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Me and my little sister

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The beginning of my incestous relationship with my 13 year old sister.

I’m Kyle(17) and I have a little sister Emily(13), we also have a family dog.
We have always been close as a family, especially because we only live with our mom. I’ve always found my sister beautiful, but since a couple of months, it went further, I began to look at her tiny ass or see through nipples. I masturbated a lot to her.

It all started on a Friday evening, it was a regular day, nothing much going on. We were alone at home, because mom was out with her friends.
Emily was in her room, with the door locked. I often used to irritate her, by opening her locked doors. I simply had to take a knife and I could open it with it.
That what I did this time, but what I saw after it, shocked me.

She was laying on the floor with her legs opened and our dog was literally licking her pussy. She used a peanut butter to convince dog to lick her. She was so focused, that she didnt even hear me opening the doors.
I was shocked, but amazed at the same time. I was instantly imagining, that instead of the dog, I was there and I was licking her precious pussy.
I recorded around 30 seconds of that, to have for myself.

After a while of watching her, I finally spoke.
“What the fuck are you doing Emily?!”
I shouted to scare her a bit.
She jumped like a kangaroo and covers herself, then said
“It’s not what it looks like, let me explain.”
“I think it’s exactly what it looks like, you’re having your pussy licked by our dog!”
“Okay, you’re right. I know it might be weird, but please you have to keep it to yourself, you can’t tell anyone.”
We talked for a while about it, she told me that she saw a video of someone doing it and she wanted to try it too.

“You know, that I can do that too right? I could do it even better.” I said.
“Wha-at do you mean by that?”
“You know what, it’s a dog, it shouldn’t do that, but me your brother, I could make you feel amazing.”
“No, like we are siblings, I know that this is weird, but us doing it, it would be even weirder.”
“I just want you to feel great and I can promise, that it would be the best feeling you have ever felt.”
She went silent for a little bit and responded after while
“Okay I guess, but like how should we do that?”
“Just lay down on the bed and I will take care of you.”

She layed on her bed and I sat next to her. She was still covering her pussy with her panties, but I gently took her hand and put the panties aside.
There she was my little sister, with her beautiful and young pussy in front of me.

I began by teasing her a little bit, I kissed her toes, then went further, her thighs and finally reached to her pussy.
I started kissing it and licking it gently. Not long before, I went further and started eating her out good. Fortunately, mom wasn’t home, because she couldn’t stop herself from moaning. Her sweet little pussy was so wet, which only added to fun. After a couple of minutes, I could sense her orgasm coming anytime. Her body was trembling like crazy, she had shivers too. Finally her orgasm came and I was so proud that I could make her feel so special.

After a minute of her still in shock and a blast of pleasure, I asked.
“Can I kiss you.”
“Yes please, do it.”
And that’s what I did, I came closer and have her a gentle, but a firm kiss on the lips. It felt like our lips were made for each other.

We kissed like this for a moment, but unfortunately we were interrupted by our mom. She came back home and of course we had to stop that. I gave her one last peck on the lips and told her to dress herself back, as I was leaving the room.

Later at night, we texted each other. I told her, how amazing it felt and that I want more. She agreed and that was the beginning of our special journey.

That’s all for now, that’s the first part of my special story.
It’s completely true and I wanted to share that with you.
If you guys want to hear more, leave me some feedback and we can also chat more on telegram. Kyle9e is the name on telegram, if anyone is interested.

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    Great story! Please continue with more.

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