Me and my best friend, the lesbian

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I had always wanted to fuck a lesbian, and when i got the chance, i took it.

i had a best friend when i was younger who came out as a lesbian when she was 13, for this we will call her alex. My name is Leila. I’m a 5’4, green eyed brunette, with small tits, a B cup, but my ass makes up for it. She’s 5’7, short blonde hair, with blue eyes. she doesn’t have a whole lot going on in either department.
growing up, she would always brag about how everyone she had sex with thought she was a good fuck, girl or guy. I had always had a little bit of a lesbian fetish, but i liked guys, not girls. i couldn’t imagine doing anything else with a lesbian, being seen as a lesbian, but the sex just drew me towards it. i had been masturbating from a young age, and as i had gotten older and discovered porn and sex stories, it would always be about lesbians having sex, that’s what would get me off. I finally had my opportunity to try it one night when we were alone

We had a big apartment in California. It was Alex, her sister, and i. We each had our own separate “floor” so to speak, but it was all the same apartment, just with a bedroom on each floor. on the bottom level, where my room was, was a bar. One day, her sister told us she was going out of town for several days. She left later in the afternoon, and that night, me and Alex were sitting at the bar. I asked if she wanted a drink, and she politely declined, which isn’t super unusual for her, as she’s more of a smoker. She lit a blunt, and as she moved to the couch, i poured a drink. Now, i am not a light weight at all, but she always has thought that i was. After two or three drinks, i started to get a little horny.

Me and my boyfriend had broken up 2 months before, when i caught him cheating on me, and so my sexual tension was very much built up. As she sat there with a cloud of smoke around her head, an idea suddenly popped in my head.
“Don’t do it!” my conscience was screaming at me, but my horny ness was starting to take over. I wanted to fuck somebody, and here was a good fuck right now! I slowly started acting a little more tipsy, gradually, and each time i would get up to pour another drink, i would sit closer and closer to her.
Me and her and always fake flirted, so she didn’t seem to even notice. After my 6th drink, i sat on her lap and started acting really really drunk, laughing, and trying to say i loved her. She started laughing and said “Leila, i think you’re a little drunk”.
I giggled and said “no i’m not,” and pushed her lightly.
She pushed me back, but i had slipped down and now my legs were around her one thigh. as i fell, my clit hit her leg, and i couldn’t help but moan. As she started trying to get me to move, i slowly started rocking back and forth on her thigh, rubbing my clit against her, making sure my knee hit her pussy each time.
She bit her lip, and said “We shouldn’t be doing this. You don’t even like women!”
i leaned forward in her ear and whispered “i’ve always wanted to fuck one!”.
Those must have been the magic words because next thing i knew, she was ripping my clothes off, trying to stick her tongue down my throat. My pussy was dripping, and i begged her to go down on me. She had to tease first though, of course. she slowly started licking down my chest as she unhooked my bra. My chest started heaving.
“please eat me out, please alex i need you” i whimpered.
She trailed her tongue lower and lower, and as she reached my pussy she stopped. I tried pushing my pussy into her face, but she held my hips down. After what seemed like a lifetime, she stuck her tongue on my pussy, licking me from my asshole to my clit. i shivered in pleasure. she started slowly licking me as i moaned and grabbed the back of her head. she got closer and closer to my clit, but never quite touched it. Finally, she stuck her tongue on my clit as i moaned her name, and suddenly, it was like she could t get enough. She started devouring my pussy as i screamed her name, orgasm after orgasm racking my body.
“PLEASE FUCK ME” i screamed, “PLEASE”.
She ripped off the rest of her clothes, and sat on my face. I started eating her pussy out, as she rocked back and forth on my face moaning. after she came about 4 times, she climbed off and put our clits together. She slowly started rubbing them; but i was too impatient; i needed her now. i grabbed her hips and started roughly forcing her clit to rub against mine, frantically trying to get as much pleasure as possible. The only sound being our pussy juices rubbing together, the smell of sex heavy.
“I’m gonna cum,” she started yelling.
“I am too, rub faster” i moaned.
She rubbed harder and faster, making me moan.
I felt her body convulse as she came with me, all of our fluids mixing together on the couch. She collapsed on to of me, as i felt her fluids dripping into my stomach and thigh.
As we layed there together, she whispered in my ear “you don’t know what you got yourself into”.

Maybe i don’t, but fuck, i can’t wait to see!

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    Great story. Id love to hear more of your adventures daddys favorite.