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Me and my daughters are toilets for superior blackmasters and their dogs

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Liverpool whiteslave family bred and used as toilets by our superior blackmasters

My name is dirty dogshit eating whiteslave donna in liverpool england. I’m in my 40s with 3 white daughters from a marriage to a racist wife beater
As soon as I left him, as revenge I trained our daughters to exclusively serve and obey our superior blackmasters
I’ve now had 7 black babies by different blackmen and my daughters have given me 34 mixed race grandkids
Our aim is to breed 100 blackmasters babies between us. 10 for me, and 30 each by my daughters
Our favourite way of showing our obedience to our superior blackmasters is to eat their shit and eat dogshit if they demand us to
I’ve been eating poo from blackmen for at least 15 years now and have probably ate over 5000 blackmasters poos and over 1000 dogshits. I absolutely love eating shit and rimming dogs arses
My daughters are also well trained in being used as blackmens toilets and will gladly let horses sodomise them
My daughters started breeding from the age of 11 and were all mums to multiple black babies by the age of 13
We’ve recruited hundreds of other whiteslave women into absolute subservience to our superior blackmasters and being breeding whores for blackmen only
We believe that its the duty of all white women to be slaves and breeding whores for blackmen only
We regularly organise trips to the migrants camps in france so blackmen can gangbang and degrade our white daughters and sisters and wives
My blackmasters love to humiliate me publicly by making me dress like a whore and walk through black neighbourhoods so black people can spit on me, beat me, and force me to eat dogshit in public
I absolutely love it

Dirty dogshit eating whore whiteslave, donna rowlands in liverpool england


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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    White women need black cock to breed them

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    It’s good you know your place. Black guys should always be obeyed!