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Miranda(13 Year Old Innoncent Girl)

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Miranda is a 13 year old girl who thought she knew everything. She was about to find out that she didn’t know much at all.

13 year old Miranda was laying in her bed and she was having cramps in her stomach (so she thought).
She got out of her bed and went downstairs to tell her mom. Her mom knew exactly what was going on, but she knew that Miranda would not believe her, so she said, “I will take you to the emergency room to get you checked out.”. So off they went to the hospital. When they got there, Miranda registtered with the nurse, while her mother explained her symptons to the nurse. The nurse then took Miranda to do her blood pressure and vitals. When she was finished, the nurse told Miranda to haave a seat in the waiting room, and wait for the doctor.

The nurse then called me a 26 year old gynecologist, because you see the nurse knew that Miranda just didn’t need to see a regular doctor. My phone rings. I say “Hello?” The nurse said “Doctor we have a 13 year old girl down here in the er, and with the symptoms her mom explained to me, it seems she is geeting ready to have her first ovulation. Her name is Miranda. Could I send her up to your office, so you can check her out?” I said “Sure send her on up”.The nurse said “thank you doctor”.

I hung up the phone and waited for Miranda to show up. I thought to myself a 13 year old.who doesn’t know she is starting her first ovullation. She must be a virgin. I will find out when I examine her. I could not believe my good luck. I will see if I can get her pregnant. Shouldn;t be to hard to do that. Her legs will be spread and up in the stiirrups. I should be able to get the head of my cock up against her cervix. Might be even able to get the head of my cock past her cervix, if I give her a drug to relax her cervix. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it.

A knock comes on my door. I say”Come in” The door opens and in walks Miranda and her mom. I say to her mom “You will have to go wait somewhere else. I need to ask Miranda a few questions and possibly examine her.” Her mom asks Miranda if she wants her to stay. Miranda says “No I will be more comfortable if you waited somewhere else.” Her Mom nodded and told her to call her when she was finished. Her mom then left and closed the door. NowI was alone with Miranda. I looked at her. She had nice blond hair. Nice sexy hot body.Her breasts were bigger than I thought they would be. That turned me on even more. I thought to myself “At least my baby won’t go hungry.” I asked “So Miranda what seems to be the trouble?” She said “I am having cramps in my stomach.” I said “Are you sure they are in your stomach?” She looked puzzled and said “Well where else would they be doctor?” I askedd ” Miranda do you know what kind of doctor I am?’ Miranda answered “It says gynecologist on your door.” I then asked “Do you know what gynecologist does?’ She said “No. Not particulsrly.” I said “A gynecologist checks your pussy and your womb. Do you understand?” She nodded her head yes and then said “So do you think that is where my cramps, in my womb?” I said “Yes.I need to examine you.” She said “Ok. What do I have to do?” I “Said go in the other room. You will find a gown in there. Get undressed. Put the gown on and lay down on the table in there.” She said “Ok”. Miranda got up, and went into the other room. When she got up and closed the door to the other room, I reached down and rubbed the buldge in my pants, thinking how good it would feel having my cock inside of her.

Miranda says from the other room “I am laying on the table and waiting for you doctor.” I say “i will be there in a few minutes.” She said “Ok.” After her saying that, I take a few minutes and unzip my pants and start stroking my cock. I say to myself you will feel good in a few minutes her pussy wrapped around you. I zip up my pants and get up to prepare the syringe to relax her. I then open the door and ask “Are you ready?” She asks “Is this going to hurt?” I said “No. Just put your feet in the stirrups and I will give you a shot to relax you. Ok?” She nods and puts her feet in the stirrups and I go over and give her a shot in the arm.

I ask Miranda how she feels. She says “Relaxed.” I tell I will start first with an ultrasound. She nods. I do the ultrasound and it’s just as i expected. Her uterine wall is thickening, getting ready for implatation of her egg. I knew her egg would be released soon. So I would have to get my sperm deep inside of her today. I ask Miranda “Did that ultrasound hurt?” She just groaned a bit. I looked at her and she was completely relaxed with her eyes closed. I called out her name and she groaned with her eyes closed.

I move to her feet. Her pussy looks so nice and tight and pink. I stick one finger in her pussy. She moans.I ask “You like that? She moans again. When I stick my second finger in, she whimpers and says “That hurts. Please stop.” Knowing that her egg will soon be released, I thought to myself, to late to stop now. I stick my third finger in her pussy. She cries for me to stop it hurts. She wants me to stop, but I say “I have to give your treatment for your cramps.” She asked “What is the Treatment?” I said “Well since the cramps are caused by the walls of your womb getting thicker to receive your first egg if it gets fertilized, so your fertilized egg can implant itself and start growing a baby, there is only one treatment that I can give you.” Miranda asked “What is the treatment?” I said “the treatment is for me to put my cock inside your tight pussy, and shoot my sperm inside of you before your egg gets released. Then my sperm will fertilize your egg and get implanted in your womb, then no more cramps.”

She cried and said “Please don’t. I have never had anyone inside me before and I don’t want to get pregnant.” This turned me on even more. Her eyes widened when I told her to look at me, as I unbuckled my pants and let them and my underwear drop to the floor. She pleaded with me not to do it, but I started rubibing the shaft of my cock against her slit. I then pushed the head inside a bit at a time. She cried it hurts, but I just kept going. Pretty soon I felt her hymen break, and felt that little gush of blood I knew was comming. Then I pushed balls deep inside of her.

I told her she is so tight and so sexy. I asked her if our baby will be sucking those gorgeous tits of hers to get fed. she just kept crying, thinking someone would hear her. i reminded her that her mom won’t ge here until you call her to come pick you up. I kept going picking up the pace. I felt my cock hitting her cervix. Her eyes widen when she felt my cock getting harder and starting to throb. Then she asked “What is that I feel shooting like ropes in my pussy.?” I answered “That is my cum that has my sperm inside of you now. She cried again.

A few months later, her mother bought her back to see me. Her mom said “Miranda is pregnant, but she won’t tell me who the father is.” I said “well I can’t make her tell you or me who the father is, but after she gives birth, I can give her birth control, to make sure it won’t happen again.” Her mom said “That will be fine doctor and asked Will be taking care of her during her pregnancy and the birth?’ I said “Only if you and her want me to.” Her mom said “We want you to, after all you did help her with her cramps.” I nodded and smiled.

To be continued-Perhaps?

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    Yes definitely keep going! Keep breeding her…

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    A minor would never be examined by a doctor alone unless he wants to be arrested and sued

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    As a wrighter my self, i stumbled a couple of times over logic issues. Straightening these out would help greatly, because the setting is nice


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    Yes keep this going

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    Be sure to breed Miranda many times, let her practice natural birth control one pregnancy at a time

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      A few guys have asked me to let them know when she ovulates next. They want to do a gang bang on her. They don’t care who will be the father.

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    Anyone here lesbian?

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      No 😉

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      How old are you?