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Manipulation of my preteen daughters

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This happens almost 30 years ago and I still fuck my daughters and just started fucking my granddaughters.
I started out ordering penny and dawn to get things for breakfast .having dawn start the bacon, I was still naked with about 4 or 5 inches of dick flopping around. While Penny was getting the dishes I got behind Penny at the stove, leaning down to kiss her neck as I sliid my hands down her front squeezing her little bumps and rubbing her soon rock hard nipples between my thumbs and fingers.
She moaned and in a husky voice said that feels good daddy I was rock hard in seconds as I rubbed up against her.
Dawn come here and watch and make sure the bacon doesn’t burn.
Penny knows how to cook bacon without me said dawn.
Saying nothing I got down on my ass sitting on the kitchen floor. I pushed myself between penny’s legs and the stove grasping by the hips at the same time. Her little panties had a wet spot on them about the size of a ping pong ball. She wiggled slightly and gasping pushed her pussy into my face as I held her little ass cheeks tightly in my hand. I couldn’t see her sister as I slipped my tongue along her panties. She shivered and the wet spot started to grow. When I stopped,she grabbed my head harder and said oh daddy don’t stop please.
I teased penny by licking along the edge of her panties occasionally darting under the edge.
Dawn said daddy the bacon is done.
Good get down on your hands and knees and suck daddy’s cock. With that she obediently got down and when she had my throbbing cock in her mouth I grabbed a hold of her head. Slowly at first guiding her to pick up her to pick up speed. Gripping a hold of penny’s panties I slipped them down ⬇ I slowly slid my tongue up and down her wet Crack her pushing my head harder and mashing my face in to her virgin pussy
Like a lesbian girl I fucked a few times and told that a girls pussy doesn’t stink until a man sticks his dick in it .
She tasted like a sweet slightly musky and very tasty as I zeroed in on her tiny clit. AS I SLIPPED FIRST ONE FINGER THEN TWO FEELING HER HYMAN I FOUND TWO LITTLE HOLES THAT I COULDN’T GET MORE THAN MY FIGERTIP IN.
Finally penny collapsed on my shoulders as she came locking her legs around me tightly and gushing her juices all over my face.
As I held on to Penny when she came I could feel my balls tightening and grabbed 2 handfuls of dawns hair and was face fucking her as she gagged and made mmm hmmm sounds and pulled away saying not so hard daddy your hurting me. I slowed my forceful movements and told her faster penny. She started bobbing up and down faster and harder holding her head lightly now. When I came I gripped her head she could only get about half my cock in her, I exploded in her mouth as she pushed back to get away but I held her there as spurted several shots of cum while she struggled. Pulling harder I said swallow it all like mommy does.
After I caught my breath we finished breakfast and all ate breakfast with their mom. I heard you in their and saw most of it my wife said. After we eat and clean up and relax some daddy can show you some more.

Next time how took my daughters virginity

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    Now that story was hot made my dick hard in no time would love to have been there and watch you do this

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    Next part please