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Me and Phillip

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12 yo boys being 12 yo boys and discovering mutual masturbation.

I had not long taken up playing the guitar but I had formed a band with a few friends. We practiced at Phillip’s house which was on the other side of the municipal park from my house. Phil played guitar too and his house was enormous compared to mine and the other guys in the band.

His parents were always at work so never there and his older sister, who was about 20 at the time, kept odd hours so we never knew when to expect her and rarely saw her.

After a long practice session, when we had jammed a lot and were starting to develop our own sound, Phil raided his dad’s booze and we shared a bottle of wine or two between the four of us.

Drummer and bass player went home and Phil asked me to stay over. I was pretty drunk and didn’t want to get busted by my parents as I was only 12 yo at the time, so I agreed and called them to clear it.

Phil had two beds in his room, no idea why, so I stayed in the other one.

We had been upstairs maybe 10 minutes when Phil asked me if I was able to fit my cock inside the centre of a toilet roll. That was a fucking strange question so I asked what he was on about. He flipped the light on and said he would show me.

He pulled out an empty cardboard toilet roll tube, dropped his briefs revealing a massive boner, and proceeded to demonstrate that his dick would not fit into the tube.

I didn’t know what to say. He asked me if mine would fit. I said I didn’t know, I had never tried. He told me he thought I would have no trouble fitting it in as my dick would be smaller than his.

Looking at Phil’s dick, it actually looked a very similar size to mine so I took the tube off him, dropped my underpants, encouraged my todger to full erection and demonstrated that I couldn’t fit in either. Phil seemed satisfied.

He took the tube and discarded it. He asked me to sit on the bed and close my eyes. I was pissed enough to comply. He took my dick and put it in his mouth. Now if I were sober there is no way that would happen, but I was 12 and unused to alcohol and was aroused, which at that age didn’t take much.

It felt a bit odd, nice in one way but weird as fuck too. I’d never even heard of anyone putting a dick in their mouth, nor had the idea ever occurred to me.

He then told me it was my turn to suck his dick. I was a bit grossed out, but the alcohol spurred me on. I put my lips around the head of his cock and he pushed it further in. My lips pulled back his foreskin and the hot shiny end rubbed on my tongue and inside my cheek. He kept gently pumping my mouth for way longer than he has sucked me, so that my jaw muscles started to ache.

I removed my mouth from his cock and complained that it had gone on way too long. Phil took hold of my cock which did feel nice and asked it we could try something else.

He asked me to put a pillow under my arse and lie on top of it with my knees bent. He then lay between my legs and put his cock against my ball sack. His cock felt very hot as it rubbed my balls causing my cock to Bob around between us. Phil was really enjoying doing that, but it was something else I had never heard anyone talk about doing and never thought of myself.

He asked me to do the same to him. So I lowered my cock onto his ball sack. It felt really good. I could feel the weight of his balls resisting my cock and the contrast of the soft skin of his scrotum. Neither of us had pubic hair to speak of, so we were both smooth down there. It did feel really good.

He had me kneel up facing him and took both of our cocks in one hand, pushed them shaft to shaft and wanked us both. That felt good too, really good.

Next he asked me to lie face down on the bed and put his dick on my ass. He began humping my buttocks really hard. I admit that the feel of a hot hard cock rubbing on my soft buttocks was exciting, especially as he was enjoying it so much.

He spat on his cock and placed it in my ass crack. He slid it in and out of my crack until he pushed against my asshole. I felt my sphincter being forced open and his cock push into my bottom hole. It stung a bit and felt the same as it does when you have a bit shit, but didn’t hurt all that much.

He pushed further in and slapped my buttocks with his hand. It stung but was also exciting. He banged my ass for maybe 5 minutes, reaching under me to touch my dick, before I felt his body go stiff and warmth flooded my ass. I knew he had cum inside me.

He rolled off me saying that he couldn’t believe I had let him do that and would I do it to him.

He lay face down as I had done and I couldn’t believe what a nice arse he had. It was way more like a girl’s ass than mine. It was totally hairless and was what they would call today a bubble butt. I had no problem burying my dick between those cheeks. The sensation was on a different level. The skin on his ass was so soft, his buttocks so firm and his asscrack so deep that I felt my climax rise.

I had maybe humped his ass for 30 to 40 seconds before I blew my load into his ass crack. There was a lot of cum. My cock would not stop twitching and pumping. It was bliss. His crack was flooded with my jiz and his buttocks covered in pools of cooling cum. Kneeling up I could feel his jiz leaking out of my ass.

He said nothing, just went back to his bed and turned the light off.

I was woken in the night by his cock pushing into my ass again. I pretended to be asleep whilst he fucked me. I was not feeling great as the buzz from the wine had worn off and a headache was beginning. He pounded my ass for 10 minutes before I felt him cum in my ass again. When he withdrew he slapped my buttocks with his dick like he was trying to wake me up.

He pulled up my underpants and went back to his own bed. It was still dark so I fell asleep despite my bum hole stinging a bit.

I was woken again, this time it was light, and he was inside me again. It really fucking hurt. My asshole was raw. He held me down pushing hard in and out of me until he filled me yet again with his sperm.

When he let me up I jumped on him and forced him onto his stomach. I took the jizz coming out of my ass and rubbed his asshole with it. I rammed my cock into his hole causing him to cry out. I began banging his hole hard and fast with him pleading with me to take it easy. No fucking way.

He was squirming trying to get me out of him but he had no chance. I fucked him for a good 20 mins before I ejaculated inside of him. It was a damned good orgasm, all the better because he was objecting.

He went back to his bed and sulked. I dressed and went home.

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  • Reply Happy_time22 ID:vag70l3hrk

    I did before same with my cousin

  • Reply Mike ID:1d8tzix6ytl6

    Emmm it feels amazing. [email protected]

  • Reply Blacked wb ID:1ck78njowllr

    My best friend growing up was this little black boy from the apartments when we got aot around 11 or 12 we started watching porn together and say gay porn a black man fucking a white man he said I want to fuck u. I said sure cause dude seems like he enjoying it. My friend at 12 pulls out a 6in dick and makes me swallow it we do this for a while he nits and he fucked me in the ass about a year late. When I was 14 and me and him where fucking his uncle walked in on us as he was Cumming in my ass he like 40 and was like I got next or I tell both ur parents I was scared and let him but his dick was huge over 10ins and he fucked me so hard I was biting a pillow he shot his load on my face and told his nephew we sharing this white boy he felt good on my dick. Two days later his uncle took me shopping for woman’s clothes and took me to some Crack house with over 10 guys they took me in the bed room and I spent the weekend there taking dick from men ranging from 20 to the uncle who was 49.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Ah yes, beautiful, boys playing around together and I think Phil deserved that rough Fuck at the end. Bet he loved it!