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Miami in the 80s

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My horny cousin by marriage was 10 and slept in the room next to me.

If you know anything about Miami in the 1980s you know one word says it: COCAINE! It was cheap and abundant and very good quality. Me and an Uncle that was only 4 years older than me shared a house and he got married and she and her 10 yr old daughter moved in. Her daughter Lisa was a cute brunette when she wasn’t scowling but she had anger issues so scowled a lot. We got along OK though and slept in the room next to mine. Her mom and ny uncle had the master bedroom with bathroom and when.they went in they never came out til morning.
One evening I was in family room lying on the couch watching a movie. I had on shorts and nothing else as usual in Miami summer and Lisa came in and crawled on the couch with me. We had cuddled before so I didn’t think anything about it. I’m 24 at the time which I should have said already. I.m into the movie and then commercials come on and I realize she is being really squirmy and I’m laying on my back and she is sitting on me. I look at her and can’t believe what I’m seeing! I’ve give enough orgasms to know how they look and she looks just like that! She is straddling me wearing her long nightgown but has no panties on and is grinding her pussy on my bare stomach and getting off! She finishes and gets down and it got me horny!
Then later that week going to my room I look In hers and she’s in bed with no panties and legs spread wide her bald pussy on display
The next night I got off work and got some cocaine which makes most people really horn or Horner in my case. I get home and go to my room and she is got her pussy on display again! I do a big line and get a shower and do some more and wear some tight shorts and go to watch TV. Sbe is still spread wide smiling but this time I stop and stare and she closes her legs. I smile and say if you liked how it felt on my stomach the other night come on back and ill make it feel lots better! About 15 minutes later she creeps into the family room and I pat the seat by me and say join me. I turn on a video that was cartoon porn and in no time bugs bunny is eating pussy and Elmer has huge cock and she is glued to it and then real pirn is on and she sees pussy getting eaten. I had put cocaine in her drink and she was feeling it so I snorted more and got on the floor and told her to spread her legs and I went to town on her bald pussy using my lips and tongue and fingers and gave her 2 orgasms in 5 minutes! I get up and tell her she needs to repay me and pull out my hard 10″ banana shaped cock and show her how to stroke it and make her suck it and I’m blowing my load in another 5 minutes and let her wear it getting her face hair and no tits chest. She wasn’t to into my cocktail it seemed and went to bed but I wasn’t done so about an hour later she was asleep and waking her was near impossible so I went in and rubbed my cock all over her and used her lips to make me cum and made sure the cum filled her mouth.. I moved out about a month later but used her while she slept all 7 times I was high on coke in that time. I didn’t see her again until 2000 and then she was 18 and I partied with her and her boyfriend and we ended up tag teaming her and she never mentioned that night.

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