila was flirting with my mom when she wasn’t with me. My parents were having trouble at the time. I guess my dad was having sex with a neighbor. Mom knew it but didn’t say anything. Sheila happened to be at the right place at the right time. Sheila was there to listen to mom and comfort her. One night Sheila was hugging mom after mom told Sheila a recent story about finding women’s panties in my dad’s truck. As Sheila held mom she said it would be ok. I guess they were looking into one another’s eyes, the feeling came over mom and the two began kissing. Sheila seized the opportunity. Sheila wasted no time while kissing mom as she started undressing mom. Mom willingly let her take off all of her clothes. On the picnic table behind our house, mom laid back, fully nude, spread her legs and then let Sheila ate her pussy. It was mom’s first sexual experience with a female. That night mom released all of her tensions and emotions. The release allowed her to enjoy the sex, so much so that she had four orgasms as Sheila was licking her clit and sliding her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Mom was hooked and soon craved Sheila.

My parents had me move into the spare bedroom in the basement. Partially because they were arguing a lot. I knew they were arguing, but never listened and acted like nothing was going on. Dad finally decided to move out. Sheila was there for mom. Sheila was at our house a lot. Often she would come downstairs give me head then would go see mom. I was happy getting my cock sucked and didn’t care what Sheila did after that.

Sheila began occasionally spending the night. She would sleep in my old bedroom. Mom and her would stay up talking then when I was asleep, they would have sex. Mom found her love of going down on my sixteen year old girlfriend.

I was use to getting blow jobs from Sheila then she would head upstairs. One particular night, Sheila started giving me head then begged me to have sex with her and cum inside her. I was more than happy to oblige. Once done Sheila got dressed and went upstairs. A little later Sheila was nude on mom’s bed. Mom was going down on Sheila. All of a sudden, mom was eating cum from Sheila’s pussy. “Is that?” Mom asked Sheila. Sheila smiled and nodded it was. Mom went back down like a starved animal. She was sucking my cum from Sheila’s pussy. Soon this became their thing, Sheila and I would fuck then later mom would eat all of my cum from my girlfriend’s pussy.

Rarely did I ever go upstairs to see where Sheila and mom were. The two even felt comfortable enough that they would sleep together in mom’s bed. They would wake up a little before my alarm, if it was a school day, and Sheila would climb in my old bed before I woke up.

One evening I was going to help a friend work on his truck. Sheila, mom and I ate supper early then Sheila took me downstairs and had me cum inside her. I left her lying on the couch nude and full of cum. Once I left, Sheila walked upstairs totally nude. Mom saw her and the two started kissing. Sheila wanted to do something different. Sheila had mom put her head on the floor then sort of do a handstand where mom’s legs were pointing up. Sheila moved in and they scissored. Mom reached up to spread her pussy lips as Sheila reached down to spread hers. They stayed in that position as my cum came out of Sheila’s pussy and into mom’s. The reality is that very little cum made it into mom’s pussy, but she was really turned on by the idea.

I was use to Sheila giving me head or more recently sex. So when Sheila stopped for about a week, I was puzzled. There was a reason that I had no clue. Sheila was basically making me build up my cum. After a week, I had a lot more cum than I would having sex on a daily basis. I remember that night because when I had an orgasm, I remember shooting a lot of cum inside her. I felt like the king of the world due to how much cum I shot. I showered then went to bed.

Sheila went upstairs where mom and her kissed until they felt I was asleep. Mom put her head on the floor and her legs up in the air. She spread her legs as Sheila spread mom’s pussy lips then began licking her clit. Mom was super excited. Then Sheila slid a small funnel into mom’s pussy. She pushed it down inside mom as far as it would go. Sheila put one leg on the bed then the other leg on a chair that they had brought in. Sheila squatted down until she felt the top of the funnel against her pussy. Once she was centered, she began pushing the cum out of her pussy. She kept moving her pelvic muscles until she knew all of the cum was out of her. Sheila popped up and watched as my cum slowly went down the funnel until it was all gone. Sheila removed the funnel and helped mom up. Mom’s nipples were so hard as she confessed to Sheila how much it turned her on. Mom knew at that moment that she wouldn’t be happy until she had sex with me.

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    It’s not really Incest yet

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    Great start. Please continue this story.